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Sites Like Ancestry

Sites like Ancestry – Have been look for a reliable source of your history? Are you curious about who’s descendant you were? The main features of Ancestry are to search billions of archived records in order to find how your family started. It also uncovers your ethnicity via the use of ancestral DNA.

Some of the Genealogical resources used to this end includes; Obituaries, Surname Meanings, Genealogy, Women’s Suffrage as well as Historical Person Search. They also keep records like Census Records, Military records, Vital records and All records.

The journey of Ancestry began in 1997 and till now the platform boast of over 20 billion Records as well as 100 million family trees.

The services of Ancestry are available to all individuals who are up to the age of 18 years and they can be; Free registered guests, paid subscribers, unregistered guest as well as those who ordered or activate DNA Kit.

The head office of Ancestry is located at; 153 Townsend Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA. Or you can visit https://www.ancestry.com/ for more.

The exorbitant charge for their services gave room for alternate sites to emerge stronger and we will be looking at other sites like Ancestry and what they offer. The similar sites like Ancestry are below:

1). FindMyPast

This is a historian finding platform that helps customers trace their genealogy history. It has become a search engine for anyone with the desire to seek more insight into their family history. The features found in the platform includes; DNA testing, Free genealogy records, build your family tree and more. The core objective of Findmypast is to; guide you step-by-step in tracing your family across the globe, offer advice as well as insight from available expert report from the largest online archive of British and Irish newspapers. It also finds your ancestral root and migration across British and Irish territory.

You will find more of British as well as Irish records on this site, however, FindMyPast has begun with its new American project and they have already explored over 8 billion names with an intention to add hundreds of million in the nearest future. They also partner with NYG&B, FamilySearch, British Library, The National Archives of Ireland, Historical Society of Pennsylvania and The National Archives.

Membership eligibility are for individuals who are up to the age of 18 years and above.

The site makes it money from subscribers and new members can access the platform free of charge for a period of 15 days. The subscription durations include; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Note: all the users and subscribers from mocavo can still migrate their GEDCOM file to FindMyPast in order not to lose cause. If you wish to pay a visit to their office located at The Glebe, 6 Chapel Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DQ United Kingdom.

The introduction of mobile app has helped a great deal in making this platform accelerate, it is available in Android and iOS versions and you can get yours from your respective app store.

How it Works

  • Start finding your ancestors once you have completed your registration
  • Fill in the box details which include; First name, Last name, when they were born and where
  • The system will request for GEDCOM file to be uploaded
  • Comparison will be matched and you will select

More details can be found on https://www.findmypast.com/. Other subsidiary sites include; the British Newspaper Archive, Twile, Genes Reunited and other Findmypast versions.

2). 23andMe

If you wish to take the ancestral tracing deeper, then 23andMe can help you succeed and they work with every detail they can lay hold on. for basic search, you will be charged a subscription of $99 for basic and $199 for comprehensive reporting.

Get more info from https://www.23andme.com/  Or you can visit 23and me at 23andMe, Inc., 223 N. Mathilda Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 USA.

3). FamilySearch

Just like Ancestry, FamilySearch is site that keeps records as relates to genealogy. It is a non-profitable platform designed to assist in genealogy education, records using the help of a software. The site is operated by FamilySearch International which is in affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was founded on the 13t November, 1894 by James H. Anderson, Franklin D. Richards and A. Milton Musser. All researches are carried out from their Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Some of the services offered by FamilySearch includes, Digital Conversion, Image Capture, Online Indexing, Preservation as well as online access. You can get all this services free of charge with over 4,745 FamilySearch delivered, over 4 billion listed names and a 24/7 customer support services.

The site was developed with the mission to preserve the records of generations of mankind free of charge. Users who set out to collate the family linage of their ancestors can do safe free of charge.

As millions of users are using the platform’s resource, services as well as records to trace their family history. The countless effect it will have them cannot be over emphasis and you can as well key into this by signing up using https://www.familysearch.org/ for more direction.

4). WeRelate

Another site that assists genealogical analysis like Ancestry is Werelate. It is among the largest platform that manages genealogical data. As a free licensed site with non-commercial correspondence, Werelate has provided over 5 million wikis with the aid of genealogy data and tools.

The platform was conceived on the 13th February, 2004 by Dallan Quass and has been management of Foundation for online Genealogy.

With over 200,000 users, 5.5 million person files, over 1,930,000 family files as well as 144, 000 pictures. The platform is processing on a software known as MediaWiki, and there is a move to merge the site with Wikipedia in the nearest future as to sync all operation with Wikipedia.

How it Works

  • Registered members will be allowed to upload GEDCOMs files
  • The system processes it and give series of ‘would-be’ options,
  • You will be required to make selection from the comparison on your screen
  • The system uses the candidate to trace your ancestors
  • The ancestral search is only available when the candidate is dead
  • After successful search the system gives family tree composition up to five generation.

 This site is a non-profit genealogical finder and they rely on your tax-deductible donations and they also get more money via advert.

Are you still in search of your family history, find no more as Werelate takes you on a journey of discovery? All you need to do is to sign up using https://www.werelate.org/ for more details.

5). AfriGeneas

This site focused more on African genealogy who migrated to America and the name of the platform was formed out from African American. This process of tracing family history is to help descendants to be aware of their ethnicity and where they came from.

Get more valuable details from http://www.afrigeneas.com/ and you will thank me later.

6). MyHeritage

The concept of this platform is more of family and as a non-profit family genealogical organization, it is poised to connecting different families from different race across generations. When we learn about our ancestors, it enables us to understand better, where we came from, who we are and as well creates family bound, thereby linking the present to the past and aligning the future walk path. The platform has a vision to become the world’s largest collection of historical record as well as genealogical archive in the world.

MyHeritage is an Israel based online family history platform that helps people find their root and origin. The site was founded in the summer of 2003 by a young nerd by name Gilad Japhet with its headquarters in Or Yehuda Israel. It also has other subsidiaries; OSN Online Social Networking GmbH, Geni and more.

The site has sold millions of DNA kits and have made billions in revenue from the sales of DNA. This has help many to fix their inconsistency in order to place accurate fact on their family tree. All the services are available in 17 different languages.

Presently, MyHeritage boast of over 430 employees, 160 million profiles, over 9 billion public records and enhanced internet transmission, which made up MyHeritage Ltd. They have made a worldwide impact as the best genealogical researching company. This was achieved via the step-by-step breaking of the world into 42 ethnic regions.

You can get started with MyHeritage by signing up and create your family profile which will help in building your family tree. The mobile app will as well help you in quick data gathering and this app is only available to iPhone, Android and iPad users. For web users, kindly sign up to https://www.myheritage.com/ for more details.

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All the sites like Ancestry believe that family is Joy and they brings meaning to one’s life, therefore, they dedicate their time and resource in gathering family history. Are you in need to find which race your ancestors came from, do you wish to build your family tree? Worry not as any of the sites has unique solution gallery to your desire.

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