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Sites Like Asos

Sites like Asos are: American Eagle Outfitters, Nordstrom, Zappos, Rotita, Zaful. You can read the details of the fashion stores below.

Asos is a fashion company which beliefs in a community where you have complete power or right without discernment to inquire and demonstrate how you feel.

To be fearless and take life as the astonishing unusual and daring experience that it is.

Asos try as much as possible to see that everyone is given an equal opportunity to find out all the exciting things they are capable of no matter who they are, where they come from or what outfit they like to boss. Asos is always there to give you the courage to be whoever you desire to be.

The brilliant idea of Asos was first harbored by two British citizens namely Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths in 1999. They aimed to start a fashion business that will imitate the trending styles and designs worn by celebrities. Asos is an acronym for “As Seen on Screen” notwithstanding many customers of the brand is yet to find out this fact.

At the beginning known as ‘As Seen On Screen Limited’ the company later reduced the name to Asos not quite up to a year.

In 2000 Asos became a British online marketer of fashion and cosmetics with its official website www.asos.co.uk  up and running. Asos has it’s headquarter in Camden town London and a newly established office in Birmingham.

Within a short period of time, the business was allowed to AIM (Alternative Investment Market) on London stock exchange, this implies that shares could now be distributed. This aided Asos to gain from shareholders and investors by helping to put more products and clothing lines.

Not quite long Asos grew to the point of selling products which weren’t necessarily seen on the screen. This made the owners and management come to a conclusion of officially changing the registered name to Asos Limited.

After some years Asos started growing outside of the United Kingdom, selling its products to customers who reside in other countries around the world. By 2013 products were been offered in various sections namely menswear, women wears, jewellery, accessories and even beauty products.

By 2010 customers residing in USA, Germany and France could conveniently order all their desired items from the Asos official website. After a year it was found appropriate to launch a website for the benefit of customers residing in Spain, Australia and Italy, the city of Sydney in Australia was chosen to be the first non-Uk office of Asos. In the year 2013, online stores were launched for Russia and China.

Asos decided to go ahead and promote itself by offering sponsorship to the McLaren Formula One team during Formula One season one in 2014. Asos has its main warehouse situated in Barnsley UK which was later expanded in 2014 to a hold 20 million units.

In the Rio 2016 Asos partnered with the British Paralympic Association to aid the athlete appear on the best outfits during the ceremonies games. Many formal types of attire were designed by the company for the athlete during the September 2016 events and ceremonies.

Starting as a very small business venture, Asos has made much progress since launching in 2000. Making readily available high quality and fashionable clothing and at same time rendering charity work and campaigns- What more could one want from a business?

Price Promise Policy

Asos has a price promise policy which is their commitment to the customers. Any customer that finds or see a branded (non-Asos) item cheaper on another site, they will match the price for the customer.

But there are some terms and conditions attached to the price promise policy which can be seen on the company’s official website www.asos.co.uk for more information on how it works.

  1. Price Pledge is only valid on non-ASOS branded items that are sold at www.asos.com.
  2. A Price Promise claim may be made prior to purchase or within 28 days of purchase.
  3. The product must be in stock and available on the website of our rival in the same color and size to be ordered.
  4. The product must be full price and not discounted on the page of our competitor as part of a sale or promotion.
  5. The cost differential discount / promo code will only be sent after we check the price with our competitor.
  6. In order to enable us to make a price comparison, the cost must be shown and transacted on a UK competitor page in GBP (£).
  7. The coupon code will be good for use with the next transaction on www.asos.com if you have already made the purchase.
  8. You can only use the discount/ promotion code in your account
  9. We do not give a cost guarantee on items sold or for delivery charges on discounted websites.

Asos Guarantee and Refund Policy

Whenever a product is ordered and it does not arrive or was not as described, the customer will be refunded. When a customer encounters a problem he or she can message the boutique, if no reply within 2 days or no solution within 7 days, the customer can go ahead and write to mpguarantee@asos.com attaching the purchase and confirmation order with full details of the issue, the issue will be investigated, a feedback given to the customer and resolved within 14 days.

Payment Options

Customers are allowed to pay for their orders on Asos using

  1. Paypal
  2. Master card
  3. Visa
  4. Visa electron
  5. American express
  6. Delta
  7. Klarna
  8. Maestro
  9. G pay
  10. Apple pay

Promotions and Rewards

  • 15% off sale
  • Up to 80% off mid season sale
  • 15% off full-priced items for new customers
  • 10% off Asos student discount until you graduate
  • Free 2 day shipping for a year
  • Asos executive sales up to 60% off

Why choose Asos?

The trendy fashion range of outfits includes casual wears and also special occasions. Asos provides solutions for all preferences and trends whether you need a top notch work outfit to impress at a job interview or new attire for summer wedding.

The warehouse is refreshed daily and fresh contents always available, shoes, accessories, gems, make-up and more can also be found. Beauty is head to toe and Asos has everything you want protected.

Don’t forget what you feel about your dress, fill your closet with clothes that will strengthen your confidence and make you feel good. New clothes were never more accessible than Asos discount codes.

Other Sites like Asos:

Apart from Asos there are a lot of other stores that sells same products. Some of these shops include:

  1. American eagle outfitters

This is an American based online store that deals on clothing and accessories just like Asos. Some of the popular products sold on American outfitters include Jeans, Polo Shirts, Graphic T-shirts, Sweatpants, Henley shirts, vanity boxers, Boxer briefs, Outerwear and swimwear just to name a few.

After 42 years of operation American eagle outfitters have expanded internationally thereby extending their business to many countries around the world like Kuwait, Dubai, Cairo, Jordan , Tokyo, Israel, Beijing, Shanghai, Jerusalem and several other countries. These International expansions have left them with no other choice but generation of mega revenues.

In 2018 American outfitters recorded total revenue of US$4.036 billion, operating income of US$337.13 million, net income of US$261.90 million, Total assets of US$1.90 billion and total equity of US$1.29 billion. The company has over 45,000 employees and www.ae.com as their official website.

More about American eagle Outfitters

The American eagle outfitters which is now called American eagle is an American fashion and jewelry marketer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, south side of works. Founded in 1977, it has been owned and operated by two brother jerry and mark Silverman as a branch of retail ventures inc.

Jacob price of Knoxville in 1991 bought their ownership interest and Aerie is an offspring of American eagle outfitters. The brands target audiences are male and female tertiary institution students although older adults and teenagers wear the brand. American eagle currently has 933 outfitters store, 4 stand alone tailgate stores and 109 Aerie stand alone stores.

In 1977 at twelve oaks mall in Novi, Michigan the first American outfitters store was opened. In terms of logistics the company has its distribution centers in Hazelton, Pennsylvania (U.S), and also Ottawa, Kansas (U.S) and Mississauga, Ontario (Canada).

Payment Options

American outfitters accepts payment for commodities purchased through

  1. PayPal
  2. Master Pass
  3. Apple pay
  4. Android Pay
  5. Samsung Pay

Promotions and Rewards

  • 40% off Men and Women’s top
  • 25% off with tailgate email sign up
  • 30-60% off everything that includes jeans and joggers
  • 20% off first purchase with AEO connected credit card
  • Sign up for email and get an extra 10% off your purchase
  • 60% off clearance
  • 30-60% off college, MLB, Graphics Apparel from Tailgate
  • 25% off when you refer a friend
  • 25% off College Apparel with Email Sign Up
  • 60% off Tailgate Men’s Clearance
  • American eagle Apartment
  • American eagle Refund Policy

When you return the products within 60 days of purchase, you have the right of full refund on the purchase in compliance with the American eagle return policy.

Another option is that even this time expire the products can still be returned between 61 to 90 days and get store credit for the return.

This implies that whether you purchased the products online, by phone or in the shop does not matter you will always be able to return and swap them at any AEO, Aerie and AEO factory or Tailgate store in the united States according to the return policies.

Why Choose American eagle Outfitters?

According to online reviews which happen to be feedback by verified customers, the company offers high quality and reliable clothing that lasts very long even though the prices are sometimes on the high side; they also have good variety of items always unlike other brands. Some customers also made mention of their delivery services to be a wonderful one.

  1. Nordstrom

If you are someone that has an extraordinary eye for what’s next in fashion, the ambitious attempt to go beyond standards, Nordstrom have been working for over 100 years to provide their customers with the best shopping opportunity to express their individuality- Not just to purchase clothes.

More about Nordstrom

Nordstrom Inc is a major retail company that sells high quality clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. They have been dedicated every day to giving their customers the best products since 1901.

This dedication has made them the biggest clothing company today from a tiny Seattle shoe shop. John W, Nordstrom is the founder and Carl F Wallin the co-founder.

Today Nordstrom has over 74,000 employees, over 380 stores in 40 states and Canada and generates revenue of US$15.86 billion, operating income of US$837 million, net income of US$564 million, Total assets of US$7.89 billion and total equity of US$873 million.

You can visit their official website at www.nordstrom.com for more information on their products and services or reach their help line through 1.888.282.6060..

Payment Options in Nordstrom

Below are some acceptable payment methods when purchasing items from Nordstrom

  1. Nordstrom Visa
  2. Nordstrom credit card
  3. Visa
  4. Master Card
  5. JCB
  6. American Express
  7. Discover Network

Promotion and Rewards

  • 40% off on exotic texture shoes + free shipping
  • 40% off savings on men’s top
  • 70% off on fresh sneaker sales
  • 60% off designer clearance
  • 50% off gifts
  • Up to 70% off new women’s markdown
  • Up to 65% off women’s jeans, blouses and dresses
  • Shop layering jewelry- Up to 60% off
  • Up to 50% off beauty deals
  • Nordstrom Return and Refund Policy
  • Returning in Nordstrom Stores

When an item delivered is not exactly what the customer actually wanted and there is a need to return all the customer needs to do is come with the items alongside the receipt and original payment form to the nearest Nordstrom store.

Any available salesperson can help with the return. Please note that at Nordstrom rack locations Nordstrom returns or Nordstrom.com are not accepted.

International Nordstrom.com return

Border free foreign transactions for Nordstrom.com have a specific refund procedure and are not eligible for free refunds or product swaps. Please contact Nordstrom customer service for a refund including fees, taxes and tariffs and ask them to send you on behalf of border free a return merchandise authorization form.

Then submit your completed form to border free with your items. You will receive a refund for the goods from border free but not duties, taxes or tariffs. You can find out more about the return and refund policy at the company website.


The aim of this research work is to highlight some fashion online stores that shares same similarities. This will enable the customers to have an idea of different stores that sells high quality items, provide them with the correct contact details to the stores, a brief introduction about the stores and also enlighten them to an extent on how the stores run their operations.

This will solve the issue of overcrowding a particular store. For trending fashion range of outfits I will recommend the above listed stores.

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