8 Online Payment Sites Like Klarna (2020 Updated)

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Sites Like Klarna

Sites like Klarna – Klarna is a Swedish platform with the aim of making it easier for people to shop online Klarna was founded in the year 2005 by Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth and Victor Jacobsson.

Since conception, technology has evolved and transformed the world around the company, yet their mission remains as relevant as ever which is to make paying as simple, safe and above all smooth as possible.

This company is now one of Europe’s banks and it is providing payment solutions for 85 million customers across merchants in 17 countries. Klarna offers direct payments, pay after delivery options and instalment plans in a smooth one-click purchase experience that lets consumers pay when and how they prefer to.

When the company acquired SOFORT in 2014, the Klarna Group was formed. Klarna is backed by investors such as Sequoia Capital, Bestseller, Permia, Visa and Atomico. Reports have it that Klarna has a very good customer service system.

It does not matter the time of day you need their services, they are always available on chat to help you find solutions around the clock 24/7. According to records, Klarna has total end customers of 85 million, more than 200,000 total number of merchants, around 1 million purchases per day, 2,700 number of employees, 90 plus number of different citizenships and 17 markets.

There are other good and safe to use websites that render the same services like Klarna. These websites can serve as an alternative website to Klarna whenever the need arises. As you read through, they will be all made known to you.

List of Sites Like Klarna:


PayPal is an American web platform committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy.  Their open digital payments platform gives PayPal’s 277 million active account holders the confidence to connect and transact in new and powerful ways, whether they are online, on a mobile device, in an application or I person.

Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid. This software is available in more than 200 markets around the world, the

PayPal platform, including Braintree, venom and Xoom, enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies. For more information about PayPal, visit the company’s official web address www.paypal.com .

PayPal was launched on December 1998 as Confinity but presently it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay. PayPal’s corporate headquarters are located in the North San Jose, Innovation District of San Jose California.

PayPal has operated across the European Union as a Luxembourg based bank.  The PayPal European headquarters are located in Luxembourg and the international headquarters are in Singapore.

2). KIVA

Kiva is an international nonprofit company founded in the year 2005. The company is with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. They do this by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the underserved, improving the quality and cost of financial services and addressing the underlying barriers to financial access around the world.

More than 1.7 billion people around the world are unbanked and can’t access the financial services they need.  That is why through Kiva platform, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care.

By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, you can be part of the solution and make a real difference in someone’s life. 100% of every dollar you lend on Kiva goes to funding loans.

Neither Kiva itself nor its individual lenders collect any interest on the loans it facilitates. The official web address of this company is www.kiva.org. Kiva is headquartered at San Francisco, California United States of America.


Venmo is a website that allows you to pay and request money from your friends. As its core, venom provides a social way to pay your friends when you owe them money and don’t want to deal with cash.

You can transfer money to your bank by connecting your bank account to venmo. Bank transfers that are submitted before 7pm EST will typically be available in your bank account the next business day, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Transfers are reviewed which may result in delays or funds being frozen or removed from your venom account.

You can find more information about this platform by visiting their official web address www.venmo.com.  Venmo was launched in the year 2009 and presently has mobile application versions for android and iOS operating systems. Venmo has also included a social networking interaction.

It was created so friends could quickly split bills, whether that is for movies, dinner, rent, tickets or anything at all. When a user makes a transaction, the transaction details stripped on the payment amount are shared on the users feed and to the user’s network of friends.

Venmo has claimed that its security it bank-grade and that personal and financial data are encrypted and protected on secure servers to guard against any unauthorized transactions


Viabill is another web platform like Klarna that offers payment solutions that empower shoppers to have the freedom of choice. Their mission is to create a simple, transparent and hassle-free payment method. They give their shoppers the opportunity to buy now and pay later by splitting their payments into four equal monthly instalments with zero interest.

Today, Viabill merchants can finally offer their customers a transparent checkout experience. Viabill works with thousands of merchants across the United States, Denmark, Norway and Spain to create a better shopping experience. Via bill was founded in the year 2014 at Aarhus Denmark with a team of just five people but today, it has a record of up to 500 employees working in different parts of the world.

People always ask how they can add Viabill to their store. It is very simple. When you partner with Viabill, they handle everything for you. Their onboarding team will gather the necessary information to install Viabill on your store, typically within 24 hours.

If you wish to handle the integration by yourself, they will provide you with what you need to get started. To learn more about via bill platform and their mode of operation, visit the company’s official web address www.viabill.com


Paymill was launched in 2012 with the vision to develop software and services to make online payments more accessible, more secured and more scalable for European entrepreneurs. Based on their core payment capabilities, their mission is to build the most comprehensive financial product and service platform for SME.

Customer centricity is of great essence so they aim to support different business model needs, minimize financial risks, streamline administrative processes and facilitate growth efforts.  Paymill benefits from 16 years of experience in the banking industry and can offer customers a much wider range of payment options.

The company is made of people who are fun, energetic and driven to help online businesses become a global success. Employees are encouraged to initiate their own projects and lead them through execution which makes it a great environment to grow both personally and professionally.

You can know more about Paymill by visiting their official web address www.paymill.com. The company is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They also have a mobile application version for android and iOS operating system users.


Splitit is a global payment solution enabling shoppers to pay for purchases with an existing credit card by splitting the cost into interest-free monthly payments. Here is how this company works. For credit cards, they request authorization from the shopper’s company, reserving the total purchase amount from the shopper’s available line of credit.

Then, each month, according to the shopper’s payment plan, the instalment amount is collected and Splitit requests authorization for the remaining balance while for debit cards, Splitit request authorization from the shopper’s card company, reserving the total purchase amount from the shopper’s available line of credit.

At the time of purchase, you will only be charged for the first payment, but the entire amount will be held on your debit card as temporary hold and released within 5 business days. Splitit requires no application or registration.

There is instant approval by using the shoppers existing credit card level. Splitit is supported by Visa, MasterCard and Union pay. You will not be charged interest and there are no hidden fees.  www.splitit.com is the official website address of this platform. You can visit it to know more about their modes of operation.


Transferwise is a web platform that lets you send money, get paid, and spend money internationally. With a Transferwise account, you can send money abroad, get paid in other currencies and spend abroad on the Transferwise debit MasterCard. 

Creating a multi-currency account with Transferwise unlocks the full set of features available to their customers. This means you will be able to hold 50 plus currencies in balances in your account, convert currencies instantly in your account with low fees, get bank details to receive AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, PLN and USD with no fees, set up direct in GBP and EUR, order a Transferwise debit card which is currently available in Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and finally spend on the debit card in any currency with low fees.

To open a multi-currency account, you will need to get verified, usually with some photo Id, proof of address or a picture of you holding that ID. It usually takes about two working days. To know more about Transferwise visit their official web address www.transferwise.com.  Transferwise is safe, secure and regulated. They have helped over 6 million people send money to more than 70 countries. This platform was established in the year 2010 and based in London, United Kingdom.


Wonga is another platform that offers short term loans for up to 6 months and they make money when their customers repay them quickly, not by continually extending a growing line of credit. They are serious about commitment to responsible lending.

Wonga is different from other online lenders because of their sophisticated and decision technology means the application and approval process takes literally minutes. They are the first company in the world to fully automate the lending process and they are able to make completely objective and responsible decisions around the clock.

There is no paperwork, no need to meet with a bank manager and no sitting for hours on hold on the phone. Wonga’s entire service is online and real-time. They are also uniquely flexible, allowing applicants to choose exactly how much cash they want to borrow and for how many days they need it. Their customers are not forced to borrow a fixed sum they might not need, or pay interest for any longer than necessary.

Wonga was founded in the year 2006 by Errol Damelin and Jonty Hurwitz and headquartered at London, United Kingdom. They serve areas such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and South Africa.

The official website address to this platform is www.wonga.co.za. The company also has social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) where you can follow them and get more information on what is happening in the community.


Even in an ideal world there will always still be a need to send or receive money. Everybody has the occasional sending or receiving moments either internationally or locally. Those times in life an urgent expense or purchase pops up from nowhere.

This list of alternative sites to Klarna will do you a whole lot of good because they are all safe and secured platforms that have stood the test of time. Visit their various official addresses and find out which of them has a more favourable mode of operation.

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