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Sites Like Canva

Sites like Canva – Let’s start by reviewing what Canva does and what their modes of operation look like and then followed by the list of the sites like Canva.

Canva is an online platform that makes available everything you need to create an amazing design. The website provides wonderful layouts for photo editing, font combinations, colour wheel, palette generator, logo making, design size guide and so much more. If you are new to the game and would like to learn a lot about graphics design within a very short period of time, Canva runs an online program called design school where teaching materials that will do you a lot of good will be made available. The platform accommodates individuals who are ready to earn incomes for referring new Canva pro users that is an affiliate program. It’s free to join the program, no fees and no minimum sales and they pay regularly so you get your earning soon.

Canva is undoubtedly an awesome graphics design portal but then there are also other online platforms that do the same business and they are equally very good at it. Some of these alternative sites like Canva will be reviewed in this article below:

Full List of Sites Like Canva:


Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best imaging and graphic design software. The software can be used for photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation and graphic design. The company has made available the software of several operating systems such as windows for desktop users, Android and iOS for mobile phones.

The program was first initiated by two brothers namely Thomas and john. In the year 1989, the program was sold to adobe systems that rebranded the program and marketed it as the Adobe Photoshop we all know today.

  1. FOTOR

Fotor is another online platform that works exactly like Canva. Fotor renders a mind-blowing photo editing suite using exclusive technologies to make available unrivalled editing controls. The graphic user interface of the website is friendly, easy to understand and globally accessible. Fotor has been experiencing rapid growth on its social media channels this is because the platform hosts international competitions weekly by simply coming up with several topics and photography styles. The performances are then judged by professional photographers. This in return encourages an influx of high quality and creative images on the platform and also boosts user interactions in the community which we all agree is a nice strategy for keeping the system lively.  Fotor has desktop software for windows and Mac users and also mobile applications for android and iOS users.


This is another site like Canva with a very easy to use graphic user interface. If you have never used an image editing program before i will recommend this site for you. On stencil one can easily create icons, templates, quotes, instant resizing, preset sizes, Google fonts, image cropping, color picking, photo adjustments; make use of filters and lots more. You can visit their official website on for more information on their services. Stencil also runs an affiliate program for interested individuals and their services can equally be accessed by installing their mobile applications for android and iOS users or installing the desktop version for the windows and Mac users. You can also follow them on their social media handles to know more about their packages.


Crello is another site like Canva where social media images, banners, posters, email headers and other popular formats can be created. It is also an easy to use platform which is recommendable for beginners. The platform has marketers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, bloggers and any person in need of a simple solution for creative projects as their target audience. Some of the main benefits of designing with Crello include the provision of up to 11,000 templates, 60,000,000 photos, over 33 design formats, 12,000 free photos and vectors. Crello also has social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube) and also mobile and desktop applications. You can access their official website with


Pic Monkey is an online graphic website based in Seattle and a worldwide office in Ireland. The platform’s desktop version consists of some features such as photo editor, design tool; touch up, collage and templates. The company also has a mobile application for android and iOS users. You can know more about Pic monkey by following their brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Their official website URL is Pic monkey was launched on 1st March 2012 by former picnic employees with the goal of creating a fast and lightweight photo editing experience. Within a short period of time, Pic monkey grew to have over 13 million unique monthly users.


This is another graphics portal like Canva that allows individuals with an intensive knowledge of graphics design to come up with creative infographics example flyers, posters and visuals using the provided tools and templates. Piktochart has a section for learning; this is for the beginners who do not have much design knowledge. The platform has several subscriptions which can help your creative work go further. You can start out free or subscribe to the premium solutions at a given price, for example, the PRO subscription goes for 24.17 USD per month.

This particular plan comes with a lot of packages like creating unlimited visuals, 1GB image uploads, HD image exports, PDF exports, watermark removal, password protection for published visuals, custom colour schemes and personal colours, custom fonts upload, folders.  There are other premium plans like PRO Team and so on. You can check out the site with for more information. Piktochart is also available as a mobile application for android and iOS users.


Snappa is a Canadian online graphic website whose goal is to help small businesses create quality online graphics. They came up with an easy to use graphic website that can accommodate even those without graphic design experience.  Snappa has grown to be that online graphic platform where marketers and entrepreneurs come to create a wide range of graphics for social media, display ads, blog posts, banners, eBook covers, Facebook cover photos, infographics, image quotes, sound cloud banners, twitch banners, twitter headers, youtube channel art, youtube outro, youtube thumbnails and more. To learn more about Snappa, you can connect with them through their social media handles on Facebook, twitter, youtube and Instagram. Like every other online graphics portal listed so far, they also have a mobile application for android and iOS users. Visit for more information.


Designer is another easy to use graphics design website with a simple and powerful design tool, drag and drop elements, change images, fonts, colours and text, work with layers, effects and multiple pages files. On this platform, you are allowed to choose from a thousand of professional templates to present your business in a professional way and store them all for free. You can always come back to edit them either with your computer or a mobile device. Designer allows you to download your projects on high resolution or just the way you want it. There are no download limitations attached, there are no complicated licenses to read or a small fee to pay anytime you need an image.


Design bold is also a site like Canva with the aim to empower everyone from everywhere to create visual content limited only by their own imagination. Individual without special graphics skills are welcomed to this website too because design bold makes available all the necessary simple but powerful design tools to turn your ideas into stunning visual contents. Design bold has been around since 25th October 2016 and has generated huge revenue. Design bold has social media channels where you can get to know them more, receive notifications and also mobile applications for android and iOS users.

  1. EASIL

Easil is known for making your designs look pro quality. Like Canva they provide professionally designed templates, including social media, Instagram stories, infographics, posters, banners, menus, and more. Easil is also a full-service printing house which means Easil enables you to order your prints directly with them without leaving the browser tab. It is important to know that this printing service is currently only available in Australia. Easil is an Australian based platform founded by Annette McDonald on 1st July 2015. The company currently has up to 50 employees and still employing more. Their contact email is, you can also connect with them on their social media channels or visit their official website on for more information. Easil does not only have a desktop version for the windows and Mac users, but it can also be accessed using their mobile application for the android and iOS users.


And this is where we will be attaching a full stop on our list of alternative sites like Canva. The sites reviewed above are top-notch and sure to deliver the same satisfactory services as Canva. You can go ahead to check them out and have a wonderful graphics design experience.

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