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Sites Like Groupon

Here we listed all the sites like Groupon online. Groupon is one of the online retail marketplaces out there that works on the principle of making their goods and services affordable in other to keep the larger part of their customers. They are known as a master of coupons.

Groupon came alive when the founders, Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky and Bard Keywell decided to come together and launch an e-commerce site in 2008. Groupon is currently based in Chicago, Illinois, US.

From the Groupon fact sheet, they said to have invested over $20 billion into local businesses and currently have up to 45.3 million active customers. Their site is easy to navigate or best still, download their mobile app to make shopping easier for you. It is shown that their app has been downloaded more than 200 million times and 80% of the traffic recorded for each user is on mobile.

They appear to be the most visited coupon site in the US since 1 out of every 5 persons going on internet visits Groupon on a monthly basis usually within the ages of 18 to 64. They are active in more than 500 markets and over 15 countries around the world.

With Groupon, you can now get the best experiences as you can now book both food and drink deals on international levels. It is also seen that shoppers tend to purchase frequently after they buy bookable deals. it is advisable that you are subscribed to Groupon as a member so that you can always be the first to be notified about their daily deals mostly local deals and other offers. These deals can be as good as getting a huge discount of up to 75% on travels, trips or up to 50% discount on items like electronics, beauty and spa or even jewellery. They are just so good. Visit their website at www.groupon.com for more details.

When you are in the US and place orders below $34.99, you may get to pay about $3.99 as shipping fees but orders above $34.99 are eligible for free shipping. However, oversized items (items weighing more than 150lb with a length above 105 inches) gets to attract higher shipping fee.

Always make it a habit to check the Fine Print on the Groupon goods deal before you buy them as that can determine a lot of things like shipping and returning if need be.  That notwithstanding, you have up to 30 days to return items. You should expect your refund within 12 business day with refunds processing time inclusive after their goods have been received

In general, you can enjoy lots of things from this Groupon site apart from coupons and they are Beauty and Spas, Travel and tourism, Heat and fitness as well as food and drink, hotels and restaurants. Their services are quite satisfactory. But should you wonder if there are alternative sites, then I have to say yes. There are other good sites out there that offer same services to Groupon and they have been listed below.

Full List of Sites like Groupon:

1). LivingSocial

This happens to be one of Groupon’s subsidiary after Groupon purchased the company in 2016. LivingSocial first came to be as Hungry Machine in the year 2007 and their daily deal website was launched in 2009. LivingSocial was created by Tim O’Shaughnessy, Aaron Batalion, Eddie Frederick and Val Aleksenko and they currently provide services to more than 27 countries.

LivingSocial shifted their headquarters from Washington, D.C to Chicago US. Before Groupon acquired LivingSocial, Living Social would be said to be Groupon’s biggest competitor. LivingSocial offers great deals in different categories like Groupon such as travels, health and fitness, automotive, goods, restaurants, Beauty and Spa. With LivingSocial, deals can come with almost a discount of 90% off the original price.

Since LivingSocial is controlled by the same company like Groupon, they also offer the same return policy. Note that items identified as “Final sale” are not eligible for returns. Shipping fees remain the same with that of Groupon and orders more than $34.99 are also eligible for free shipping.

Conclusively, the list of things you can do with LivingSocial include;

  • Sell vouchers for products or experiences travel goods i.e getaways
  • Sales of merchant gift cards
  • Sales of restaurant reservations
  • Provision of Salon and Spa bookings
  • Provision of promotional codes, giveaways that is coupons
  • Online ordering for food, beverages and drinks and so on.

Go to www.livingsocial.com for more elaborate details.

2). ScoutMob

ScoutMob is among the sites like Groupon offers you the best deals mainly of clothing items, jewellery, decorations and better still food items and drinks. The Atlanta-based deal site was launched in 2010 by David Payne and Michael Tavani. Artisans and craftsmen can find huge solace in this site as the site is also passionate about originality and unique craftsmanship.

SoutMob has the capability of offering you the best local deals available in your location, local events or local experience that will be hand-picked to suit you. As of 2015, ScoutMob was said to have also launched another marketplace on Amazon specifically for independent artisans.

You can check out good deals with ScotMob at www.scoutmob.com.

3). Woot

Woot was originally known to offer only one deal a day since it was created in 2004 by Matt Rutledge. But as of 2010, they were bought by Amazon and then became a subsidiary of Amazon. Since the coming of Amazon, they have been able to offer multiple deals in one day just like Groupon. Categories of items you can find in woot include; home and kitchen, computers and other electronics, tools and Garden, shirt, Sports and outdoors, Gourment and so on.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get to receive free standard and shirt. Woot’s express shipping on some of your woot orders. ShirtWoot’s express shipping only takes about 2 to 3 business days. Woot also operates the 30-days return policy for items eligible for return.

Some items that are not eligible for shipping include; bags of craps, food and another perishable item while some items may attract extra fee before they can be returned such as heavy or bulky items. You can save costs by ordering multiple items as they all carry the same flat shipping rate. They have their headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. It is one of the best Groupon alternatives.

Know more about woot at www.woot.com.

4). TravelZoo

TravelZoo is one of the sites like Groupon and your best bait for travel deals. it was founded in 1998 by Ralph Bartel, Ph.D. TravelZoo is known to provide their services worldwide including Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. They currently have over 28 million members across the world.

Over 2000 travel, local and entertainment companies use the TravelZoo platform to publish their deals and TravelZoo vets those deals to confirm their authenticity. Are you a tourist, are you finding it hard to get accommodation or hotel reservations, flights, car rentals across your tourist locations, then check out the TravelZoo deals.

Go to www.travelzoo.com to make your best deals today.

5). SlickDeals

SlickDeals is another site like Groupon that offers you the best deals they can get on virtually everything other than food. The company was founded in 1999 by Van Trac and they currently have their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. It is better to sign up with them in other to receive their daily deals alerts or always check out their forum so that you won’t be left out on their best deals.

They have more than 10 million users and over 15 million app installs were recorded.  Each deal that is posted gets a community vote and makes sure it is truly genuine. Apart from deals and coupons, students also get to enjoy from this site with their student’s discounts and the lucky ones get to benefit from their student scholarship scheme. It’s time to save, check out SlcikDeals website today.

For more info visit the SlickDeals website at www.Slickdeals.net.

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With sites like Groupon and its alternatives listed here, people get to enjoy life. You can still get unbelievable discount rates on items or get to go on that mind-blowing vacation you desire a lot without having to blow away all your hard-earned money.

But, I must advise you, if you have a habit of not knowing how to control your spending abilities, you should probably abstain from this site because seeing things at a far cheaper rate can get you tempted to start spending sporadically. Coupon sites like these ones mentioned above are best for individuals who would want to save more and spend less and still be able to achieve their aims.

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