5 Best Bio Link Sites Like Linktree in 2020

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Sites like Linktree – Linktree is a dedicated team of developers, designers, marketers and biz opz who are devoted to supplying content creators with the right opportunities to render their works accessible. The platform has its headquarters situated in Melbourne, Australia and offices in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Linktree does not only direct followers in the direction of your choosing, but also to your other social media, eCommerce shop, or material you choose to share. It helps hold followers inside your online community for longer. It helps people to share more, sell more, curate more and grow further.

Today with more than 3.5 million users around the globe, they are helping brands, musicians, advertisers, agencies and influencers best handle their online presence. As the internet became more fragmented, features of Linktree were expanded to best support those that use it and to streamline the process of information sharing.

In the year 2019, Linktree was part of CNCB’s upstart 100, a ranking of the brightest most intriguing, emerging young start ups who aspire to become tomorrow’s great businesses. Fast company named link tree in their most innovative list of companies in the year 2020, making them number four in the division of social media.

Previous honorees of the social media 4th place awards include Glossier and Reddit. Linktree is 100 per cent founder-owned. The company has its official website address as www.linktr.ee

If you seeking to get many specific items promoted at once but Linktree cannot have any of the functionality you are searching for, in that scenario don’t be scared as we have curated this article with the aim to fill you in on the best websites that can serve as an alternative to Linktree. So let’s kick off.

Below are the best sites like Linktree:


ContactInBio is one of the sites like Linktree that helps you build your own micro landing page or a mobile-optimized website ideally tailored for Instagram use. Using the ContactInBio link on Instagram or every other social network is quite advantageous because it provides several links to your other sources as well as other engaging materials that will help your followers move faster and find out about your deals. With ContactInBio you can sell your products in an online store as well as connect with your followers.

Micro landing pages aims to address the drawbacks of social networks, since you can only put one link for most of them. You cannot put whatsapp messenger smart links and link your other social networking networks to instagram, but you can position as many links as you want using a micro landing list.

Attach smart links to messengers, add text about your deals, photos, videos, contact form, picture gallery and many more. Any time you have anything fresh for your followers you don’t have to update your bio page, you can easily sign in to your ContactInBio account and handle all your links there.

One thing I appreciate about ContactInBio is that it does not mark its own logo as Linktree does all over the landing page. The logo of ContactInBio is hidden at the bottom of the website and absolutely removed if you move to a business or enterprise plan.  

ContactInBio has a few other additional add on that takes it to the next stage. Most of them all are the possibility to attach a feedback form to the landing page. It is a very good touch which creates a line of communication between you and your audience. ContactInBio is the only tool that has this capability. To learn more about ContactInBio visit their official website address www.contacinbio.com


LinkInProfile is somewhat different from the other resources that we have been looking at so far. This provides a sort of replicated version of your Instagram account rather than making a custom multi-link landing page for you but with clickable photos.

The reason it is one of my favourites is that the configuration process takes out all the trouble. With the link in the profile, you don’t have to update your landing page continuously to attach new links. As such it is ideal for influencers who appear to do a number of funded content and are actively collaborating through various affiliate links on different promotions.

After you have set it up, simply add a link in the caption of your potential instagram post and link in profile would instantly drag the image onto your custom page and make it clickable. Upon clicking on the picture, your visitors will be directed to the link you placed in the caption on instagram.

Finally, the platform helps you measure your Instagram’s impact. Link in the profile is now your proxy to any Instagram traffic. Check your traffic sources and see how successful from a quantitative perspective link in profile really is.

Link in profile does not provide a free version option but provides a free trial for 30 days with all the products. Personal plans after your free trial cost $9.99 per month and involve a dedicated landing page that is decorated with your instagram handle and image. Visit www.linkinprofile.com to know more about the company’s products and services.


Shorby is also among the websites like Linktree and it is a combination of three devices into one. Each one is targeted at Instagram but can be seen on other social networks. One of their key features is that you are permitted to build a personalized page loaded with links to your favourite contents plus directories.

In this pages you can add you logo and company name, links to messaging systems this could be a daily telephone number, Facebook chat, WhatsApp etc. you can add links to pages or articles of various formats. The pop animation helps you to attract extra focus. It allows Gifs and images.

On Shorby you may also configure the smart page theme and use pixels to display advertising for retargeting purposes. You can then get a short link to connect to your instagram account or anywhere else you want to include. And you can view analytics to see which link receives the most clicks on your smart page.

Shorby can also be used as a daily URL shortener and the press to dial feature can be used on its own, it is most useful to customer service and lead generation.

The most interesting part of this platform is there referral system. You can earn up to $300 from each referral. Actual revenue depends on the client and traffic, so on average with 15 referrals you will receive $786 and with 100 referrals receive $5,240.

And if you have 200 referrals a month you can earn $10k+ a month, that’s up to you. This is not a one-time payment only, this is long term income. You will get your equal reward of 50 per cent on any payment made by each of your referrals for a whole six months. The official website address to this platform is www.shorby.com


Hipolink is a microsite for Instagram development facility and also similar to Linktree. It helps you t attach all the ways you can interact with your audiences on one tab and link of Hipolink to Instagram. Their system apps include 11 messengers, 13 social networks, button links to the website, application form, callback, images, videos, email, avatar. You can visually configure the page yourself, adjust content, text style buttons.

They have also implemented strong page analytics. The number of unique visitors to the page can be watched as well as the number of clicks on the different buttons can be tracked to adapt your page and move the most popular buttons.

Instagram allows you to set up one profile link in your profile. This is the only point where a viewer can be hooked and moved to the right tab. This profile link will then be as helpful as possible. It leads to your contact and provides full information.

That is the issue that www.Hipolink.net  solves. Now you can set up Hipolink in the Instagram profile and add all the details you need on the page. You can include messengers, social networks, phone, and email for communication, images, videos, application form and many other things.

You will be able to set up alerts for Facebook pixel, google tag manager, and telegram utilizing the add-ons features. Hipolink only offers a free 14 days maximum plan for its new subscribed clients. It is possible if you already have a personal tariff and you wish to turn to the Business tariff, then there would be an automatic recalculation based on the remaining tariff duration.

When you switch from the business tariff to the personal tariff, the system will automatically move you to that tariff at the conclusion of the higher tariff validity duration.

Hipolink also allows you to make use of promo codes if you have got any. To use the promotion code insert the code in the special area above the tariffs on the ‘Prices and Tariffs’ tab. Click on ‘Submit’ after successful verification.

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Any successful company that uses Instagram knows what pains they feel before they can attract followers to their account. They have two things stopping them, the first is they can only place one link in their bio and they cannot add a clickable link in their update story status. But with these sites like Linktree reviewed above and their services, you can agree with me that everything is now fine.

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