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Sites Like Khan-Academy

Sites like Khan Academy – When you talk of sites that can deliver as promised, then you can rely on Khan Academy for best. It is one of the easiest platforms where you can find interactive, fun, as well as interesting ways to learn coding. One of the interesting features of Khan Academy is their commitment to make the best education available to all who seek it. Some of the courses offered include; Economics & Finance, Computing, Math, Science & engineering, Arts, and Humanities, and more.

The platform is for the course, that every child deserves the opportunity to education and with over 617 million children across different continents that lack fundamental reading, writing skills as well as mathematical basics. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that bent on delivering education to all as to break the barrier holding them.

Those accessing the platform are in four segments; the learners, the teachers, districts, and the parents. Each has a page to access for more information. Some of the key agencies and organizations that are funding or supporting this movement, include; Tata Trusts, CollegeBoard, Bank of America, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor, Valhalla Charitable Foundation, Novartis,, Fastly, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Fundacao Lemann. The core mission of this platform is to ensure that free education is made available to all, no matter where you are in the world.

The platform is also available on mobile app and can be download from any google play store or app store. The app is for iOS devices and Android users, there is also Khan Kids, an app for kids from 2-7years. It is designed to accommodate over 40 different languages. Children below the age of 13 years must seek parental or school consent before they can be allowed to sign up. This policy is not applicable to all California residents, who are required by law to reach 18 years.

You can contact Khan Academy by sending mail to their address at Khan Academy PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042 United States. To sign up and start learning, kindly visit for more details.

The Sites Like Khan Academy are:

1). Udacity

This is among the top educational platform that offers online services to people of all levels. They are known of their professionalism in handling eLearning as to ensure that their students, stands out as the best. This service is open to all individuals who are up to the age of 16 years and above, however, those between the age of 13 years and 17 years will ask their legal guardian or parents to give their consent. The core objective is to inculcate academic power into student as to transform and motivate them into diverse careers.

The genesis of this award-winning educational platform stated in the autumn of 2011 by three tech gurus by name, David Stevens, Mike Sokolsky as well as Sebastine Thrun. The site has recorded a high intake of student during this COVID-19 outbreak, thereby increasing their revenue to over a billion dollar. The number of students who have subscribed to the learning platform increased to over 160,000 per month from over 190 countries across the globe. Udacity has recoded a total of 11.9 million users since its inception. In Udacity, you will find the young and the old, age is just a number and learning is limitless with Udacity.

There are wide range of available courses from different schools that you can sign up for, and it cuts across; School of Cloud Computing, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Autonomous System, School of Programming, and School of Business. Some of the outline course include; Business Analytics, Product Manager, iOS developer, Sensor Fusion Engineer, Android Basics, UX Streaming as well as C++ and more.

To make the best off you holiday, kindly sign up and learn using You can as well visit Udacity at their head office located at 2440 W EI Camini # Mountain View. United States.

2). CodeAcadey

This is a special platform for all who want to become gurus in computer programming. It is an online platform that offers informative and innovative approach towards learning coding for free. Some of the coding class you can’t afford to miss include; C++, Python, Ruby, Sass, JavaScript, Swift, Java, SQL, CSS, HTML and more. Available subjects include; Design, Web Development, Game Development, Programming, Data Science and more.

The platform was established late August of 2011 by two friends by name; Ryan Bubinski & Zach Sims. And they presently have over 25 million users worldwide and total number of 50 employees. Their head office is located in New York, NY United States.

Start coding now by signing up via  

3). LinkedIn Learning

You will agree with me that this learning platform has brought many to limelight and their career goals has been achieved, courtesy of LinkedIn Learning. Are you in search for an online eLearning platform that can quench the thirstiness of your profession? Have you been spending money on books that have not made impact in your life? Starting an Academic adventure with LinkedIn Learning will open more career opportunity as well as more professional knowledge.

This is one of the sites like Khan Academy that offer, best variants of courses that cuts across many disciplines and they include; Information Technology, Software, Industry, Business, Creative Arts and more. Lynda Weiman and his friend Bruce Heavin caught the vision in the spring of 1995 after a critical analysis of online learning. It all started at in a place call ed Ojai California and the first name given to the platform was, however, after the shares of the company was purchased by LinkedIn in the winter of 2015, which was later acquired by Microsoft in the early spring of 2016.

Presently, the site records over, 660 million users from across over 200 territories and countries worldwide. The mobile app helps you to access more materials on time as regards to study spacing.

To start a class now, kindly call LinkedIn ore visit or you can visit them at their contact address located at 1000 W. Maude Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA.        

4). Coursera

One of the best online educational platforms out there is Coursera, they have a track record upgrading your intellectual acquisition via knowledge impact. This was the core aim of the founding fathers who were then Stanford Professors, by name; Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, they started their research some years back and before the summer of 2012, they came up with a solid eLearning platform that students both free and paid courses.

They have a lot of big players in the IT industry that are working in collaboration with them, and they include about 190 sound Universities and companies like; Duke University, Google, IBM, Illinois, Stanford and more. Working together with this heavy weight has open way for over 13 professional certificates, 20 degrees, over 3,900 courses as well as Master-Track Certificates.

Working in collaboration with this top universities and companies has opened career learning in courses like; Computer Science, Medicine, Data Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Machine Learning, biology as well as digital marketing.

The site was registered as Coursera, Inc., and they boast of over 450 employees in their staff workforce, more than 47 million users has been recorded on the platform, with over 13 language been used in teaching students.

With this pandemic ravaging the work, you don’t need to been in physical class room to study, all you need is a smart phone or computer and you will learn from the best. The Enterprise product named; “Coursera for Business”, is open to organizations as well as corporate body, who desires to put their employees on professional course. You can do more with the Coursera mobile app by downloading it from your app store. The mobile app is only available for Android and iOS users.

More details can be found on the official address of Course via or you can visit their place of business located at 381 E. Evelyn Ave., Mountain View, CA 94041 United States.   

5). Udemy

This is an online educational learning provider; they facilitate for variants of courses for those who are interest in learn virtually. With their proven track record in eLearning, Udemy is always committed in delivering knowledge to those who are willing to learn. In the second week of May, 2010, two young computer genius by name Gagan Biyani & Eren Bali, came up with a platform that will help people study online and get certified. The site has a registered business address located at 600 Harrison Street, 3rd floor, San Francisco CA 94107 United States.

 Having registered the site as Udemy, Inc., they kicked off for business and before you can say ‘Jack’, they are offering over 100,000 courses that cuts across many disciplines.

Are you interested in studying online? Do you know that you can get certified online, have you heard that the IT world is in Big Data age? Get certified today with Udemy and thank me later. To sign up, all you need to do is to log on to the official website of Udemy using

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All the sites are academic learning site like Khan Academy and each has a unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest, however, all is an online learning platform. The sites are legit and I recommend that you sign up today and start learning that your favourite course with any of the listed sites.

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