5 Real Estate Sites Like Rentometer

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Sites Like Rentometer

Sites like Rentometer – This is the fastest platform you can use to find out the “going rents” across the United States. This is possible, courtesy to the available proprietary technology that analyze data in comparison with rent and total listing within a location.

This platform is available to those who are looking for rent in residential real estate, and they include; Brokers, Mortgage professionals, landlords, manager or owners, renters, investors as well as investors. Rentometer was founded in the spring of 2006 and managed by Investment Instrument Corp.

There certain rules that must be met before an individual can become an eligible member to this platform, it includes; the person must be residing in the United States and must be up to the age of 18 years or more. To act as the person in-charge of the owner of a property, an electronic or physical signature must be provided.

Rentometer, affiliate program is open to all who wish to become a real estate agent. For each buyer or customer, you bring, you will earn some percentage. You will also receive the link of listed property and business as to enable you hunt for prospective buyers on your webpage or social media.

The platform is a registered company with address located at Rentometer, Inc. 745 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02111 United States. To join this platform, kindly sign up for a free trial at https://www.rentometer.com/. You are free to check the out on their social media pages and handles, for new listing in a particular area.

Rentometer is among the best when it comes with the real estate platforms out there, but they may not still give you what you wanted or you simply wish to know the alternative sites to Rentometer out there. Below are the few good ones.

The Sites Like Rentometer are:

1). Zillow

This is an online real estate and property marketing platform. It allows users to sell their homes directly to Zillow. This process involves, selling your property via a Zillow Premier Agent, or selling it yourself with a platform that connects millions of shoppers from across the globe. 

The creation of Zillow was made manifest in the summer of 2006 it was previously known as an advert selling firm. After serving a full lifecycle of owning or living in a home, in the autumn of 2009 redirected its focus and became a specialty in real estate management and operations.

The platform was established by Rich Barton, he was keen from onset to make a difference in the Real estate marketplace and this led him to situate the corporate office of Zillow in the heart Russell Investment Center Seattle Washington. Presently, Zillow has made a positive impact in their dealings with Customers and that made them burner in real estate business across the United States.

The membership eligibility of Zillow is limited to individuals who are at least 18 years of age or more.

In this type of business there are relative rules that must be followed as to achieve desired goal which is buying and selling of property. Some of the policies that must be followed or applied when listing your homes. This include, the listing of only residential property will be acceptable on the platform.

This means, you cannot list homes built as a commercial property, which includes; commercially zoned buildings, vacation rentals, fractional ownership properties, and likes of it. Auction listings must be approved through the auction-specific feed before it can be listed. The platform boasts of listing up to 110 million United States home in their database. With Zillow, you can buy, sell, rent, remodel, finance and do lots of real estate-related activities.

Some of the variant of ways of listing via this platform includes; homes that are sold by the owner, the owner of the account will have to manually list the home on Zillow through his Zillow account. Other sources of listing on Zillow includes; listing through the home agents, partners, brokers, third-party providers and sometimes through MLS. Listings from different websites are not accepted on Zillow.

Updates for syndicated listings are to be made directly from the source and it appears on Zillow within 24 hours. You can always check their listing feed for new updated data and remain current on the new available homes. With Zillow, you get to find any home value related information you may seek.

The customer support agents provide details like, response to complaints, photos and any other promotional or marketing information, which may not be accessible on their listing profile. You can as well check out their website at https://www.zillow.com to access more information on how to get your listings to Zillow. All transactions on this platform are being managed by Zillow Group, they are located at 1301 Second Avenue, floor 31 Seattle, WA 98101 United States.

The most fascinating features of Zillow are their services derivatives, which can be accessed by both the disabled persons and they provide satisfying experiences to all their customers and visitors. You get to even see new notifications of listings right there on your app. The platform earns their revenue from the referrals paid after property sales.

2). Rent.com

This is a real estate proprietary platform that connects people with a place they will be glad to call home. Weather, you are in need of an apartment or a home, rent.com got you covered as they have long verified listing from trusted locations where you can call a home. They are committed to touching and satisfying every renter that is interested in any rental property across the globe. 

The interested part of this platform is the mobile app, it is available to all android and iOS devices. It is a faster way to check any available listing withing a location without stress. The payment options available includes; all major credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfer.

Those allowed to make transaction or make contribution on this platform are those above the age of 13 years. Rent.co also provides different kinds of apartments off campus for students who desire study and play environment. Even if you are newbie in the area, rent.com got you covered for a hassle-free house hunt.

The platform is operated by RentPath, LLC., they also have other platforms for real estate business, and they include; Rentals.com, Rent.com, ApartmentGuide.com, and LiveLovely.com.

Check it out at https://www.rent.com/ or visit them, at their registered office located at 950 E. Paces Ferry Road NE, Suite 2600 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 United States.

3). Trulia

This is another real estate platform that offer services like Real Estate Market search, Houses for sale, houses for rent, and more. They provide access to Buyer Guides, Seller Guides, and Renter Guides.

They have over 1 million homes listed for sales on their platform, over 35 filters and custom keyword search available, and oversight neighborhood with emphasis on community details. The platform is operated by Zillow Group and those eligible to register are those up to the age of 18 years.

Their head office is located at 535 Mission St. Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94105 United States. Or visit https://www.trulia.com/ for more info.

4). Motovo

This is a real estate marketplace that allow individuals to search for their dream home or get information about the value of your dream home, because they care about where you live and how you live. They have agents on standby to make that your dream home come true. Since its inception, they have been providing robust data pipeline built on the tested MLS relationship in over 49 states in the United states.

This platform was created since the summer of 2003, under the management of Motovo, Inc. and they currently have over 350,000 users daily who are in search for open houses, neighborhoods, comparable, properties and more. Motovo also offer individuals a place in their company.

With their latest client communication tools, adaptive AI Technology, Data Scientists, Market information, a team of dedicated marketers, as well as transaction coordinators, Motovo has set out to impact positively in the real estate industry. They have recorded over 31,000 sold properties, 100 million home searches, and licensed to operate in the 50 states of America.

Motovo mobile app makes it easy to search for listed homes. It is all-in-one app modified to give you; Neighborhood Guide, School, Market Trends, Real Estate tips, as well as Demographics. To meet with a real estate agent, all you have to do is to open the app and you will get all the required details. The minimum age requires for you to become a registered member is 18 years or more.

More info about Motovo can be found on their official URL address at https://www.movoto.com/. You can as well locate them at their head office at 1900 S Norfolk St. Suite #310 San Mateo, CA 94403 United States.


The truth of the matter is that Real estate industry is highly lucrative. Rentometer assists you in earning more via selling or becoming one of the agents that can help you. In conclusion, listed above are few reliable real estate brokers.

And I encourage you to patronize them by Selling, buying, partner or become a real estate broker today. All the listed sites are legit and it can turn your life to a new shape.

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