8 Popular Sites Like Society6 (2020 Updated)

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Sites Like Society6

Sites like Society6 – Society6 is home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works as premium consumer goods from art prints to throwback blankets.

The artist creates and the platform produces and fulfil, and every purchase pays an artist. Looks simple but actually it is huge.

Society6 have been humbled by the opportunity to foster an international community of incredibly talented creative individuals. Whether you are just launching your art career or already have an established following, society6 enables you to immediately start generating income with your artwork.

Every single day, millions of visitors explore society6 in search of that perfect artist-designed product. And you will get paid every time a customer purchases one of your products.  When you upload your artwork on society6, they automatically apply your artwork to every product possible.

If you need to tweak your products, easily drag, drop and zoom your artwork into the perfect position. When everything looks good and you are ready to launch your first product, simply click publish and you are off to the races.

Society6 also ships internationally to over 140 countries and have a great team of dedicated support staff to field customer questions. If you are trying to spend more time creating, society6 is perfect for you. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your art-based business, society6 will provide you with plenty of creative and business education on the society6 blog.

If you are an artist, you are allowed to use their designs to start a full time or part-time business.

In this write-up, we will introduce you to other websites that can serve as an alternative to society6 and at the same time gives such offers like society6 below:


Teefury was formed in 2008 as the brainchild of a bunch of artists with passion for limited edition t-shirts. At Teefury you will find your favourite pop culture tees, with a brand new limited edition design every 24 hours. Their artists and loyal followers are the creative blood in the platform’s cottony veins.

They thrive on their ingenuity and forum activity, bringing only the best designs to life. After the initial sale, the t-shirt is moved into the Gallery where you can vote to bring your favourites designs back from the dead. To find out more about Teefury and read some frequently asked questions, please fo to their service section, or you can always contact them using the contact page. Give them a little time to get back to you.

Teefury pays its artists $1 for every shirt sold during the time of the sale. With a commission-based system that rewards savvy self-promotion while allowing artists to retain full rights to their work. Teefury is a foundation on which artists can build their fan base and for pop culture fans to collect their favourite designs.

Artists have earned anywhere from $500 to over $9,000 in a single day for 1 shirt. All artists’ payments are sent via PayPal in USD. There are two ways to become a Teefury artist.

Firstly, they will find you on the internet and invite you to participate in the Fury or secondly, click on submit a T-shirt design at the top of their homepage and fill out the necessary information. In their submit section, you will be asked to upload your design you would like them to consider.


Spreadshirt is a global platform for personalized clothing and accessories; they are the go-to place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. They value freedom of expression, whether it is with your own designs or =those made available by their community.

T-shirts, sweaters, bags, aprons and lots more can easily be personalized with images and customs text. Moreover, Spreadshirt is an ideal custom merchandise partner. Emerging youtube stars and a large number of large companies and brands are among their esteemed customers. Spread shirt’s top-quality prints, custom t-shirts and services will make sure that your business hits it big.

Spreadshirt was founded by Lukasz Gadowski and Matthias Spieb on May 2002. The company is headquartered at Gieberstr, Leipzig, Germany. Spreadshirt has ecommerce websites and marketing in 18 countries namely Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

Each week 30,000 new designs are submitted to the spreadsheet platform. 2017 sales were 106 million Euros and they printed over 4 million items globally.


Vista print is another website that helps small business owners create expert-designed up to date custom marketing. The assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared and plugged in. vista print is best known for their business cards and they have printed billions of them since Robert keane founded vista print in the year 1995.

But today, vista print offers much more a wide range of customizable small business marketing products, real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for people who need a hand and simple straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want.

When they put it all together, their customers can easily design a consistent, cohesive look that carries across their entire business, whether they operate an in-store, online, on-site or on the go. With that, they can walk through a door with confidence, know they can keep up with the competition and make things happen right now.

Because now isn’t just a challenge, it is an opportunity and vista print is here to help small business owners own the now. This company is based in Venlo, Netherlands and employs over 5,100 employees globally in its offices and printing facilities.

Orders are processed online and jobs gang printed using a formula based on type of job, paper stock type, print run quantity, finishing if any and ship by dates among other factors.


Red bubble is an Australian platform whose dreams are simple. They give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, red bubble can connect over 700,000 artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans, a brave new world of self-expressions.

A shirt with an evil cat, a phone case with a galloping donut, a tote bag with a star surfing astronaut, whatever your thing, you can get the art you love on super well-made products, personal, original and high quality.

Everything you always wanted to know about red bubble, RBTV is video series that takes you through their founding, brand, culture and beyond. This is your place to deep dive into all things red bubble has to offer.

So if you are creative and equally like money, open a shop in minutes for free. Just upload your art and designs and leave the rest to red bubble. They arrange for all the printing on over 60 quality products and shipping almost anywhere around the world.  

It is possible to return items which you purchased on this platform. If you have your email address and order number ready, you return by clicking through this button out the form. Remember once you receive your item you have 90 days to submit a return.


Teepublic is the world’s largest marketplace for independent creators to sell their work on the highest quality merchandise. Every Teepublic purchase supports independent artists, podcasts, streamers and more. They have millions of designs across over 100 different product types; you are guaranteed to find something you love.

With over 15 years of experience, their team is obsessed with quality and has established the highest standards for the third party fulfilment centres that print and ship your artwork.  An independent artist is paid with each purchase made on Teepublic. Since 2013, independent artists on Teepublic have earned tens of millions.

Teepublic has some of the biggest names in online pop culture, gaming, podcasting and media as their partners. Their printing partners are held to sustainable, non-hazardous and toxin-free production standards. DTG inks are 100% biodegradable; water-based, contain no animal by-products and are vegan friendly.

Additionally, Tee public’s apparel products are certified by WRAP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethical manufacturing through labour standards and education.

Be the first to hear about flash sales, pop culture trends and more by visiting the company’s official website address www.teepublic.com


Zazzle is a well known American online platform with a mission to become the making engine to give people the power to make anything imaginable. Looking through their marketplaces, you will find designers selling their art, Makers showcasing their customizable products and create your own products.

The people of Zazzle are just as diverse and unique as their products. They are professional artists, manufacturing gurus, patent holders, inventors, musicians and more.  So if you can dream it, Zazzle is ready to make the technology to do it. At Zazzle they are on the cutting edge of real-world technology that brings your imagination to life.

Their innovative minds are taking on the toughest technical challenges to make customizing anything a possibility. They are developing not just the newest software for interacting with your creation before they happen, but also the state of the art hardware and manufacturing processes that turn your dreams into realities.  

Zazzle is was established in the year 2005, owned by Zazzle Inc and available in different languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Canadian and Dutch. 


Printify is a free print on demand drop shipping provider in the Shopify App Store. It is an in one solution, where you can create your products, sync with your online Shopify, Woo Commerce or Etsy store, process orders and ship your products directly to your customers.

There is no need for a big upfront investment and you get access to top printing companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and China. Even if you have never dabbled with print on demand, the process is super simple. Printify guides users every step of the way, but the goal of print on demand is to make at low costs.

Printify excels at that and here is how it works in six simple steps. First create an account by clicking the get button on the Shopify App store, enter all your personal information to set up your account. Secondly choose your products. Printify has an impressive 250+ products range to choose from and find everything. Decide on what products you will like to sell and pick your favourites.

Thirdly, upload your designs and pick your printing partner and finally get your products to your store and start selling. Hit publish and wait for your first sale. Once you get an order through, Printify will take care of the billing, manufacturing request, packaging and shipping for you.


Cafe Press is one of the world’s leading best online platforms with the purpose to bring their customer’s passion to life by helping them express themselves and connect with others through unique designs and products.

The company’s massive arrays of designs are crowd-sourced from a global community of more than two billion independent designers. This platform also offers the ability for customers to create their own individualized products, providing infinite possibilities.

They have partnerships with major entertainment properties such as Marvel, Warner brothers and 20th-century fox, ABC, CBS, Peanuts and Pixar which allows customers to celebrate beloved brands. Cafe Press was founded in the year 1999 and is the recognized pioneer of customizable products. This company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

Their manufacturing facilities are also located in Louisville, the hub for fulfilment across the United States. At café press, they believe a mug can start a conversation and a t-shirt can ignite a movement. They are working to create a more connected and engaged world that supports and celebrates everyone’s unique identity and passion.

They promise to inspire people to express themselves with the best assortment of engaging merchandise. Visit the company’s official website address www.cafepress.com for more information on their products and services.


We have searched the internet and made available to you a list of best websites that can serve as a substitute to society6.  Even if you are not a designer, you can still find or create a very simple design that will look attractive by making use of these recommended web portals.

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