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Sites Like Pixabay

Sites like Pixabay – Pixabay is a popular website known for exchanging photos and videos free from copyright. All artwork is published under the Pixabay license which allows it free to use including for commercial purposes without seeking permission or providing credit to the creator. Except for commercial purposes you can capture, change, share and use the pictures all without asking the artist for permission or providing credits. Nevertheless, depicted content can also be covered by the protection to trademarks, advertising or privacy.

Pixabay offers photos, diagrams, animations, vector graphics and more. You will filter the results according to the preferred scale, colour and orientation. The website makes available a broad variety of categories to pick from like animals, art, emotions, food, beverages, fitness, medical, education, business, crafts, people, culture, music, religion, places, landmarks, research, technology, sports, leisure, holidays, landscapes and lots more.

If you are making use of Pixabay in your school or office, you should switch on the security settings at Pixabay. The videos and photographs you find on Pixabay are manually licensed and you won’t come across material relating to adolescents or other violence-related content. But they provide naked photographs and related visual material which may to some degree be deemed offensive. To do this you can allow Pixabay secure search feature which can be accessed from the browser or through their website FAQ section.

Pixabay was launched on 24th November and is owned by Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger. The website is available in many languages and has its official URL as www.pixabay.com. The aim of this article is to introduce you to other good websites where you can exchange photos and videos free from copyright just like Pixabay.  Below is our brief review on these websites you can use as a substitute to Pixabay.


Pexels is among the sites like Pixabay that provides high-quality free stock pictures approved under the Pexels license. All pictures are wonderfully labelled, searchable and easy to find through their discover pages. The website has hundreds of thousands of free stock images and new high definition images are added every day. All photos are selected by hand from pictures submitted by members of the community or from free images websites.

 Pexels makes sure all pictures released are of good quality and are approved under the Pexels license. Their picture archive is only augmented with free photos from their photographer’s group. They are actively striving to offer as many stock images of the finest standard as possible to the creatives who make use of the platform. Pexels is operated by Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph and Daniel Frese. Bruno and Ingo jointly co-founded Pexels in the year 2014 and Daniel followed them in 2015.

This platform is helping millions of designers, authors, photographers, programmers and other creators to get exposure to beautiful images they can freely use that empowers them to make creative items, projects , tales, blogs, games, art and other works. Visit www.pexels.com to access a wide variety of free stock photos ranging from happy new year images, happy birthday images, black and white photography, cool wall papers, best HD wall papers, free business videos and even get to see popular searches.


Picjumbo is another free stock picture site like Pixabay owned by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek founded in the year 2013. On this platform all images are free to use, although the photos mentioned here are free to download and use, certain photos do not have model or property availability. Many images may also include copyrighted brands, trademarks, logos, objects or personal properties.

Just like every other stock photo platform, you are liable for how you use the images. Be mindful to registered trademarks, brands, objects or items captured on the images. From the viewpoint of the photographer, Picjumbo permits commercial use. This means that Picjumbo photographers are alright with you or your customer using the images commercially. But they cannot represent others who may claim to be owners of copyrights or properties captured on any of the photos.

Again you are responsible for how the images are used Picjumbo photographers only share with you for free. Make the most beautiful websites, templates, mobile apps or blog posts with perfect stock photos at your disposal monthly by securing a premium membership on Picjumbo. For more information about this website visit www.picjumbo.com or connect with them through their social media channels. Follow Picjumbo on instagram and twitter with their official handle @Picjumbo.


Freeimages is a well-known website like Pixabay offering free to use stock photography and illustrations. As a user on this platform, you get exposure to hundreds of thousands of free high quality, handpicked stock pictures and graphics. Are you in need of a wallpaper background or images for your blog or you need to spice up the idea of creating a commercial website, you are wanting inspiration, you will find it fast and conveniently on Freeimages.

As a contributor, you get unprecedented recognition for your work. Hundreds of thousands of graphic designers, web developers, journalists and webmasters from across the world use Freeimages ad their destination for stock imagery every day. You can see on their website some samples of the pictures in motion. You also get to meet fellow photographers for art, exchange thoughts and learn new trick. To be part of this welcoming group start by visiting their website with www.freeimages.com and give your photography career a major boost.

Freeimages was established on February 2001 by Peter Gorgenyi, Peter Hamza and Andras Pfaff with the company’s headquarters located at Budapest, Hungary. Over the years the websites has evolved into the massive community you see today with over three million registered users and around four hundred thousand photos online.


Getty images is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of award winning still photography, film, music and interactive items as well as other types of premium visual materials. Getty images support business clients in more than 100 countries through its sophisticated search and picture recognition technologies which is the first place creative and media professionals turn to find, acquire and manage photographs and other digital content.

The website has the best in class photographers and imagery that helps customers create inspirational content that appears every day in the world’s most popular news papers, magazines, journals, advertisement ads, film, TV shows, books and online media.

In the year 1995, Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein created Getty images with the intention of transforming a disjointed and fractured stick photography sector into a vibrant, modernized business capable of serving the evolving needs of the visual communicators. Getty images became the first organization to lic4nse imagery across the internet, bringing the whole business digitally. This helped to push the market further with innovative licensing framework, new media marketing software and a broad range of creative and editorial imagery, micro stock, footage and music.

Getty images have its headquarters located at Seattle, Washington, United State of America. For stories behind this platform content and technology, visit their official website www.gettyimages.com. You can also connect with them on facebook and twitter or their other social media channels.


Shutter stock is an American leading global distributor of licensed high quality images, videos and music. Shutter stock helps empower graphic designers, art directors, video producers, photographers, software developers and other artistic practitioners by supplying businesses, marketing firms and media outlets across the world with innovative material.

Art developers sell their contents to shutter stock, where end consumers buy and utilize it in a range of personal and company artistic ventures. It is a dual environment that empowers the story tellers of the globe. Shutter stock was founded in the year 2003 by a programmer and photographer Jon Oringer. The company’s headquarters is located at empire state building 350 fifth Avenue New York city, New York, united states of America.

Shutter stock licenses media for online download on behalf of photographers, authors, illustrators, videographers and musicians holding a catalog of approximately 200 million royalty free stock images, vector graphics and illustrations. Shutter stock already has 10 million video clips and music clips on its portfolio.

The shutter stock mobile application and its special features make it easy for you to do your work from anywhere. Use the discover tab to explore featured collections and search the entire image and video library. Save, share and download your favorite content in collections and share them with others. If you want to get paid to do what you love, submit your images using the shutter stock mobile application or visit their web portal using www.shutterstock.com

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We know how important it can be to the success of your artistic project to find just the right picture. If you are designing a company website, developing a print brochure, crafting a digital or magazine ad, or some other genius artistic endeavour, you know a perfect picture makes the content transcend good and become great. Here we have offered you for free a brief review of sites like Pixabay where you can visit to find the best stock and high-quality images.

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