7 Finacial Servicing Sites Like Affirm

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Sites Like Affirm

Sites like Affirm – This is a financial servicing company and it was founded in the summer of 2012. Many people have been looking for a way to make purchase and pay by installment and Affirm has come to put smile on their faces.

Max Levchin founded the site with the mission to lend money to people and spread the payment via instalment. Affirm has earned the trust of millions of customers; billions have been paid across the globe and Bank-grade security helps in securing all transaction using advanced encryption technologies.

How it works

  • Create and account if you are a new user or sign in for existing user
  • Complete the cart and choose Affirm as Checkout
  • Input your mobile number to proceed
  • Put in the verification code sent to your mobile number
  • Wait till the purchase is approved and you are good to go

More details about Affirm can be found on http://www.affirm.com/.

Below are the sites like Affirm:


Peerform is an online money loan management platform that is dedicated to lend all registered members who wish to take charge of their finances. Members get to enjoy low interest on all personal loans which will be disbursed to them with ease. It is also a peer-to-peer lending agency that was founded in the spring of 2010 and it is currently under the management of Versara Lending LLC. They deemed it fit to match all near-prime as well as prime borrowers who has qualified under the United States laws.

Accredited members can get loans up to $4,000 and $25,000 which will be serviced by the platform with transparency highly considered. Personal loans attract fee of up to 5.99% to 25.05% for 3 years payment plan. Note: All loans are only available to United States Residents who are up to the age of 18 years or more.

Individuals who wishes to become an investor on the platform can be rest assured that Peerform is has; State-of-the-Art fraud prevention system, Customization process, Attractive as well as Steady returns and Peerform Loan Analyzer. These processes will ensure that your investment is secured.

How it Works

  • Sign up and get quick offer within minutes with no effect on your credit report
  • Get your funds deposited directly to your account in few days
  • Set the payment option to automatic for quick deduction and credit building
  • No payment or fixed monthly charge attached.

Sign up for more details using https://www.peerform.com/. You can as well pay them a visit at their head office located at Peerform, Inc., 711 3rd Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10017 United States.


Zebit is another good alternate site like Affirm and it was founded in the late autumn of 2014 and it facilitates loans by allowing registered members to pay for products using their payment option.

With their latest technology they don’t have to be gouging as their client and it gives room for you to pay for all purchased item within your credit limit without interest or charge.

You can get more info about the platform via https://zebit.com/home/


There series of stuffs Wonga users found attractive and that is what made it similar to Affirm. This is a financial payday loan facilitator and it is a British based. The platform helps individuals with high cost credit as well as those seeking for short-term credit.

The site was established during early winter of 2006 by two fintech gurus; Jonty Hurwitz and Errol Damelin. It was designed to service credit loans for individuals living in Poland, United Kingdom, South Africa and Spain. The Headquarters of Wonga is located in London United Kingdom.

In line with the Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA), individuals below the age of 18 years will not be allowed to participate on this platform.

More instructions are attached for your perusal, kindly visit https://www.wonga.com/


This is among the sites like Affirm that manages financial services. Earnest was beginning its journey onward financial facilitation in the summer of 2013, with the mission to bring all financial difficulties to an abrupt stop. The conducted this reform process that will look beyond the financial credit score of an individual, they also consider other factors like, employment status, education as well as financial profile.

With Earnest, you can customize your loan to suit your financial responsibility and a grace period of 9-months is also given by Earnest as to ensure that you meet up with your loan repayment. Examples of the loans you will get include; Private Student Loan with 2.74% APR, Student Loan Refinancing with 3.50% APR and Personal Loans of up to $75,000 at 5.99% APR.

Those who tend to benefit from this platform are individuals who are up to the age of 18 years and are United States Citizen and those with permanent Resident Card of up to 10 years.

Earnest referral allows a registered User to refer a friend using a unique URL address code and reward awaits you for each referral made.

The platform presently has up to 200 employees and they specialized in Consumer Lending as well as Financial Technology. They have over 105,000 happy clients who have benefited from their services and a total of $8.6 billion on Student Loans Refinanced.

Your earnest desire can be processed via https://www.earnest.com/ or you can visit Earnest Operation LLC at 303 2nd St. Suite 401N, San Francisco, CA 94107 United States.


One of the features of this web based financial score aggregator and mobile payment servicing company is that they offer auxiliary and Point of Sales Terminals to their customers. The site was registered as Square, Inc. on the 12th of February, 2009 by Jim McKelvey, Jack Dorsey and Tristan O’Tierney in a small flat at St. Louis, Missouri. The platform serves members in Canada, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

To benefit from the privileges offered by Square LLC., you must be up to the age of 18 years or more and you must be from the designated states and countries stated above.

Square features more in Financial Services, Point of Sale and Mobile Payment. And consistency has earned them a total revenue of about US$5 billion FYI (2020). They have a total of 3,835 employees in their staff-workforce.

The mobile app accelerates the navigation around the platform and it makes it easy to access. The app is available to all iPad, iPhone as well as Android users. What are you still waiting for? Grab this opportunity and save yourself the burden of your financial health.

To become a member of this platform, all you need to do is to register using https://squareup.com/ and for more information visit Square Head Office at 1455 Market Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.


Zest Finance hope to use machine learn to improve the lending marketplace. And they have become top United States financial facilitators for beginners. They employ the use of Artificial intelligence software as to meet up the daily needs of millions of consumers.

This site was founded in the year 2009 and incorporated as Zest Finance, Inc. and with their Risk analyzing technologies, they tend to make lenders and borrowers understand each step all the way. This process promotes accuracy in credit decisions, increased repayment fraction for the lenders as well as higher credit availability for all borrowers.

Zest Finance has a total number of 33 employees under the leadership of Douglas Merrill, who is the startup CEO. The management made it clear that all participants must be up to the age of 18 years and above.

To those who wish to borrow or become a lender, kindly visit the headquarters of ZestFinance located at 3900 W Alameda Ave, Suite 3000, Burbank, California 91505, US.

Learn more about Zest Finance by visiting their official URL address at http://zestfinance.com/ for more details.


This is an online payment facilitator and they created the platform in such a way, it will benefit both the business owner and the consumer.

How it Works

  • Pay anyone without stress by just inputting the receipt name and bill information
  • You will be charged up to 2.5% fee for each transaction made and no membership fee attached
  • Your recipient gets the money by wire transfer, check or ACH transfer.
  • You will receive email notification as recipient receives payment
  • Your account will be receiving update of tracks by Plastiq.

This platform enables bill payment service for both businesses in search of an edge as well as savvy consumers who needs soft landing.

Some of the investors behind the seen includes; Accomplice, Khosla Ventures, Acorn Pacific Ventures, Top Tier, Fly Bridge Capital Partners and Nextview. The site has earned a unique reputation and it has been accredited with A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Visit the Plastiq support at 360 9th St., San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States for terms and conditions attached to each loan process. You can as well visit https://www.plastiq.com/ and access all required details.


From my research the sites look legit and you can try it out. Although there are more other sites like Affirm that are not lsited here, these

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