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Sites Like Movie4k

Sites like Movie4k – Movie4k is one of the most comprehensive torrent websites in the world. It is the place where newly released movies in high definition quality are open to users. No other torrent website is able to do that.

Many users connect with this platform since no other platform uploads the latest Telegu, Tamil, Bollywood and Hollywood movies before movie4k. Even though Google in the United States has placed a ban on the website for uploading copyright content, but all country law is not the same. People can still use Movie4k up until now.

The website was formed after the closure of Movie2k, another online streaming website by the Motion Picture Association of America due to copyright infringement issues. It did not take much time for Movie2k users to turn their attention to the new website.

At the moment, this platform is one of the most successful video streaming websites around the world and the Motion Picture Association of America, as well as other copyright watchdogs, is not pleased about it.

To know the process of watching or downloading a movie on this platform visit movie4k on www.movie4k.com or download movie4k’s mobile application and start having fun.

The mobile application is more convenient to use than the web portal because the website has a number of pop up adverts but on the other side the mobile application does not hold any kind of advertisements and it is easy to stream the new movies using the application.

There are several alternative websites on the internet where you can go to find contents that are not available on Movie4k. In order to download your targeted contents we will recommend these alternative websites we have provided below.


Snag films is a website into video distribution and adverts supported online streaming services enabling users to watch thousands of films on Roku, Boxee, iPad/ iPhone, Xbox, Android tablets and several other apps for free.  Snag films is now the biggest cross platform distributor of leading free to watch films from independent creators, broadcasting an average of five million films every month.

Presently snagfilms.com members will be able to find, analyze and discuss a variety of famous independent films covering many different genres including action and adventure, comedy, animation and film festivals.

The platform believes that more than ever, viewers are searching for a wide variety of online video materials from well known movies to those videos that have never earned hits but really deserves the spotlight. Instead of throwing their money into making a few new movies, they have been wandering the globe to deliver the finest of independent films to viewers free and on demand.

And they have also combined some fantastic films together with editorial perfection and a complete range of social media tools into a genuinely special viewing experience.

With strong origin in the indie film industry, snag films has effectively distributed content through all platforms from internet to electronic applications to televisions, to big entertainment events and carries of the few labels that is reliably relevant on any channel.

As a result, fans clamoring on snagfilms.com for its incredible catalog of thousands of highly acclaimed indie films are now viewing over one billion minutes of footage a year. The company was founded in the year 2008 by Ted Leonsis and Rick Allen and has been named as one of North America’s 2013 top 100 entertainment firms by Red Herring.

The latest snag films mobile application helps film enthusiast to find and view new films quickly and effortlessly through selected snag films selections from film experts like indie wires editors, users own network of trusted mates, a customized search engine and unique exclusive film releases.

At snag films, users can browse the whole collection and join a rapidly growing community of over 4 million monthly guests. To join the growing snag films community and discover the world of indie films please visit www.snagfilms.com


Putlocker is an online streaming platform that offers a database of films distributed by various providers of third party content. The website was launched in the year 2011 and has exploded in popularity after the United States department of justice confiscated the domain names and shut down the sites affiliated Mega upload, an online company located in Hong Kong that offers online file sharing and streaming facilities.

If you are in the United States, United Kingdom or Korea, Putlocker delivers films in all categories, regions and languages. All that you need to watch a film is your portable screen, an internet link and a favorite video of your choice. So grab your laptop and settle down on this platform with a bowl of pop corn to experience a session of endless videos.

If the word Putlocker sounds complicated to you, don’t worry, the website is pretty easy to check and play videos on. The sites user interface is fairly basic so even a novice or non technical individual will easily use the platform to watch their chosen movies. 

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, an American industry group that represents the six main Hollywood film studios, Putlocker is a significant copyright threat which is why the website is reportedly banned in the United Kingdom. There are various news accounts about users getting notices about copyright violations from their internet service companies after viewing a video on Putlocker. The official website address of this platform is www.putlocker.com

To stream movies on Putlocker without having to think about getting a warning of copyright infringement, we suggest you use a virtual private network to funnel your internet traffic into an encrypted tunnel.

Apart from shielding your internet traffic from unwanted third parties, a virtual private network can even be used to bypass geo restrictions and censorship allowing you to link to websites that would otherwise be difficult to reach from your region. You can pick a number of virtual private network services but not all of them are worth your money.


Tinklepad is rated one of the best websites where you can find all best-rated films and high-quality material on the internet today with no fee attached. The platform has a user interface with plenty of functionality to it. You can look for your favourite contents through categories such as newly added, new HD videos, new TV shows, popular movies, year of release and more.

Tinklepad has gained a lot of traction among users and that is why you can stream TV show contents in high-quality videos. You will watch limitless contents from the iconic older movies to the new movies and TV shows without any delay and without charging any penny. And if you like more you can get subtitles to each one of them.

Tinklepad is simple and easy to navigate. The platform is split into categories where you can pick the choice for films, TV shows, recently added, new HD, current TV shows, popular, release year and even the choice to offer feedback where you can attach a video as well.

It is important to note that Tinklepad does not host or upload movies in their website. Being a popular website, Tinklepad is not a legal website. It posts pirated contents and illegal links. Visit this platform using www.tinklepad.com


FMovies is a platform where visitors can watch thousands of films and TV shows for free. It has been around for just a few years but has been immensely famous in that period. This is partly due to the amount of titles it provides and partially because it is user friendly and feels like a reputable place such as Netflix.

In the United States, FMovies has received many rulings about such issues as patent misuse, copyright violation and misleading advertisement. It has needed to swap domains, switch, for instance many times to fmovies.co and shift from country to country to remain ahead of the rule.

FMovies seems like a reputable entertainment platform on the surface but search a little further than the photos of the latest releases on its homepage and it is not as clear-cut. As for other items on the internet, if you don’t pay for a service, then providers will search for various avenues to collect money from you either through delivering ads or uploading malware to your device.

According to torrent freak Fmovies was launched sometime in the year 2016 and has been blocked from Google searches in December 2016. The official website to this platform is www.fmovies.com

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Throughout the past couple of years, movie4k and other streaming platforms have risen in prominence because of their unrivalled simplicity and a fantastic variety of contents. It is important to note that not all the films you will view on the internet are lawfully licensed, so when determining which films you should view without any legal consequences, always have in mind that a virtual private network will mask your internet operations.

Users also need to be careful because some of these platforms contain pop-ups and adverts with many of them leading to websites that spread malware or hijack processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

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