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Sites Like Easybib

Sites like Academic – This is an online research company that focuses more on Academic related activities. The platform is an American based Edu Tech company with more than 3 million subscribers, they specialize in assisting students with online tutoring, digital and offline book rental as well as other student services. You can get resources like; Research guide, didoes, infographics and more citation-related materials.

To become a member, you must be up to the age of 13 years, although some location may say otherwise and you need to confirm from your legal guardian or Parents before registering. The membership of this platform may not be entirely free; however, newly registered members may get free trial upon registration and they will be required to input their credit card details.

The free account has access to only 5 suggestions in the use of advanced grammar check, MLA citation style and ad included experience, while the full subscription includes; No ads, all citation styles, unlimited advance grammar check as well as unlimited scan for missing citations and plagiarism errors.

The company is owned by Chegg, Inc. and a lot of complaints has been level against the company for promoting and institutionalizing of cheating among students in the higher education. Other subsidiaries owned by Chegg includes; Imagine Easy Solution, LLC, Chegg and more. The platform also partners with Credo, WorldCat as well as Study Break Media.

With over 1,100 employees, revenue of USD$ 350 million and a profit rising stock price of US$37.82 in the (NTSE), this education retailing company has resilient in advancing educational research via the provision of contents that will enhance learning. The platform was founded in the summer of 2001 by Josh Carison, Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra. The main office of Easybib is located at 3990 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States.

What are you still waiting for, get that your project, essay writing and other related articles checked using https://www.easybib.com/ and you will be glad you did.

List of Sites Like Easybib are:

1). Recipes4Success

This an institutive literacy retailing site like EasyBib that helps users with research tools, citation and note taking. Recipe4success is among the frequently used online bibliography.

Some of the features of Recipes4success include; Punctuations, Citation, Plagiarism and Grammer.

Check out the main wain web page at http://recipes.tech4learning.com/

2). Bib Me

The major glitch every student face in academy is proper referencing as well as building a bibliography. In some school projects, many tutors may request for Oscala while the rest prefer APA. This has led to many students falling below expectations. Bib Me is your personal research assistant that assists you with easy-to-navigate-tools that cite bibliography reference, organize, collect and share projects and research.

The platform is an automatic citation creator and it processes Chicago, MLA, and APA formatting. The journey of this platform was conceived in the late January of 2007 by students in the information system department of Carnegie Mellon University. And by May 2007 the site went online. It has other features to offer its users and it includes; plagiarism checker, advance grammar and error fixer.

As an automated bibliography generator and citation creator, Bib Me supports students by helping them with reference formatting and building thereby cutting the time spent on each project or research. Some of the key data source of Bib Me includes; FindArticle, Amazon.com, CiteULike Academic Papers and Yahoo! News.

The citation guide is a tour assistance that provides standards and guidelines need for proper citing of bibliography/reference in Turabian, MLA, APA and Chicago format.

Some of the partners include; Studybreakmedia.com, and Chegg Services. And you can visit their headquarters at 3990 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States.

Other details as regards to bib me can be found at http://www.bibme.org/

3). OttoBib

Ottobib is a self-described online research retailer that offers notable research feature like Plagiarism, Error checker, advanced grammar and more. The platform is equipped with fascinating software that generate cite bibliography for books, essay as well as research, in line with international standard Book Numbers, which include; APA, BibTeX, MLA, Turabian or Chicago and more.

This site was created in the late winter of 2006 by a young geek known as Jonattan Otto. The platform was part of his school 4th year work in the university of Wisconsin-La Crosse, USA, when he got the idea from Seth Godin’s blog post as it relates to “Stuck Systems”. Later in the spring of 2012 Nick his younger brother gave him a helping hand.

With OttoBib, all you need to do is to type the ISBNs used in creating the book and it will generate both the web page for readers and bibliography used for the research.

The platform allows you to create a cited work or bibliography by just inputting the ISBN and you are good to go.

The official webpage can be found using http://www.ottobib.com/

4). Cite

The platform ensures that its users experience easy and brisk essay writing for free. This is the final bus-stop for researchers as they tend to pay nothing in sorting their easy writing as well as other research work. The citation and bibliography are the critical aspect of every project paper as well as essay writing and Cite.com got all their users covered.

This is one of the sites like Easybib that offers Free Styles (MLA, Chicago Style & APA), over 3 million citations as well as auto-cite creation for books. Beta Cite allows you to save your bibliography in website, book, journal, newspaper and more.

The simplicity of the platform was drawn from the inability of other citation sites to make their services free and easy to navigate.

To get the latest collect kindly visit http://www.cite.com/ for more info.

5). Citation Machine

As the online marketplace is advancing, the use of digital content is on the increase too and this is the objective of Citation Machine in helping young minds from basic to university level, by providing citation services.

In titling your work Citation Machine offers you series of titles, which include; Sources, Bibliography, Work Cited, and References. It also ensures that all published as well as unpublished reference are duly cited. Other citation includes; Case Citation, APA style and Vancouver System.

For more reference kindly log on to http://www.citationmachine.net/

6). Citavi

For students as well as professionals to properly award the honor to the information they found useful, Citavi provides the format in line with ISBN; MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago and more. 

Some of the Customers of Citavi includes; Students, Companies, Home Users, Researchers, Government agencies, Nonprofit organizations as well as Academic libraries.

The platform was founded by Hans Siem Schweiger and membership to the site is open to all users above the COPPA of 1998.

The platform is operated by Swiss Academic Software GmbH and they are located at Swiss Academic Software GmbH Florhofstrasse 2, 8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland.

With Citavi, your easy writing or research will be error message free, get different option of style editor, more citation styles, additional information, more word add-in and more.

More details are found at https://citavi.com/

7). Docear

In the event of giving students essay writing as well as other projects, they resort to the website for assistance. The site grants unique solution as regards literature arrangement in the academic field. It is a free source and open to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more. You can download the software for easy navigation to literature management.

The usage of this platform is limited to users above the age of 16 years and if you are below that, kindly inform your legal guardian or parents to help you out.

Docear was established in the autumn of 2010 as Sciplore MindMapping by two geeks by name; Bela Gipp and Joeran Beel. It started as part of their PhD project and later in 2011, Marcel Genzmehr and Stefan Langer join the project and they become team.

The platform software manages long and heavy academic research work and project writing, it helps you to manage, create, discover and organize academic writing.

All features on this platform is absolutely free, however, users and those who has the heart of giving can support them via Give Back campaign which includes; Donate, Spread the word, Participate, Send us feedback and more.

Some of the sponsors & Partners include; OvGU Magdeburg, Data and Knowledge Engineering Group (DKE), German Federal Ministry of Econonics and Technology, University of California, Berkeley, and Investitionbank Sachsen-Anhalt. Others include; Dimitry Polivaev, Volker Boercher and the entire Freeplane team; Morten Omholt Alver and the entire JabRef team; Jörg Bühnemann; Jana Bork; Nick Friedrich; Hans-Henning Gabriel; Sebastian Götte; Patrick Lühne; Mathias Silbermann; Ammar Shaker; ookimi; nxstruong, and Martin Nowack.

Get more information when you visit http://www.docear.org/

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Giving reference to the owner of information is one thing and managing it is another. The work of Sites like Easybib is to ensure that appropriate measures are taken in organizing, creating, and managing of academic literature. This is the best sites for students and researchers and I encourage you to try any of the listed sites above for hassle-free research.

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