6 Popular Sites like Movieninja & Alternatives

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Sites Like Movieninja

Sites like Movieninja include: Gostream, Vudu, Fmovies, Tubi, Putlocker and Youtube. You can find the full details of all these alternatives below.

Movieninja is among the well-known websites that stream movies and TV series for free. This website does not in actuality host the movies, they instead link their users to the original websites of the movies.

Thousands of movies and TV series are converged on this website therefore, a visit to the site gives you access to a seemingly limitless number of movies for free. Although sometimes newly released movies do not appear on movieninja as soon as they are released, there is every possibility they will soon appear on this platform.

Many people love to entertain themselves with movies or music, especially during relaxation time or when bored. In fact, watching movies has become some people’s hobby, while others can’t live a day without entertaining themselves with movies. Some movie lovers feed this desire by visiting cinemas while others resort to subscribing on Netflix or other platforms of its likes.

Unarguably, some movie lovers are usually unable to afford the subscription fees of those paid platforms, such people resort to using free movie and TV series streaming platforms like this movieninja.

Movieninja movies are mainly movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Movieninja stream most of their movies in HD quality, making them one of the best among the many platforms that offer their type of service. On Movieninja, there are movies in languages other than English, such languages include Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, etc.

Movieninja website is simple and very easy to find your desired movie. Movies are well organized according to their genres on the platform. The search box is also available to make your search experience more fun. You only need to key in the title of the movie you desire to watch on the search box and success is yours.

Another special feature of Movieninja is the availability of MP3 songs, this features attracts music lovers to this platform too. Moveininja doesn’t only stream movies, they also allow their users to download them if they desire. This option makes it possible for their users to download their choice movies and watch later, perhaps when they don’t access to an internet connection.

Users of Movieninja need to understand that the movies that are streamed on this platform are pirated. Besides that, the security of their device while making use of this platform is not totally guaranteed. Users from some parts of the world don’t have access to this moveininja, but people from such areas can use VPN and also alter their location to have their ways into the site.

Visit Movieninja on https://movieninja.io

Movieninja is not the only platform for watching free movies and TV shows. There numerous other sites that do similar thing and which you can use as an alternative to movieninja. Let me introduce you to some of them. Read on!

Alternative Sites like Movieninja:

1). Gostream

Gostream is one of the commonest sites that stream movies and TV shows for free. Like Movieninja, Gostream does not actually host the movies but provides links to them. Gostream is among the many free streaming sites which only require internet connection for one to enjoy an unhindered access to limitless number of movies. Movies on Gostream site are well organize into Genres, Most Viewed and Top IMDB.

User can also opt to use the Filter option that’s available on the site. This filter option can help the user sort the movies according to the Latest, Most Viewed, Most Favorite and Most Rated. You can also sort movies year of production or by genres. Available genres include Action, Horror, Family, Romance, war, Documentary, Comedy, History, Animation, Fantasy, uncategorized, etc.

Users can also sort movies by video quality or by country as Gostream have movies from over 150 countries of the world. One big advantage Gostream has over other major free movie Streaming platforms is the availability of old movies on their site.

Inasmuch as users can watch the latest movies on this platform, they can equally watch movies produced way back in 1911. Like Movieninja, Gostream site has Search Box which enables its users to sort movies just by typing the movie title.

Visit Gostream on https://gostream.site

2). Vudu Movies on us

Vudu is a digital movie streaming site like Movieninja that was founded on 25th November 2004 by Tony Miranz and Alain Rossmann. They are based in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Vudu is currently owned by Walmart. Like Movieninja, Vudu streams a wide range of movies for free with limited adverts, but they also provide Pay-to-view movies and TV series. On Vudus, you watch movies produced by Anchor Bay, Lionsgate, Paramount, WB, etc.

Unlike Movieninja, movies on Vudus On Us cannot be downloaded. One beautiful thing about Vudus is that they can stream in up to 1080p HDX, although they can also stream in quality as low as 480p SD, it all depends on the viewers’ choice. Registration on Vudus is very simple, it requires on your first and last names, email address and password.

There is also an option for you to sign up with your Facebook. Unlike Movieninja, Vudus On Us operates legally and does not stream pirated movies.

Visit Vudus On Us on https://www.vudu.com

3). Fmovies

Fmovies has rapidly grown in popularity among sites like Movieninja and the platforms that offer free video streaming services. It is one of the best alternatives to Movieninja. Like Movieninja, thousands of movies and TV series can be streamed or downloaded from Fmovies at no cost. Fmovies, launched in 2016 has been in operation for years. Similarly, Fmovies does not actually host the movies, they provide the links to them.

Fmovies is an illegal site in the sense that they stream pirated movies. Fmovies stream in HD video quality. Their site can be accessed from any part of the globe. They have movies from a number of countries which include Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, France, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Korea, Asia, China, India and USA. They also have movies in different genres which include Action, Drama, Animation, Horror, Romance, Documentary, Comedy, Thriller, Fantasy, Kungfu, History, war, etc.

Sorting movies on this site is simple as one can do that by the use of the search box, or by the different categories, namely: Country, Genre, Cinema Movies, TV series, A-Z list or Year of Release. Like Movieninja, users of Fmovies are usually interrupted by endless adverts that pop up on the site every now and then.

Visit Fmovies on https://www4.fmovies2.io

4). Tubi

Tubi is another popular free movie and TV streaming site like Movieninja that you can use as an alternative to Movieninja. There are thousands of movies on Tubi platform and they are all for free. Like Movieninja, Tubi is ad-supported that is, ads in video formats may pop up at any time as you watch movies on Tubi. Tubi streams contents from over 200 partners including Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Starz, etc. Users can access Tubi for free through their website, iOS, Apple TV, Sony Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Android, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Videos on Tubi are grouped broadly grouped into Popular, Genres, Collections and Channels. Available channels include BabyFirst, CONtv, Docurama, Full moon Features, Dove Channel and Complex Networks. User’s registration on Tubi platform is not mandatory, but registered users have advantage over non-registered users.

Visit Tubi on https://tubitv.com

5). Putlocker

Another good and popular alternative to Movieninja is Putlocker. This website which was launched which was in 2011 was ordered to shut down in 2016 by British High Court. This was their breaking of copyright laws. Like Movieninja, Putlocker converges thousands of movies on their website through provision of their links. Putlocker serves millions of site visitors on daily basis, providing them with HD quality videos.

Like Movieninja, Putlocker can be accessed by users in all part of the globe, although users from some countries may require VPN in order to have access to their site. Sorting for movies on Putlocker is easy and simple.

Visit Putlocker on https://putlocker9.ru

6). Youtube

Youtube is one of the commonest and the most popular video streaming platforms like Movieninja which can be used as an alternative to Movieninja. This platform was created by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen in 2005 but Google acquired it from them in 2006. Both individuals and movie producing company create channels on YouTube where they share videos of all categories.

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YouTube allows its users to upload, watch, save, or share videos. Like movieninja, Youtube is ad-supported. But one advantage Movieninja has over Youtube is that users cannot download Youtube videos. That notwithstanding, sorting for movies on Youtude is a bit more taxing.

Youtube is legal and free.

Visit Youtube on https://m.youtube.com


There are a number of platforms that allow you to enjoy movies and TV series online without monthly subscription like Movieninja. Some of these platforms operate illegally whereas some have legal backup. One thing they all have in common is that they are ad-supported.

Some of these free streaming sites don’t even require users to register on them before using them. Remember to be cautious of your device’s security while using some of these sites.

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