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Sites like Meetup

Sites like Meetup – The Meetup website is all about linking people to something they have in common. A Meetup group is a party, spanning from things you enjoy and interests you want to do, to ways you describe yourself and who you want to be. The platform comprises of a group of people meeting because they think for the same issue for example mountain climbers, first-time parents, novice circus, artists, coders and so on. Although the links originate digitally, the real memories are generated at events. 

 Meetup activities are real life meetings which leaders and organizers come together to communicate, explore and exercise their social experiences. If you are looking for a smarter way of creating, running and increasing a Meetup community network then it might interest you to know that the Meetup pro plan provides resources for group management that encourages and render networking smarter and easier. Meetup pro puts brands and companies into real life communication with their customers, fostering group development, user interaction and brand recognition.

 Through tapping the vast volume of data inside the Meetup network, you will build a product that will be the company’s next sales engine whilst helping group organizers and entrepreneurs accomplish their objectives. Meetup was established in June, 2002 by Scott Heiferman and four co founders. The websites is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Russian and Turkish.  Visit to learn more about this platform.

You could be a sort of individual that is very involved in the application meetings so there is a fair chance you are already a part of it. If you don’t mind i can share with you a number of other alternative websites to Meetup that you should seek. Surely this websites will help you get to know new mates.


Citysocializer is a London based social networking website that offers its user a super simple way to do something they like and find new people around them to hang out and get the best out of their spare time.

The website’s network and culture of global exploration brings people offline together through mutual interests, place, lifestyle and life stage. People visit this website for all kinds of purpose, whether your buddies are out of town or busy and you want someone to go out with you or you have just relocated to new place, you want to find fun new things to do, you want to meet others who share an interest or a hobby, you want to make more friends in your community, socialize lets you do all these stuff.

Joining Citysocializer only takes very simple steps. If you don’t have a facebook account, you can still sign up by filling an online form where you will be entering some information about yourself. Facebook connects is the easiest route, it ensures you can sign in with it only a few taps. Citysocializer do not share any information with your networks except you want to.

People between the ages of 18 to 80 can visit the website and see what is going on around them and to meet someone like them. For the working class, this is also the best way to encounter new people outside of their working place. The Citysocializer culture is enthusiastic, friendly and open for having free connections everywhere they go. Find out more about Citysocializer on their official website address


DownToMeet is a forum for community organizers to develop, locate and attend group activities set up by group organizers. The platform offers organizers the power to create and develop all they want. The website is with a goal to help create and sustain positive and active societies where every participant believes they belong. DownToMeet is pretty nice at secrecy so they do not offer user details. They store data in encrypted form, real email addresses and identities will never be available to others including organizers.

If you are searching for events to join, why not sign up on DownToMeet using their official web address , fill out the interests’ page on your profile, find local events or wait until you are notified of a new group in your area matching your interest. Then if you are looking to organize events, DownToMeet has been designed with you in mind. To get going, sign up for DownToMeet and from your account menu click on “create group”.

If you are an existing community leader coming from a specific location you will be in familiar territories. Build as many activities as you can, personalize your group and events to stand out,  ask questions with RSVPs, use waitlists, get daily updates, join and connect with friends, use message boards, view events  conveniently on your computer or Smartphone with no app required, upload photos to event albums without losing quality. Get people talking with likes, comments and lots more. You have full control.


Eventbrite is a digital live experience website that allows everyone to build, upload, discover and attend events that will spark their passion and enhance their lives. From rock shows, marathons, conventions, civic marches, fundraisers, including air guitar tournaments and computer events. The platform is with a goal to connect the planet through live experiences. They charge a fee to event organizers in return for online ticketing services except the event is free.

Eventbrite is a self service online tool which ensures promoters are managing all facets of their activities. Whether you have a particular concern regarding a case or would like to obtain a refund, please contact the event organizer directly. You will do so by emailing your order receipt, pointing to your order details or sending them a response from the event page where you were initially listed.

Eventbrite was launched in 2006 by Kevin Hartz, Julia Harts and Renaud Visage. They are based in San Francisco, California United States of America with local offices in Nashville, London, Berlin, Madrid, Mendoza, Sao Paulo, Dublin, Cork, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

To get started on Eventbrite you can make use of your facebook account to log in but should in case you don’t have one then fill out the form and in few minutes your account is ready. To learn more about Eventbrite and how their daily programs are visit their official web address using


Groupspaces is one of the largest community collaboration tools for social groups, societies, interests, foundations, student associations, alumni networks and more. They have an online self service forum used by thousands of organizations and more than 5 million members spanning to 80 countries. Groupspaces empowers community representatives and committees to coordinates participation lists, submit online messages, host forums and email discussions, plan activities and sell tickets, receive membership fees and lots more.

 The website is all about leveraging the technologies to make people’s life easier. With Groupspaces, group leaders can build a free community website or integrate with an existing website. This will help to attract more members, get found on Google and bring additional traffic to the website of your community. Groupspaces also permit group leaders to send professional looking e-mail newsletters, target e-mails to committee, alumni and other lists and automates subscription/ unsubscribe.

Groupspaces earns income from sales made via the web, through a mix of paid accounts, tailored ads and transaction fees. Groupspaces has already collaborated with several leading national networks and organizations including SIFE, Engineers without borders and the British Judo Association. Learn more about Groupspaces by visiting their official web address

  •  MEETIN.ORG is a web based networking platform devoted to supplying users with a relaxed social atmosphere without paying membership dues or even taking advantage of activities. The community which was formed in Washington DC in 2003 by Mikey Heard now stretches about 90 cities worldwide and has over 90,000 members.

Each group is managed by local volunteers in the city area of the nation with the primary aim of bringing together people to make new mates and network across the globe. is not a dating websites as compared to certain pages. They welcome everyone to come and meet people in your neighborhood whether you are married, single, in a serious relationship. Everything they ask is for you to come in with an open mind and make new friends.

The groups are focused on creating a social network and having new friends without trying to set up business networks only to earn money. Signing up on is easy and takes only a minute to do. To get started, visit the platform’s official website address and click on “join now”. Fill out the form and submit then you are eligible to start exploring.

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This is our compilation of the top websites that can be used as a substitute website to Meetup. Seek to take one of them for a spin to confirm our claims. We hope that these websites will offer your interests. Some of these websites have mobile applications mainly for the android and iOS users. You can do well to download them for notifications, updates and easy access.

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