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Sites Like Humble Bundle

Sites like Humble Bundle – Humble Bundle is among few sites that have a profound love for indie games and they also have collections of books, software as well as other digital content.

Ziff Davis LLC launched the platform in the fall of 2010 with a mission to support the charity in the cause of providing amazing contents to its customers at awesome prices. Started with just two weeks old Humble Indie bundle.

The site boasts of over 47,000,000 sells of bundles and the also offer over 90+ DRM-free games in some of their monthly subscription known as Humble Trove, this bonus are for gamers who purchased games from Humble store and they will also get 20% off each game purchased.

Payment option in Humble Bundle is unique as each game determines how much he gets to pay for a game and how he wants to divide the money between the Humble Partners, Charity, Humble Bundle as well as Creators. Each time you purchase a package on Humble Bundle, you receive a key which can be redeemed in other sites like GOG, Steam, Uplay and many more. The maximum balance a user is permitted to have in their Humble wallet is $250 and a daily transaction limit of $2,000.

Humble Community is on the increase with over 12 million customers all over the world. The major products offered in the Humble Community are all included in; Humble Choice, Humble Store and Humble Bundle. Some of those behind the success of the community includes; CAPCOM, SEGA, 2K, Telltalegames, Gearbox, BANDAI NAMCO, THQNORDIC as well as FOCUS.

One thing that made Humble Bundle stand-out among other game sites is their ability to care for others through their charity foundation. The community funding started over a decade ago and hooping sum if $164,000,000 has been contributed to charity across the globe.

The site is secured using TRUSTe APEC Privacy. The site is for users who are up to the age of 16 years and above, however, users between the age of 13 and 16 years are required to present evidence from your legal guardian. 

You can contact Humble Bundle at their corporate head office located at 114 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor New York NY 10011 United States.

The two main language used on the site are English and Deutsch and they payment option includes PAYPAL, Amazon Payments and many more. Referral bonus awaits users who invite their friends and families.

For more details on what you can get from the site, kindly visit their official URL address using or as well check them on their social media pages and handles.

Similar Sites like Humble Bundle

1). Fanatical

Game lovers get awesome deduction from this site and it also has some similarities with Humble Bundle. They have a lot of student discounts for users who are presently undergraduates within the United States territory. However, the student must present evidence, like; school ID card.

The story of Fanatical started way back in the late 90’s, however, the digital shop open in the summer of 2012 and has sold over 60 million keys to over 200 countries.

Newly registered members receive a Fanatic Redeem code which is activated upon signing in. Kindly visit for more details.

Fanatical boast of over 2 million gaming fans worldwide and over 975 publishers as well as 5,000 officially licensed digital games.

The head office is located at Focus Multimedia Ltd, The Studios, Lea Hall Enterprise Park Wheelhouse Road Brereton Rugeley Staffordshire WS15 1LH England, UK.

The payment options available for the users include; Credit/Debit Card, AliPay, China Union Pay, PayPal, Paysafecard, Sofortuberweisung and iDeal. Currencies accepted include; GBP, EURO, CAD, AUD, RUB and USD.

They also partner with SEGA, UBISOFT, EA, 2K, WB, CAPCOM, BANDAI NAMCO and many more.

2). Epic Bundle

Epic Bundle offer game packages at a relative low price just like Humble Bundle.

The site’s head office is located at Andreas Scheibel Behring STR, 123 22763 Hamburg.

Membership eligibility is for users who are up to the age 13 years or more. And registered user can follow them on Facebook, twitter, telegram, Steam as well as Instagram for more exciting reward prizes.

In Epic Bundle users get more free games than most gaming sites. Each month comes with different mixed deals such as promotions and voucher codes.

For non US purchase, Epic Bundle partner with Amazon digital game marketplace in order to give you the best service.

Other information about the site can be found on their official URL using the following link;

3). Groupees

Among sites like Humble Bundle, Groupees share relative services and they are good in what they do.

This is a unique online and mobile platform where digital contents like comics, music, ebook as well as games are distributed. With partnership of many renowned professional developers with solid background in social media, music, games and technology, Groupees is set to take the top in ecommerce market space.

The site is owned and managed by Groupees LLC which is an Oregon Limited Liability Company with head office location at 1515 SW Elizabeth Court, Portland OR 97201 United States.

Eligibility to the site is limited to those who are up to the age of 18 years, however, those within the age of 13 and 17 need parental guidance before they may be considered.

Payment on this platform is limited to PayPal, however, certain payment option might be introduced once in a while. Payment might not be refunded if you did not meet up with the terms and condition.

Loyality rewards are being made available for users. This points and coins can be used to pay certain Groupees offers. Just Humble Bundle, Groupees remits some designated money to Charitable Organization across the many nations. In some cases, special promo sales will be set aside for charity.

The site is designed for easy navigation and different layers for quick location of content. It also secured for transaction and for more details on how to make purchase, please visit

4). Lazy Guys Bundle

Another site like Humble Bundle is Lazy Guys Bundle. The site was developed by LayGuysStudio.

They offer affordable games to their users. The following payment options are available and they include; VISA, PAYPAL, DISCOVERY, Master Card and Amazon Payments for supported countries.

Membership to the site is open to users above the age of 13 years according to the directive of the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act).

The site was established late summer of 2013. And they have a good customer service that works round the clock to provide solution to you challenge.

For more knowledge of the site kindly visit

5). Bunch Keys.

This is a site like Humble bundle that offer bundle of game activation codes just like Humble bundle. The site is in partnership with over 400 video game developers and publishers from across the globe.

Bunch Keys started in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. All user below the age of 13 years are not allowed to participate on the platform and those between the age of 13 and 17 must be under the supervision of their legal guardian or parents.

Payment on this site is only limited to PAYPAL account holder and accepts only USD, however, users who wish to purchase up to $100 worth of digital goods can contact the customer support agents for directive on how to go about it. You can as well redeem your Steam Keys by downloading and installing the steam software. Note; All payments are final as no refund will be entertained.

Developers can as well partner with Bunch of Keys in selling their games on Bunch Key platform. However, terms and conditions apply.

Bunch Keys ensure that game subscribers receive their game bundles as well as the steam keys as soon as the complete all payment. However, the game bundle and steam keys will only be sent to your PayPal email address.

For more information on the site kindly visit this link, 24/7 support LifeChat helps Bunch key Customer support agents in resolving all complaints. Users can get some give away by liking, following and sharing the give-away on their social media pages

The site is well secured with state of the art SSL cert and all private data are handled with caution. The price tag on games on this platform is next to none.

Just like Humble Bundle, Bunch Keys donate 10% of their profits to charitable organization across the globe. This kind act has earned them global recognition from top shot in different organization worldwide.

The Corporate head office is located at Bunch of Keys 2640 Rue Du Plaza Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. And you can book an appointment by calling +1-418-265-0325.

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The games offered by Humble Bundle and other sites like it has attracted global attention and the donation to charity by some of the sites is just like giving back to society. The sites are secured for the transaction and you can try it out if you can.

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