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Sites Like Brickseek

Sites like Brickseek – Brickseek is an online platform where your go-to source for best deals across the web. Brickseek has a database that consists of large retailers around various locations and regions. They help their clients save a lot of money by liaising with retailers who offer their products at the lowest possible prices.

Brickseek was established in the year 2014 with the main aim of helping LEGO collectors find popular sets both in-store and online. Over the years Brickseek has grown to be a powerful shopping tool which can be used to discover amazing deals or items you want to buy and also bringing to your notice where to find them.

There are a lot of many other websites today that can help you find the best deals and save money. If you are looking to find the best prices online then this piece is for you, just keep reading because we will be going through some sites like Brickseek where you can also the go-to source for best deals online and save money.


1). Buy Via

The company was established by Norman Fong with the aim of saving their customers money by offering them mind-blowing shopping discounts. Buy via is a small tech start up that has a passion for e-commerce and power of digital tech to hunt down the best possible retail deals. If you are looking for where to find the latest and best retail offers, start by creating your personal account on the company’s official website www.buyvia.co.uk and you can then have access to all they have to offer.

Buy via wants its customers to know that they do not represent any company found on the platform so it is necessary to go through the terms and condition before buying. Buy via has mobile applications which when installed on your phone can notify you with the latest notifications with regards to discounts and coupons.

They also email their customers available offers so they don’t miss out all you need doing as a customer is to customize your settings to enable you to get the email alerts.

2). First Order Code

First-order is a Canadian e-commerce online platform that displays on their page a wide range of products from retailers with amazing discounts and shipping offers. First-order code has up to 652 stores on their platform thereby making it possible to find the best deals almost on any region you are accessing the store from.

The company showcases on its site products like clothes, shoes and accessories, kids and toys, computer and mobile phones, Sports Gear.  Apart from the official website www.firstorder.com one can also check out their products on their social media handles (twitter, youtube, facebook).

The moderator team of the company checks each product added to the website, they only collect information from reliable sources on top discount deals and take coupons by so doing they have been able to establish reliable contacts with favourite online retailers.

3). Idealo

Idealo is a German price comparison company established in the year 2000 with its headquarters in Berlin. The platform harbours a large range of shops and permits it, users, to compare the price differences for their desired products by flipping through various online shops on the company page http://www.idealo.de Today Idealo is one of the leading websites for price comparison in Europe and one of the main e-commerce platforms in Germany.

They achieved this by acquiring traffic of about 1.3 million a day this means that they have their customers click on their web page like 1.3 million times a day, hosting about 50,000 online shops with around 3300 million products and more than four million app downloads.

Idealo has also expanded its range of services into the travel sector. You can find, compare and book cheap flights on www.flights.idealo.com. On this site, you will find a list of their favourite departure airports which covers a lot of states in the United States, North America, Africa and many other places around the world.

4). Slick deals

Slick deal is a Las Vegas-based online e-commerce platform launched in the year 1999 by Goldman Sachs. It is the leading and most trusted online community to share, assess and review deals and coupons. Over the years of operation slick deal has a record of ten million monthly users, 80 per cent returning visits, four billion dollars been saved and fifteen million mobile applications download over the months.

Slick deal do not just list any merchant on their front page, they list only retailers who have earned a solid reputation based on their users feedback from previous deals. Deals on the front page are carefully selected and examined by the company’s deal editors. Only the best are displayed on the front page. mind you this are remarkable deals for their value, quality, scarcity or timeliness.

By clicking on the career section on the website slick deal also has a lot of job opportunities for qualified personnel. You can check this out by visiting the company website www.slickdeals.net . When you are in search of online platforms the offers best deals slick deal should be your starting point.

5). Snap deal

Snap deal is the largest Indian online marketplace. The company was launched in February 2010 by kunal Bahl along with Rohit Bansal.  Snap deal has on its website up to 60 million products covering over 800 categories from regional, national and international brands and retailers.

Snap deal is the shopping destination for Internet users throughout the country for over 6,000 towns and cities in India, with millions of users and over 300,000 sellers. The company has a mobile application for customers using Android, iOS and windows operating systems for quick notification of recent and available deals.

On snap deal you can find a wide range of products with discounts like Men’s winter wear, Women fashion offers, Electronic deals, Women EOSS accessories and so on. The website boasts of a 100 percent secured payment, easy return policy, quick and responsive support section. You can also visit the company official website www.snapdeal.com to find out more about their best deals and discount offers.

6). Price Grabber

Price grabber is an online e-commerce platform like Brickseek that hold a huge range of products uploaded by retailers and allows their customers by going through the pages compare prices and go for the best offers.  Price grabber was launched in the year 1999 by Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad.

Pricegrabber.com was the first comparison shopping engine to project tax and shipping cost information for a consumer during the price comparison process. Price grabber experiences web traffic of about 108,377 clicks monthly and is therefore ranked 278,632 among websites globally.

The company has $9.5M estimated revenue annually and competes with shopping.com, Next commerce and Shopzilla. Price grabber is actively using 63 technologies for its website. These include viewport Meta, iPhone/ mobile compatible and Google analytics.

7). Deal spotr

They are also known as “the smart shopper’s tool”. Deal spotr is the modern and comprehensive way to find and track deals online. It was established in the year 2015 by. Although the company has not been in the business for a long time yet they have a record of over ten million deals so far for a hundred and forty three thousand brands and $293 million in shopper savings.

Their mission is to create the world’s easiest, fastest and most trustworthy tool for finding deals. Because Deal spotr is a social network, it also integrates an influencer marketing platform, where brands can promote their coupons directly to consumers.

According to feedbacks by the customers, what gives them joy the more about deal spotr is that every deal on the platform is reviewed and validated by members of the community so you don’t see expired coupon codes which is a major annoyance on other coupon sites. Some of the customers also confessed their happiness over earning gift cards simply by sharing deals and referring members hence they highly recommend the platform.

8). Bargainist

Bargainist is a United States-based online platform that helps you find the best deals around the globe on just about everything. From gadgets to clothes, you will always read about the hottest bargains, sales, coupons and freebies on the website. Bargainist was established in the year 2006 with its headquarters at El Segundo, California.

The website updates multiple times a day and also has a mobile application that if when installed on your mobile phone can always notify you of the latest deals. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed or get a daily free deals email. In the year 2008 Bargainist was acknowledged as the top 10 coupon site by PCMag.

Over the years Bargainist has a web traffic rank of 964,952, with a huge figure of monthly visits. You can also access some of their latest deals by following them on their social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You can also visit the company’s official website www.barginist.com to get more information on their outstanding deals and discount offers.

9). Woot

Woot was founded in 2014 and then snatched up by Amazon in 2010. This is an American based internet marketer that offers special daily deals and other limited-time offers across seven categories ranging from Home and kitchen utensils, Electronics, Computers, Tools and Garden,  Sports and Outdoors, shirt, Gourmet, clearance.

Woot is also available on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Just like every other e-commerce platform they have mobile applications and daily digest email for notification of the latest deals.

To be a member of this platform you will need to sign up with your email as your username and a unique password of your choice. Amazon Prime members get free standard shipping on Woot and free express shipping on shirt.woot. The company with a total of 140 employees was able to generate revenue of $164 million and still making more.

10). Offers.com

This company goes way beyond coupons, discounts and deals to bring you every type of imaginable offer.  Offer.com offers a lot of promotions from coupons and promo codes to product deals and sales. Offer.com is a United States-based e-commerce platform located in Austin, Texas.

The company was established by Steve Schaffer in the year 2009.They have a vision of creating a one-stop platform known for saving time and money for their clients every day. Offers.com rapid growth and success in the industry has been driven by its experienced and accomplished management team.

Offers.com has $25M in estimated revenue annually with just 66 employees. Apart from the official website, some of their latest deals can be viewed on their social media handles (LinkedIn, twitter and facebook). Some of the company’s major competitors are deals news, slick deals, fat wallet and so on.

11). Deal catcher

Deal Catcher is an online community that lets consumers save money and make well-educated transactions. Digital coupons, services, prices, ratings and rebates can be found on this website. The page is maintained by its workers all day long. We give you the resources you need to find the best deals online.

Deal catcher was established in July 1999 by Dan Baxter with the help of his programmer friend Tim Patton.  They came up with a retail-based system and twenty years later more than six million page views a month were recorded by Deal Catcher in promoting more than 4000 online deals.


When it comes to shopping, a good number of people visit brickseek.com whenever they are looking for where to find best deals and discounts online because the platform is always delivering. But sometimes it is nice to switch it up and look for good deals on other sites too.

The web is filled with a lot of sites like brick seek but we have found time out of our tight schedule to compile an article that reviews some of the best platforms that can serve as a  substitute to brick seek.

So now all you need to do is read through the article and find top sites that is best helpful for you

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