5 Used Car Sites Like Carvana

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Sites Like Carvana

Sites like Carvana – You may probably be looking for a way to dispose your already used cars for a better one in a more comfortable and easier way. Well, here is the good news, Carvana platform and other similar sites which will be listed in this article are what you should be looking out for.

For starters, Carvana started its business in 2013 and currently operates as used cars and e-commerce platform. The site was created by Ernest Garcia III, Ben Huston and Ryan Keeton. Today, they have their head office located in Tempe, Arizona, United States.

With Carvana, purchasing cars are made so easy. Yes! It’s really that easy as all can be done from the comfort of your internet device.  All you have to do is to log on, make request, pay using your most preferred method, (down payment is also acceptable), upload the necessary unique documents needed, decide whether you want to give your car an extra coverage, then finally you can either opt to having your car delivered at your doorstep or you wish to come pick it up for a test drive. If you wish to pick it up yourself, you can visit any of the Carvana Vending machine in different locations which include Birmingham, Orlando, Ontario, Raleigh, Houston, Charlotte and several other locations. Check out their site for more details.

Carvana Features

Carvana platform has the following features

  • A nine dynamic filter features which allows you to effectively make a better choice from their full car inventory.
  • The patented 360-degree photo technology which allows you to take the car for a virtual spin
  • Ability to create your account where you can save your favourite cars and be able to compare prices.
  • Ability to sign all your paper work electronically and get ready to own your car in just 10 minutes.

Carvana Benefits

Among the great benefits of buying cars from Carvana is that you get to receive a cheaper offer, without any extra charges, and at the same time you get premium cars with an awesome experience. All the cars sold at Carvana comes with a Carvana certification. You will even receive the “Worry Free Guarantee” which is among the thorough inspection carried out on the car even when they have assured you of a 100 day/4,189 mile.

Other benefits you can enjoy for using the Carvana platform is the ability to trade your car for a new one, no rigorous process is needed, just log on, answer the questions provided, compare to know if you are on with Carvana’s offer and you are good to go.  Also, you can drop the car at any of their locations for inspection or have them come over to you.

Guess what? Carvana is operations 24/7. Just get behind your device and make an order anytime of the day you wish.

Oh, it gets better, Carvana has a 7-day full payment back guarantee if you decide you don’t like the car. So, you have enough time to check it out, drive it around and be sure it’s what you wanted.

For those who may need to fly to get to the Carvana Vending machine, you get to receive a subsidy of $200 of your airfare from Carvana.

Buy, sell or trade your old car for a new car within few minutes using the Carvana site at https://www.carvana.com/.

Just for some reason, the Carvana site is not within your reach, you can visit other Carvana alternative sites that offer similar quality services like Carvana. A few of them will be listed below.

Full List of Sites Like Carvana:

1). Vroom

Vroom is just like Carvana where you get to buy or sell your used car and they also started their business in 2013 but was created by Marshall Chesrown, Scott Chesrown, and Kevin Westfall. Vroom head office is located in New York City in United States.

One of the ways Vroom use to ensure that their customers get quality services and build customer’s confidence is by providing you with the CarFax vehicle history report so you could see for yourself the outcome of the thorough inspection conducted on the car.

To lighten the stress of payment, Vroom partners with several major banks which to help you facilitate payment. You can as well choose to also pay through your personal bank or cash. Just fill the necessary paperwork which will be provided and you are good to go.

Once you buy your car, you are given 7 days or 250 miles testing grace to check out your car and be assured you got the right deal.

If you’d wish to sell your car through Vroom, it is also easy, once all the procedure outlined there are satisfied, and they receive the car, your payment will be sent to you within 24 to 48 hours through the overnight mail.

However, Vroom has different form of delivery charges which can be between $599 for deliveries within the contiguous 48 states and $999. It can either be an enclosed delivery or a standard deliver.

Note that this delivery fee is non-refundable.

Full details can be seen from their main website.

Vroom Benefits (Vroom Protect)

The Vroom protect is designed to give you the mechanical protection needed which can have options up to 100,000 miles or 10 years. In this case, you get to receive a comprehensive plan offers which can cover up to 1500 vehicle parts. Thee are several other benefits that come with the Vroom Protect and they include;

  • You get to receive nationwide repair services from any of their authorized repair facility
  • A 24-hour roadside assistance is made available in cases of emergencies
  • You get towing and rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption coverage and many more.

The Guaranteed Asset protection (GAP) cover

This helps you in situations whereby your car is lost, involved in accidents, or other unforeseen circumstances.  With Vroom GAP, you get protected as they will waive the difference between the payment from insurance company and your remaining loan payment.

You can checkout for more info and benefits of using Vroom at https://www.vroom.com/.

2). Autotrader

Autotrader is among the largest third-party car shopping site founded in 1997 with headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Make your buying and selling of cars experience awesome by using the Autotrader platform. They cover over 3 million listings from more than 40,000 dealers and hundreds of private owners. However, postings cars for sale in Autotrader comes with a fee. See more info by visiting the Autotrader official website.

Click here to visit Autotrader; https://www.autotrader.com.

3). Shift

Shift also offers similar services to Carvana in the sense that you can get good and quality used cars from them. Shift started in 2014 and has their headquarters in Castro Neighborhood of San Francisco. Shift provides their services to others while observing these 3 principles which are Convenience, Value and Trust.

Using the Shift platform also gives you a relaxed experience you would need and saves you from all the troubles associated with purchasing an already used car. Just like Carvana, Shift also a thorough 150+ point mechanical inspection to ensure you are getting the real deal.

After you have succeeded in buying your car, you will receive a 7 days free period to test and return your car if you are not satisfied with it or 200 miles privilege.

Shifts services covers Bay Area, San Diego County, Los Angeles, Portland, Fresno, Sacramento areas.

Shift offers referral bonuses whereby you are given a $100 gift card when you purchase a car and refer another person to purchase with them as well. To accomplish this, you will be emailed your customer referral link as soon as you have completed your purchase. Their friendly concierge is always available in person to assist you were needed.

To check out shift for your used cars, log on to https://shift.com.

4). Cargurus

CarGuru stated way back in 2006 by Langley Steinert as a platform that has features which enables you to compare prizes of local listings on used cars. They have their headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and today stands as one of the most popular online car listing websites in United States with more than 5 million listings.

CarGurus services have extended to UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Canada.


5). CarsDirect

CarsDirect is an automobile platform which helps to connect buyers and sellers of vehicles. The platform was created in 1998 by Scott Painter. They have their head office located at El Segundo, California. Whether you wish to buy already used car or go for a brand new one, CarsDirect helps you to connect to the great deals out there.

Once you talk about the largest network of car buying and finance resources in North America, CarsDirect comes to mind.

Get connected to the internet department at a trusted dealership with carsDirect. Visit them at https://www.carsdirect.com.

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Enjoy your car buying and selling experience by visiting Carvana or any of the equivalents listed here. They are all trustworthy and legal and offers quality services.

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