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Sites Like Fashion Nova

Sites like Fashion Nova – They say the way you dress is the way you are addressed. With a clothing retail industry like Fashion Nova, your fashion sense is going to be top-notch. Build your confidence with Fashion Nova. All you would need from head to toe, irrespective of your taste in life, Fashion Nova will give you the best.

The company Fashion Nova started in the year 2006 having its very first office located in Panorama City, Los Angeles selling affordable club-wears. The founder of Fashion Nova, Richard Saghian first started out in his father’s clothing boutique and gently grew to open his brand later.  Currently, there are 5 retail Fashion Nova outlets located all over Southern California. As of 2018, Google showed that they are the most -searched fashion brand. They are known to have wears of all sizes including the plus sizes.

Fashion Nova are flexible with their payment options. You can make payments through the following methods; Visa, Discover, PayPal, Mastercard, Apple pay (Apple iOS only), Google pay (Android OS only), Amazon Pay (Acceptable both on Android OS and Apple iOS), Sunday, Fashion Nova E-Gift Cards. Only purchases done online are eligible for E-Gift card just the way store issued gift cards can only be used for in-store use. Also, QuadPay can only be used through the Fashion Nova website for now.

You can also qualify for free shipping when you place orders that are equal to or greater than $75 for US and Canadian shipments and orders greater than or equal to $125 for UK and other international shipments.

Items tagged as “Final Sale Items” such as cosmetics, Swimwear and undergarments, party wears and accessories cannot be returned after they have been sold. But sometimes, when you return these items, Fashion Nova may choose to apply their 50% restock fee according to their return policy.  Both free and standard Canadian shipping takes about 5 to 7 business days to arrive its destination while Canadian DHL Express takes only 1 business day to arrive, other international shipping takes 5 to 10 business days to arrive its destination.

Fashion Nova has some rules which applies when you wish to return any item. First, there’s a return portal which is meant specifically for returning items. As you return any items, bear it in mind that your refund will be in form of E-Gift Card code through their store credit. They offer 30 days return policy. You can visit their website at www.fashionnova.com.

I am going to also list similar sites to fashion nova below; they are

Similar sites like Fashion Nova

1). H&M

H&M is a Swedish clothing retail that first started out with women’s wears back in 1947. They had their first store in Swedish city Vasteras as Hennes (Swedish words for Hers). As they grew, they expanded their product line to include men, babies and kids as well as youths and that is when the M which stands for Mauritz was added back in 1968.  Erling Persson, the founder of Hennes decided to acquire the Mauritz fashion store which sold all other types of fashion wears for all gender. Today, Hennes and Mauritz popularly known as H&M is one of the largest world’s fashion retail outlets. They have more than 4950 retail stores in about 73 markets round the world as well as 50 markets that has online shopping inclusive. Also, they have been able to generate billions of dollars as recorded in their 2019 revenue records.

One thing stands out in the H&M fashion line, and it is their ability to offer their wears at incredible cheaper prices. They are also known to always be a leader in the fashion world because you can always get any latest trending outfit with them. They have their headquarters today in Stockholm Sweden.

To know more about H&M, go www.hm.com.

2). Forever21

Forever21 is a US-based clothing line which started as far back in 1984. Initially called Fashion 21 in the ’80s, the brand gently grew and now offers services in different locations worldwide. It was an initial women’s clothing line which was started by the South Korean couples, Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang but later, as they targeted the American market, they increased their value by adding other services like selling beauty products and home goods, accessories and all types of clothing (suits both men and women) including plus sizes.

Their shipping fees seem affordable and they are known to provide affordable wears. Forever21 also offers a 30-days return policy like Fashion Nova and you get to have your items shipped if they are up to $50. Another good side is that they also make gift cards available to shop with if you become eligible.

They have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, US and their official URL is www.forever21.com.

3). Boohoo

If you want to look glamourous in your youthful age, then you should probably consider shopping at boohoo. Boohoo came to be in the year 2006. Get the latest wear with more than 100 clothing which drops in on daily basis. The store was founded by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane. They have their headquarters situated at, Dale Street Manchester United Kingdom.

Once orders placed are above $70, Boohoo gives you the privilege of having your items shipped for free. Having collaborated with a popular model, Jordyn Woods, made their sales to be sky rocketed among other celebrities. They are also well known for organizing lots of charity funds.

Check out for more info at www.boohoo.com.

4). PrettyLittleThing

This is one of the subsidiaries of Boohoo launched in 2012 by two brothers Umar Kamani and Adam Kamani. Their services are provided worldwide but they are based in Manchester, England, UK. Their fashion sense also targets the females within age categories of 14 to 24years. They have you covered by providing all the sizes you would need wears for plus sizes inclusive. They are in collaboration with a lot of big personalities like Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Olivia Culpo.

PrettyLittleThing also offers free shipping deals and student discount. They operate on 14 days return policy for local returns and 28 days for international returns. Only UK residents can enjoy their free return policy but standard fees may apply to other international buyers.

You can look out for more info or shop with them through their online site at www.prettylittlething.com.

5). Missguided

As a lady, you need to always have your self-confidence with you as you step out. The Missguided fashion retail shop is aimed at providing females the bold and confident look they need through their wears. Whatever their taste is as a lady, misguided is your sure bet. This female retail store was first established in 2009 by Nitin Passi. They continued to grow and establish in other parts of the world other than UK such as Germany, US, Australia, France and other countries. By 2016, they launched their iOS app. They have also collaborated with popular celebrities like Amber Rose and formed a partnership with other big retail stores like ASOS.

All types of female wears can be found irrespective of your body type and size. Currently, Missguided has their headquarters at 75 Trafford Wharf Road Manchester, UK. Somethings to look out for is their promotional offers and prize draws. Sometimes, you become eligible for free shipping when you shop items that are more than 60 pounds. Missguided operates on 28 days return policy. Students are not also left out as they are entitled to a 35% discount on their purchases. To enjoy this, you must be registered with student beans so that your status as a student can be confirmed.

To view their full page, shop or check out their terms of service, visit their online site at www.misguided.com.


Fashion Nova is pretty a good site to trade in but these other sites listed here are also as pretty good as well. Depending on what suits you most, I’m sure you can make a suitable choice from these listed here. They are among the very best. Enjoy.

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