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Sites Like Goodreads

Sites like Goodreads include: Library Thing, Anobii, Riffle, Bookstr and Book Likes. For full details of each of these alternatives, you can scroll below.

Goodreads is one of the biggest reading and book reviews site in the world with a goal to help people find books which they enjoy and share them. The Goodreads website contains a wide range of novels. Accessing such books is as simple as looking in the search box or tapping on the titles or covers.

Sites like Goodreads which you can use as alternatives are discussed here.

All the details regarding the books, including publisher, ISBN number, publication date, feedback and more, will be available for viewing by the reader. These books can then potentially be added to a reader’s online library. In January 2007 Goodreads was established.

Goodreads is one of the few online forums for people who want to read books, but the perceived hegemony of the company seems to have hindered it from innovating, based on customer feedback and, well, basic observation. As a result, writers do not have a healthy, central web forum where they can review favorite novels or a dish on exciting new releases.

Authors and publishers do not have a convenient, trustworthy place to advertise their books and connect with fans. Book clubs and literary magazines do not have a strong way to utilize the platform to obtain the participation and encourage conversations.

Goodreads is very good at keeping your list of books you would like to read or have read this year. It is an app that makes a list. And while this is good, it doesn’t live up to the maximum commitment provided by the organization to provide a paradise for writers. The readers and authors deserve a better community online.

These faulty reviews induced readers to search for more reputable places. If you consider that Goodreads is not for you despite being a book lover, or you just want to read up on the famous book cataloging platform rivalries, here are some alternatives to Goodreads.

Sites Like Goodreads:


Library Thing is an online site like Goodreads which helps people easily catalog their books. From everywhere you can browse your collection including on your cell phone. Since everyone catalogs together, Library Thing often links users to the same books, gives recommendations for what to read next, and so on. Groups exist for various topics and activities. It will also let you know about the topics most people speak about.

This site’s strongest segment is Zeitgeist. You can find information on different subjects here, such as the 50 biggest libraries, 25 most discussed books, best writers, books and much more. In addition, you can search the book names, read their comments and save them in your collection.

You will select books you enjoy and would like to read or purchase. Additionally, nearby libraries and book activities may also be customized according to the areas. To have your collection organized. Use the iOS app Library Thing to scan books from the palm of your hand to your library.

Library Thing is also a wonderful social networking place if you like it, also defined as “Facebook for books.” You can check the libraries of other users, see which library is more close to yours, share read ideas, and more.

Register to receive free books through their early Reviewers services and Participant Promotions. Or, discover the best book reviews for your next reads, focused on the other libraries’ mutual knowledge. www.librarything is the official website address of this platform.


Anobii is a social network like Goodreads for fans of literature, where you can search and exchange book knowledge. The Anobii platform offers a large repository of knowledge inside an easy to use the setting for all types of literature. You can filter by keyword for books, find the most common titles by genre, and check out the most current user feedback.

What is really unique about Anobii is the fact you can build and share your own customized bookshelf with others. In your profile, a virtual bookshelf appears where you can add books that you are either reading, reading, or planning to read. Anobii has operated as an online read group since 2006 but it has experienced a transition with fresh funding from the HMV Group and some of UK’s leading publishers.

Anobii also boasts a cool ‘Friends’ section, where you can interact with readers from all over the globe. There’s always a facility to invite your Facebook mates on Anobii to come and visit you. It is worth noting that Anobii does not actually allow you to read or download books from the site in electronic format.

It does, however, have connections to online retailers where you can purchase the books. Another potential drawback of Anobii is that comments are not filtered by language, so you may not be able to understand many of the reviews each user posts.

Anobii is a wonderful place to find unbiased book details and to share reviews with fellow writers. The platform has its official web address as www.anobii.com


Riffle is a lively group of book lovers, created lovingly since 2013 by dedicated book nerds in New York City. Rifflers are librarians, writers, educators, publishers, authors, booksellers and avid readers who come together to exchange stories and enjoy books. Riffle encourages people to read more books by connecting them to librarians, regular writers, authors and discounts on books they enjoy.

The platform believes that books improve life so everybody should read. Reading will place the mind in a trance like pleasurable condition, close to meditation, and it provides the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace. Active readers do sleep well, have lower stress levels, higher self esteem and lower suicide rates than those that do not read.

Riffle has a function to connect you directly from independent bookstores to reviews and staff choices.   Within the reading culture structure, local bookstores are regarded as important, so it made sense to tie them directly to the online group.

In addition to the usual rates-and-review systems used by Goodreads and other similar websites, Riffle allows you to organize books based on which books you have recommended, are reading now, or would like to read. You may also make custom lists of your own. You can also ask other users questions, answer their questions or participate in groups and discussions.

Riffle has been primarily compared to Pinterest, and if you prefer this kind of websites for visual cataloging, then Riffle would be just what you are searching for. You can learn more about this platform on www.rifflebooks.com


Bookstr is books rock concert. They are the nexus of book culture and pop culture, where the book loving audience will come together to express their love for books, writers, translations, graphic novels and other literature related stuffs. Bookstr is one of the biggest interactive advertising websites on Earth. The platform gets over a million visits a week, their facebook and instagram channel has over 1.5 million followers and 48.5k followers respectively.

Writers consider Bookstr whenever they want to talk to their fans. Among several many, Bookstr has entertained some of the world’s top writers and business leaders including Joey Graceffa, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Lynda LaPlante, Lee Child and Peter James, Meg Wolitzer, Karin Slaughter, David Morrell.

As a participant, a profile can be generated and your book blog linked. You will have the opportunity to enter the website’s partner scheme and if any of your readers or supporters purchases books via the purchasing links to the reading room then you can receive a fee. It is a fun opportunity to develop your own book blog community as well as communicate with others who share same love for reading.

Bookstr suggests that the importance of books rests not just in the tales they tell, but also in their capacity to inspire and empower citizens through mutual experiences. In March 2018, the organization was relaunched with fresh leadership and management offices in New York City’s Helmsley Tower. You can learn more about this platform on www.bookstr.com


Book Likes is a website like Goodreads created for book lovers with his or her own personal webpage, interactive bookshelf and reading timeline. Book Likes brings together book lovers, book bloggers, reviews, writers and enthusiastic readers from around the world who can share their reviews and other writings, read updates and find other interesting blogs, writers and passionate readers.

This forum is different in the sense that it is a web network for lovers of reading. Book Likes allows you to discover and write books by engaging with book blogs and reviews. It is also a catalog platform that lets you shelve and classify books depending on your read status, such as having read, preparing to read, or reading at the moment as many books as you like to place on your virtual rack, you may even add a star ranking.

This is also a social network where you can connect with others as readers, writers, reviewers or bloggers who share your passion for books. Book likes encourages members to build a searchable profile which helps certain members to explore the list.

It’s a nice way to communicate with new friends and they have a messaging feature comparable to Twitter posts to begin conversations that is really useful when utilizing their service on either the iOS or Android smartphone. Know more about book likes on www.booklikes.com.

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Want to learn something about a subject you are interested in or see what is fresh in the field of books or trends? There are tons of ways to turn on the internet for book reviews. Most are free and easy. These alternative websites to Goodreads suggested above will do you a whole lot of good.

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