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Sites Like HackerRank

Sites like HackerRank include: Coder byte, Project Euler, India hack, Code Combat and Top coder. You can find the full details of these alternatives below.

HackerRank is a technology recruiting website and is the benchmark for assessing developer expertise for more than 2,000 + organizations worldwide. HackerRank lets businesses employ skilled developers and evolve more efficiently by empowering software recruiters and recruiting managers to accurately assess talent at each point of the recruitment phase.

Without investing just $1 on ads to developers, by February 2015 the HackerRank population expanded organically to 1,000,000 developers. Through extending tasks to a number of specific technological tracks such as SQL tasks, training challenges and more, they continued to engage in supporting developers.

These new challenges doubled to help developers improve their skills by matching the skills of developers to the right challenges.

Every challenge page has an online editor inside the page where you can write and check your code. If you use your favorite IDE to encode more comfortably, you can always upload your code to the challenge page when you’re done.

Upon completion of the first version of your code, click the Run Code button to execute your solution against one or more small test cases. Once you are confident that your solution will cover the whole issue, click Submit to run it against the whole set of test cases (or bots) and get a score for the challenge.

Don’t worry if all the test cases are not passed, you can still rework the application and apply it for an improved score again. The ranking for your top-scoring entry would be the one showing up on the leader board.

Below is a collection of several common websites for coding challenges with a short overview of what each one provides.

Best Sites Like HackerRank:


Coder byte is a HackerRank alternative and web application designed to help you practice programming and enhance coding skills. They deliver a series of technology tasks and courses in software creation that will help you train for potential work interviews. The coding challenges range in difficulty but with the help of the online editor can be completed straight away.

Coder byte provides 200 + coding problems that you can solve online directly in one of 10 programming languages.   The tasks vary from easy finding the biggest term in a string to hard printing a graph meeting the highest cardinality.

They also have a series of articles on algorithms, instructional videos, and course training for interviews. Unlike HackerRank and other similar websites, aside from the official solutions posted by Coder byte, you can view the solutions other users offer to any challenge.

Coder byte provides a professional screening tool if you are an employer which will allow you to hire top talent quicker and more reliably. Learn all on how Coder byte can help developers find a career, exercise their expertise and how companies would make the most use of Coder byte on their forum for professional training on www.coderbyte.com with a subscription to Coder byte membership, you will have access to over 1 million ideas from other developers. Enhance your knowledge by learning how many individuals have overcome the same problems as you have.


Project Euler is a series of challenging math / computer programming problems that require more to solve than mathematical insights. While mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and effective solutions, it would be important to use a computer and programming skills to solve most problems. The motive for beginning and continuing Project Euler is to provide the inquiring mind with a forum to venture into different areas and learn new ideas in an enjoyable and leisure sense.

The target audience comprises of students whom the simple education does not satisfy their appetite to study, adults whose experience was not mainly mathematics but are always curios when it comes to mathematical issues, and practitioners who would like to hold their problem-solving and mathematics on the cutting edge.

Problems vary in complexity and inductive chain learning is for many the practice. That is, it will introduce you to a new idea that will enable you to tackle a previously inaccessible task by solving one question. So slowly but steadily the committed participant will work his or her way through any question. You need to set up an account and have cookies allowed to monitor your progress. If you already have a Login account, then just register on www.projecteuler.net  it is absolutely free.

Project Euler has achieved worldwide recognition and popularity. It contains more than 700 issues, with a fresh one included almost a week or two. Problems differ in complexity, but each can be solved in less than a minute of CPU time by using a powerful algorithm on a computer that is modestly powered. The Project Euler has over 1,000,000 users from around the world who have solved at least one problem.


India hack is one of the sites like HackerRank and world’s biggest developer confluence powered by Hacker Earth alongside Altimetrik. It has drawn over 50,000 developers to date. The huge event began with an Artificial Intelligence development contest and Fintech hackathon on January 8, 2016. Two out of nine technology tracks planned for the month long code fest. For the various channels, the event had seen over one lakh registration. On average each developer is interested in more than two of these competitions. More than 25 percent of developers come from outside India with the event also drawing more coding group participants.

As one of the world’s fastest growing developer groups, Hacker Earth conducts India hacks to encourage programming and celebrate the hacking spirit among coders. A mix of web hackathons and computer competitions can be shown on the month long application fest. There are 3 programming paths including computing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These tracks would allow developers to solve complicated programming problems by utilizing algorithm principles, data structures, computer science, artificial intelligence etc.

Hacks would be evaluated based on factors such as simplicity of the project, hack accessibility, consistency of application, architecture etc. The top 20 shortlists will be invited to an offline conference from each of the songs, where they will get another 24 hours to draw on their hacks and appeal to a panel of judges. www.hackerearth.com is the web address to this platform.


Code Combat is a site like HackerRank and community project, with hundreds of players helping to build stages, contribute to adding functionality to the code, repair glitches, playtest, and even translate the game into 50 languages. Employees, developers and the platform are benefiting by exchanging thoughts and pooling resources, as the open source network usually does. The platform is based on several open-source initiatives and they are open source to offer back to the group to have a common project for code curious players to explore to experiment with. Everyone will become part of the Code Combat group.

Code Combat has evolved from a simple series of sketches to a live, working game since 2013. Code Combat works well on at least 4 GB RAM computers, on a current browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. In later classes, Chrome books with 2 GB of RAM can pose minor graphics issues. A minimum bandwidth of 200 Kbps per student is expected although it is suggested to provide 1 + Mbps.

Code Combat partners closely with schools and districts and as well provide self paced learners with a monthly premium membership that provides exposure to exclusive game contents. Players need to show their skills through writing code in order to progress across game stages. It includes both single player and multi player components, and is ideally suited for graders between 4th and 12th.

Many teachers in the classroom face the difficulty of meeting specific expectations of the pupils. You are not alone there. Code Combat fixes the dilemma by giving the students more customized learning opportunities. www.codecombat.com is the web address to this platform.


Top coder is a crowd sourcing organization with an inclusive global community of designers, developers, computer scientists and aspiring programmers. The Top coder Open (TCO) is the annual online and on site competition for top coder teams. It honors their regional network of talents and highlights top designers, developers and data scientists on the website.

Every year group members compete in qualifying crowd sourcing challenges be they programming, scripting, algorithmic for a chance to go head-to-head with fellow champions at the live TCO Finals in-person. The top-ranked users on Top Coder are very strong competitive programmers and participate actively in computer contests. The top-ranking person holds Petr Mitrichev’s own weekly blog named Algorithms where he blogs about coding contests, algorithms, physics, and more.

The very first TCO took place back in 2001, in Mashantucket, Connecticut. There were only 16 finalists from two countries and one winner. TCO has now moved on and expanded steadily to locations like Santa Clara, Las Vegas, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, and San Francisco. Yet TCO conducts smaller national conferences around the world each year leading up to the TCO Finals

Members of the top coder community are dedicated, extremely talented individuals. They join Top coder at once intensely ambitious and extremely helpful in developing their abilities, showcasing their knowledge and making money all while helping real-world companies overcome actual business problems. www.topcoder.com is the web address to this platform.

It is one of the top sites like HackerRank.

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It is essential to practice as a developer and this list includes a selection of the best websites that test coding. If you are searching for the right way to practice for an interview or learn a new programming language, these places can help you with the knowledge you need to become a better developer.

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