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Sites Like Polyvore

Sites like Polyvore – Polyvore was first established in the fall of 2007 by nerd known as Pasha Sadri. The site was designed to meet up with outfits desires of fashion instructors as well as style or brand creators. Polyvore inspire people by assisting them in gathering unique and inspirational clothing as well as outfits designs. It is so unfortunate that the activities of Polyvore has been brought to brisk halt as of the time of compiling this review.

The site has acquired by a Canadian Retailer known as SSense and the company was kind enough to give Polyvore subscribers some time before shutting down the whole operation by 15th May, 2018.

Notwithstanding the closure of Polyvore, there are other sites that have close similarities with the above, and they are the ones that users can cling on in other to assess beautiful outfit designs.

Similar Sites Like Polyvore

Below are some sites that offer similar services like Polyvore and they are as follows;

1). TrendMe

For lovers of fashion who seek for site similar to Polyvore, the alternate site is Trendme. The site was founded way back second week of October 2009 in Zagreb. 

There quite a lot on the site which includes the fashion brands, blog widget, shop as well as reseller directory for those seeking to partner with them. They explore over millions fashion items. The site also supports over sixteen different languages including Española, Italiano, English and lots more.

PayPal handles all payment transaction and all shoppers are required to register with a corresponding email as it is key in facilitating each payment.

Trendme offer variants of rewards like free coupon or referral bonus. You get more reward when you follow them on their variant social media pages.

All data collected on the site are safe because Trendme is under the jurisdiction of General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and as such are bound to obey all legal document on their possession.

Trendme has a registered address located at Symmetria D.O.O Bolnicka Casta 34E 10000 Zagreb Croatia. The site has VAT no. HR49942588956 and you can pass all complaints and request to their customer support agent using 080752173.

For more details about Trendme, visit their official URL address using www.trendme.net and you need to complete the user registration form in order to access better features and outfits.


URSTYLE is another unique fashion site that offer similar package like Polyvore. The site is operated by URSTYLE SP which is a registered company with an address located at Mlynska 12 Street Poland.

To be a registered user, you are required to be up to the age of 13 years in line with the laws of EEA users within 13 to 16 must present consent evidence before they can be registered.

The app is only available for the IOS users which can be downloaded from Apple Stores. For more information, kindly visit the official URL address using https://urstyle.fashion/.

There two main language used on the site and they include; ENGLISH and POLSKI. The site is relatively secured with state of the art technology.

The brand of outfits offered by URSTYLE is next to none and users find it similar with polyvore yet it possesses fantastic features that many fashion lovers desire.

3). ChicVore

ChicVore is also one of the sites that stands out like polyvore in offering shoppers a safe haven and gives them the outfit inspiration they are looking for.

Since the inception of fashion, finding the perfect outfit has never been easy and only the trendsetters gets rewarded for their diligence. Chicvore has establish a fashion print in the hearts of trending outfit lovers. The site claims to be the next bus-stop since Polyvore was shut-down and they are living up to their claims by creating through tireless work in order to make dreams of fashion lovers and home decors come true.

More information about the site are available on http://www.chicvore.com/# and are always working round the clock to put smile on the faces of their shoppers. Follow them on their Facebook pages and twitter handles for more details on the latest fashion outfit arrival.

4). Shoplook

Shoplook is another unique fashion outfit collection sites that offer similar ecommerce services like Polyvore and users who intend to harness the open privilege of exploring other sites can key in as to get the best services.

Shoplook was established by Kiwi Bear Inc. and managed by Laya. Just like Polyvore, they enjoy large influx of shoppers as well as on their social platforms.

If you are looking for a shop that inspires and helps adventurous women to shop for uniquely designed outfits that matches any body type or occasion as well as budget, then the answer to that is in Shoplook because, it is one place where users are rewarded for creating gorgeous outfits that make shoppers to stand out in the crowed.

As a site that values quality more than quantity, shoplook offers some incentives to their registered members who creates outfits that woos and inspire shoppers. They also offer their members great opportunity to earn some points while referring friends and families. The reward system is organized quarterly and 1 winner will be selected at the end of the draw.

For you to be among the lucky winners, kindly ensure that your points are on the increase regularly. Winners will receive a $100 gift certificate of the following online shops like Revolve, Topshop, Nordstrom or Jcrew. The lucky winners will receive a notification via mail and a grace period of 14days, is the timeline for the winner to acknowledge the prize.

The site is a registered under the laws and jurisdiction on the United States and a registered address of Kiwi Bear Inc. 1010 16th Street Unit 226 San Francisco, CA 94107 United States.

For more details on the services offered by Shoplook, feel free to contact via their official URL address using www.shoplook.io . Users with complaints and request can contact 415-779-5292, however, request and complaints are only available to United States Residence.

Their presence in some social media, such as; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as well as YouTube are felt around the fashion industry.

5). Fashmates

Fashmates is among the top sites like Polyvore that deals majorly on fashion representation and they have fantastic social app where users across the globe can check-out cool outfits. Fashmates believe that in fashion world everyone can be an influencer.

The platform is owned and managed Fashmates Inc. and they started way back in San Francisco Bay Area. The site’s registered corporate address at 7100 Stevenson Blvd Suite 313, Fremont, CA 94538 United States.

Fashmates have no international location and the only available payment option is PayPal and the site is secured with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) powered by COMODO SECURE. The site is DUNS Registered too and users need not to worry about much while on their page.

The site connects each user to fashion friends who have similar choice and taste in fashion, they as well create and design unique outfits by matching and pairing variants of products from top brands and in some cases, they upload already trending looks from other older brands. Some of the outfits you can find on the sites include; Formals, Party, OOTD, Work as well as Wedding designs.

The site boasts of over 12 million impressions monthly as well as over 18 million monthly products curation. Their social outreach has increased by 44% in the last quarter. They offer some reward programs to users and shoppers as to encourage them in coming for more.

The site webpages are quite easy to navigate and users find it appealing to shuffle through for latest fashion collections. Good news for Android and IOS users are the launching of Fashmates app which can be downloaded from Apple App Store for Apple users and Google Play store for Android devices.

For more information about the site, kindly visit www.fashmates.com as to get first-hand knowledge of the services offered by Fashmates. You can as well look up for them on their social media handles or pages for more details. Users with complaints and remarks need to complete a form on the “contact us” page and some designated customer support representative will respond to the challenge as soon as possible. 

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The most important is that all the sites listed here are safe both for users and shoppers, they are legit, registered and offer some reward program to all their users who are registered.

All fashion lovers who desire better matches, need not look elsewhere as all outfits for all occasion are available on the sites. Polyvore site has been purchased by SSense hence the site is inactive, however other sites like Polyvore offer fantastic services like Polyvore.

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