5 Online Payment Sites Like Paypal

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Sites Like Paypal

Sites Like PayPal – This is a financial servicing company that is poised in delivering online payment across the internet using a secured interface. They offer unique service of monitoring with capabilities of detecting any fraud, PayPal through its financial security cautious technology alerts a user when suspicious activities are noticed.

PayPal serves as a good alternative to defunct traditional payment method, such as; money order or checks. They replace these methods with a secured and encrypted transaction using a digital connection.

It is an online web platform that allows a user to link up their debit card or credit card as to enable him to complete a secure online transaction. With the platform, anyone can pay for online items or services without glitch. PayPal offers purchase protection for all users which entails that you get to be reimbursed including the shipping cost if what you purchased is different from the one you saw in the advert. However, the terms and condition apply.

With PayPal you can return any dissatisfied purchase. This is significantly why you need to opt-in and start using PayPal to make any online purchase.

PayPal is in partnership with millions of brands across the globe, which includes; FTD, Groupon, Apple, eBay, Best Buy, Shoe.com and many more.

Payment with PayPal is unique as it allows subscribers to pay over-time using PayPal credit. Users get to split their bills over a period of 6 months, although you need credit approval to opt in. You can as well earn some points, rewards as well as miles from PayPal when you link up your Credit Card to your PayPal account and use it for online shopping or for online bill payments.

The site was established as PayPal Holdings, Inc. in the late winter of 1998 by Elon Musk, Max Levchin, Yu Pan, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery in Palo Alto California, United States.

PayPal, Venom, Xoom corporation, Honey, iZettle, Braintree and lots more are the subsidiary of Ebay. Due to its financial credibility, investors are willing to get their shares listed on the NASDAQ (PYPL) at the rate of $12.86.   

Membership is limited to individuals above the age of 13 years, which is in line with the Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA) 1998 act.

Users with complaints and suggestions can reach out to PayPal Customer Service using 1 -888 -221 -1161. Or visit the official URL using https://www.paypal.com/. You can as well visit their head office located at 12312 Port Grace Blvd, La Vista, NE 68128 United States.

Similar Sites Like PayPal:

1). Venmo

 Another subsidiary of PayPal is Venmo which is an emerging new online payment platform that is wildly unique among twenty-first-century peeps.

Venmo was originally founded by Andrew Kortina in the summer of 2009 and it was registered as Venmo, LLC with their head office at New York, NY United States.

They are among the financial exchange company that promotes multifactor authentication. For security reasons, users are limited to the weekly transaction of $4,999.99, this includes both payments of goods, sending funds and Venmo MasterCard.

Users can choose between the web application or mobile app for the transaction. Business and Partnerships are welcome at any time. Venmo looks forward in partnering with all eligible applicants.

Registration is only for prospecting members who are above the age of 13 years and above, which is in line with the Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA) of 1998.

Interested users can access the site using https://help.venmo.com/hc/en-us for more information.

2). Google Wallet

This another site like PayPal that offers peer to peer payment services and it was formerly known as Google Wallet, however, the site has undergone some merging thereby resulting to name change, known as Google Pay Send.

The name was coined out from Google Wallet and Android Pay, which are the two main apps that were combined for better result

Google Pay is a payment exchange that facilitates the receiving and sending of money via the web or mobile device. The platform is secured using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for maximum security and you need not worry much, when sending money, buying tickets and many more.

The site was initiated on the 26th May 2011 by Google LLC.

The payment platform is also available for all Android and IOS devices. You can also get web application.

Each user has transactional limits which include; $100 per transaction and a maximum of $1,200 per day, furthermore, other factors that may affect this policy is your Visa Credit or Debit transaction limit.

Just like PayPal, Google Pay requires each user to download the app from either, Google Play Store or App Store for IOS devices. The option of linking your credit or debit card is also available in Google pay, thereby enhancing the card security. The payment option available for users includes; Discover, PayPal, Master Card and American Express.

Some of the advantages of using Google Pay includes; No extra charge, Multiple rewards and cashback gains, Easy and Brisk medium of sending and receiving money, High-security tech to secure all transaction, Paying utility, online shopping, mobile recharge and many more.

All the following services are provided by Google LLC located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. You can as well get more insight into the platform using https://pay.google.com/.

3). Skrill

The name Skrill is another online financial venture like PayPal that allows payment or cash transfer across the internet. The site was previously known as Moneybookers before it was later merged.

Skrill started way back June 17, 2001 in London, United Kingdom.

As an ecommerce company, Skrill is poised in ensuring that money transfer across the globe is done with little or no fee. To reassure their users, how legit their business is, Skrill got the approval of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is a regulatory body that manages electronic money issuance.

The management of Skrill was changed in January 2015 with Joel Leonoff as the new CEO and he manages over 500 employees.

Maximum transaction on this platform depends on your account linked to the site. In some cases, maximum transfers are from $135 to $25,000 per month.

Membership eligibility is limited to only those up to the age of 18 years and above. Registered users may proceed and download the app, which is available on Google Play, for Android users and App Store, for IOS devices.

Money transfers are limited to those countries that Skrill provides their services to them. however, you can use Skrill to withdraw funds, deposit funds, send and receive money, buying and selling of Cryptocurrency.

Users are advised to read the terms and condition before signing up, so that you will be aware of the various degree of administrative fees matted against offenders. Kindly visit https://www.skrill.com/en/ for more information.

Skrill offers some loyalty programs like the Skrill VIP and the Skrill Refer a friend.

For more updates, kindly visit Skrill at their headquarters located at Floor 27, 25 Canada Square, London, E14 5LQ, United Kingdom.

4). Payza (Closed) (Visit Payoneer.com)

Another site that vends money like PayPal is Payza. The site is a Canada based money exchange company. With Payza, you can do online business transaction as well as payment securely. As an online freelancer, merchant and other who need a suitable and secure channel to send or receive money.

Payza was established by Firoz Patel in Montreal, Canada and Payza is a subsidiary to MH Pillars Ltd.

To enjoy the services of Payza, kindly, use your visa card, credit card or ACH transfers, to send and receive money. As an online money processor, Payza is the best alternative for E-wallet services and payment processing.

As a User, you can enjoy referral bonus, which Payza is offering by inviting your friends and families to register and use any of their platform like web application https://payza.me/ or mobile app.

Payza supports online payment as well as remittance in over 50 countries and process payment of more than 20 currencies.

5). 2Checkout

One of the sites like PayPal is 2Checkout and it is payment processing platform that facilitates easy money transaction from one location to another.

The site was founded by Alex Hart and Erich Litch in the autumn of 2006, he has a vision of making online money exchange a hassle free for all.

As one of the leading compound monetized platform which enhances smooth and brisk business expansion globally thereby helping each user to manage their streams of revenue in a simplified digital ecommerce.

With 2Checkout, you need not to worry about how you can get your money or pay a client anywhere in the world. The platform helps you transact online with high PCI level One adherence in other to keep your business safe and secured. 

2Checkout supports all user who has challenge or complaint and with their 24/7 Merchant support unit ensure all

You can browse the official URL address using https://www.2checkout.com/ for more information on how to send and receive money, however, ensure that you read the terms and conditions first.


The sites are legit and secured for the online transaction. Check it out.

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