Top 5 Popular Sites Like Craigslist (2020 Updated)

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Sites Like Craigslist

Sites like Craigslist are: Bookoo, Geebo, Oodle, PennySaver, Swappa. You can go through the full list of the alternatives below.

Craigslist with acronym CL is a website built for exclusive adverts and sales which originated in America. In 1995, the self-professed nerd, Craig Newmark, launched craigslist, went online by 1996 but it became incorporated in the year 1999. By the year 2000, Craig Newmark made Jim Buckmaster (the current CEO of craigslist) take over his management.

Ever since Jim has been able to take craigslist higher. He also manages the craigslist Charitable Fund (CCF) and was also made the executive producer pf craigslist TV.

Currently, craigslist is functional in about 570 cites of 70 countries. Their services are now offered in multiple languages which includes English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, German and Spanish.
they have their headquarters in San Francisco California, USA.

With craigslist, you can be sure to trade online within your locality. you can easily and freely upload items you would want to sell as well as buy other used items from craigslist. Apart from buying and selling fairly used items on craigslist, you can as well use them to place adverts for job opportunities, gigs, housing, community services and lot more. You can visit the craigslist website using

However, most people might want to check out other sites with similarities to what Craigslist has on the offer. Below are few trusted sites that can be substituted for craigslist.

Below are the sites like Craigslist:

1). Bookoo

Bookoo is more like craigslist where you also get to sell and buy things but it has to be within your community or locality. just like craigslist, you don’t have to pay any charges for buying or selling through their website. Also, shipping is not needed as it only connects you with those within your locality.

When an item is being flagged, Bookoo conducts a community voting often referred to as flagging where people get to decide whether the items should be taken off the list. You have an average of 60 days from the time it was last edited to have your item listed on their menu and 3 days after it has been sold.

Bookoo also has a way for you to keep a record of all the items you sold through their site. This feature is called “Money Tree” and you get to see your earnings through the calculations.

You are free to contact them via email or visit their website at for more info.

The idea of Bookoo online sale site came to the mind of two brothers, Austin and Adam who came from a not-so-rich background. They wanted to be able to provide more than one pair of clothing for their kids since they only had one for themselves while growing up. But they had to provide these and still be able to save, then came the idea of a yard sale (buying already used clothing).

They, however, have decided to extend the courtesy of providing this option for others by creating the Bookoo website to enable buyers to easily locate the sellers within their community and vice versa and the idea paid off.

Bookoo currently has over 2.6 million users on its website. They are located across different nations which include; US, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Spain and a lot more. You just have to find your location and you are good to go. Nevertheless, they have their headquarters at NO 2270 US Highway 30, Oswego, IL 60543.

2). Geebo

Geebo is another neighbour helping neighbour website out there that has surfaced to help you connect with buyers and sellers within your locality. Geebo came to live in the year 2000 after much deliberation and had since spread across 160 communities which include Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Phoenix, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Chicago and a lot more.

The CEO and founder of Geebo Greg Collier provided you with the opportunity to contact him through the twitter social media platform if you so wish or you can check out the contact page of their main website at for other ways to get in contact with their help desk (email, phone or by fax).

Geebo has its headquarters at No 1350 Beverly Rd., Ste 115-218 Mclean VA 22101.

Geebo is surely another means of getting the fairly used product at fair prices and also can be a place to view new job opportunities near your locality just like craigslist. There are different categories to what can be found using this site and they include, merchandise (electronics, clothing, health and beauty e.t.c), vehicles, house rentals/roommate, construction/farm equipment, real estate and a lot more. You’ve got to try them out.

3). Oodle

Oodle also brings the trading to your doorstep just like other trading websites like craigslist. It harnesses the power of social media to connect both buyers and sellers within your locality. Currently, it records over 15 million users on a monthly basis. They are safe and reliable to trade with. Here, you can purchase things in different categories such as merchandise, cars. They also offer real estate services, rentals and servers as job hunting medium for those searching for job opportunities. Yes, they are quite diversified.

Oodle provides its services across countries like the United States, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia. It was founded in the year 2004 but came to live in the year 2005 with its key persons as Craig Donato, Scott Kister and Faith Sedlin. They have their headquarters in San Mateo, California, United States.

All operations of this website are being handled by Oodle Holdings, LLC. They do have some restrictions to membership in the sense that you must have attained the age of 18 years and above before your membership request will be approved. To check out their rules and also to view their site in general, you can visit their official URL using

4). PennySaver USA

PennySaver is another craigslist-like website that has been in the business of connecting buyers and sellers for over 50 years now. It can be classified as one of, if not the largest direct mail shopping publication in the United States. They have been in business since 1962 and are able to reach more than 11.2 million Americans on a weekly basis, offering them quality coupons and discounts that are available in the neighbourhood.

All these started when Bob DeMarco who was a directory salesman used his office to provide opportunities for people to place adverts while they pay token for his services (popularly called the Huntington Beach PennySaver).

Now, PennySaver has grown and now records over 1million only for visitors on their website.

Think of where to get different merchandise, pets, rentals and apartments, Real estate, cars, garage and yard sales, as well as employment opportunities, PennySaver is definitely a sure bet. Check out their website for more info at

5). Swappa

Swappa is one of the best craigslist alternatives and a marketplace to be when it comes to tech devices.  Ben Edwards, founder or Swappa who has been a software and mobile developer ever since got disappointed as he couldn’t find a suitable place to purchase test devices.

This led to the thought of having to create his very own tech marketplace which will be simple, efficient, safe and attracts lower fees. He then created his website called Swappa in the year 2010.

Now, swappa has experienced major growth over these years and currently has sold proceeds worth more than $120 million. He has a professional staff who helps to vet listings to ensure they are of good quality (damaged or broken goods are not allowed).

The first-time seller on their website is given the privilege to receive payment even before they ship the goods. Seller may not have to pay any fee for using their website, but a little more might be attached for the buyer to cover the shipping fee. Either way, you still get to save a lot then buying from eBay.

Both buyers and seller transactions are made through PayPal, so you can consider getting a PayPal account before purchasing or selling on Swappa. Swappa is not available to users outside the United States and few Canadian states. They hare headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

For your mobile devices, tablets, phone and other tech devices, you can consider checking swappa’s platform at


When looking for online places to trade other than craigslist, you can resort to checking out these few websites listed below. They are all safe to trade in and has so far passed the test of time.

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