7 Popular Freelance Sites Like Taskrabbit

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Sites Like Taskrabbit

Sites like Taskrabbit: Zaarly, Airtasker, Takl, Talklocal, Needto, Upwork and Shiftgig. Read the full details below.

Taskrabbit is an online platform that instantly connects you with skilled individuals to help with odd jobs and errands so you can be more productive every day. Taskrabbit is arguably the best thing to come out of the modern-day tech revolution. Hiring personnel can really help make every aspect of your life a breeze.

Some of the numerous services rendered by the company are interior painting, TV mounting, light installation, hanging pictures and shelves, furniture assembly, handyman, help moving, yard work, furniture delivery services, delivery service, grocery shopping and lots more.

To make use of Taskrabbit services you will need the mobile application which is available on the Google play store and App store. Their mode of operation is very simple it consists of only three steps. First, you start by describing your task, where you will spell out to them what you need to be done, when and where it works for you. Secondly, you choose your tasker by browsing trusted taskers by skills, reviews and price. Chat with them to confirm details.

And the last step where your tasker arrives and gets the job done. It is advised to pay securely and leave a review at the completion of each task. You can earn money by becoming a tasker. Simply visit the company’s website on www.taskrabbit.com and fill the registration form.

The more positive reviews you get from your previous works helps to land you more jobs.  Task rabbit has a top record of over 350,000 hours spent running errands all over town, over 16,000 walls saved from DIY TV mounting gone awry, about 2 million bunnies cleaned out from under beds.

Taskrabbit was founded by Leah Busque in the year 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California United States of America. You can follow the company on their social media handles to get notifications about their latest updates.

When it comes to matching freelance labour with local demands, Taskrabbit stands out from most of its competitors.  This does not mean that there are no other websites that offer the same services and same time as good as task rabbit. I will highlight websites that can serve as an alternative to Taskrabbit and tell you few things about them.

Below are the sites Like Taskrabbit:


Zaarly is an online marketplace where you can hire home service providers who are proud to be held accountable for their work.  On Zaarly you can be able to hire service providers confidently without spending hours sifting through online reviews, without the hassle of unreturned phone calls, without worrying about no shows to the appointment, without fear that a service provider will screw up the job.

Creating a job on Zaarly is quite simple; it has just three main steps. First choose the category you need, enter a few details about your job and Zaarly will match you with the best business for your job. The more details you provide, the better the match and the faster the project will go. Zaarly service providers are expected to reply within 3 hours so you won’t be waiting long for a reply.

Alls service providers on Zaarly are carefully vetted and each business must complete a nine-step process which includes a phone interview, criminal background check, insurance verification, customer reference checks, and face to face interview with the company’s team. Zaarly has a no show policy which says that when a service provider misses your appointment and does not give one hour notice, you will get $100 cash.

After you contact a service provider you are expected to put a credit card on file. Here your payment information is kept with stripe under military-grade encryption. When a service provider sends an invoice, you will have 24 hours to cancel the charge after which the invoice is paid by the credit card.


Airtasker is a leading online platform that serves as a middle man between people who need to outsource tasks and find local services and people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.

From simple to complicated tasks, the company can help you do a lot of tasks such as accounting, appliance repair, asbestos removal, assembly, automotive, bathroom renovations, bricklaying, babysitting, cabinet making, carpentry, cleaning your home, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design, Air condition installation, catering, car detailing, car washing, computer repair, copy writing, decking, delivery, demolition, dog walking, interior designing, lawn moving, lock smith, pet care, pest control, roofing, tiling, tutoring, spray tanning, rubbish removal and so many others. 

The company’s mobile application is available for download on Google play store and App store for the android and iOS operating systems respectively. Airtasker has a record of 1.6 million people using their services, over $215 million worth of jobs created, over $15.40 million jobs available per month. Once the task has been completed, a service fee will be deducted from the agreed offer price to cover all insurance, handling and transaction costs. There are no hidden fees or additional costs.

3).  TAKL

Takl is a home service platform that connects customers who need chores completed with self-employed providers who are able to earn money using their skills on their own schedule. The company has a record of more than 70,000 provider’s service and 130 metropolitan markets across the United States.

Customers are allowed to book chores through the company’s free mobile application or web portal seven days a week, on-demand, same-day or for a future date. This is how talk works; you start by selecting a chore, pick a time and add photos. Choose your provider by sifting to see who is available for your job.

Once confirmed, track and contact your provider as they head your way. Once your provider arrives you can add any additional chores at an agreed-upon price. Accept the completed work, pay and tip your provider through the app or website, no cash or checks needed as all payments will be made through the Takl platform. Every chore includes the Takl guarantee. If you are not satisfied the company’s support team is available seven days a week to assist you.


This is a faster and less frustrating way to get immediate help with everyday challenges. The company offers services that range from fixing leaky faucets to faulty flux capacitors. Talklocal is based in college park, Maryland. Through their mobile application or web portal, customers submit service requests such as HVAC maintenance, roofing, taxicab and more.

Talklocal ranks local service providers by using real-time reviews from trusted sources like Google, yelp, city search and yahoo. They also look at social metrics for these service providers’ online profiles and all publicly available data.

They are then score based on specific service request so as to be able to always put you on the phone with the right one. This means you can sit back and catch the next minutes of your favourite TV while a search for the right service provider is done on your behalf.


Needto.com is an American website whose mission is to do everything in their power to end involuntary unemployment. On this web portal reviews of people with special talents but lack the outlet to share them are displayed. Some of the registered service provider categories on neeto.com are automotive assistance, web development, volunteer, transportation, events, family services, lessons and tutoring, office help, moving and hauling, roof repair, shopping and delivery, house chores and cleaning, health and fitness, computer help and several others.

How to get stuff done on needto.com is very simple. Simply post whatever it is you need to be done, with a budget and deadline and you will start receiving offers from skilled contractors and helpers in your area. Review and compare the offers you have received and the talented people that made them, side by side needto.com always recommends you hire background-checked individuals with detailed profiles and positive reviews.

When the task is completed up to your standards then pay your helper and write an honest review of their work.

6). UPWORK  

Upwork is an online platform that connects clients with great talents to work without limits. The company has a mission to create economic opportunities so people can have better lives. Upwork is based in Santa Clara, California United States of America.

This platform renders service in categories like web development, mobile development, design, writing, admin support, customer service, marketing, accounting, product management, IT and networking, engineering and architecture, animation and lots more.

Upwork was established in the year 1999 as Elance, in the year 2003 the company name was changed to oDesk. Later in 2013, it was renamed as Elance-oDesk and finally in 2015 was named Upwork. Upwork has twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients.

Three million jobs are posted annually on this platform which is worth a total of $1 billion United States dollars. The mobile application version of Upwork is available in different operating systems namely iOS and Android. They can be downloaded from the Google play store and App store.


Shiftgig is another online platform like Taskrabbit committed to solving complex worker engagement challenges by building the most innovative solutions with thoughtfulness and passion. The company has a mobile application that connects hourly workers with businesses. Shiftgig has two distinct software platforms namely deploy and booked out for two very different staffing situations.

Both options can help you save time and energy by streamlining the process of managing your staff, giving you more time to focus on the big picture. To know more about Shiftgig deploy and Shiftgig booked out, visit the company’s official address on www.shiftgig.com.

Shiftgig was launched in 2011 by Eddie Lou, Jeff pieta and Sean Casey. The company is also active of social media you can follow them on Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter and Instagram to know more about what is happening in the community.


If you are in search of web portals like Taskrabbit but without a clue on how to start, now you have got great new options to check out. Like I said earlier Taskrabbit is a wonderful platform when it comes to the business of matching freelance labour with local demands.

You may find after a while sifting through your new alternative portals that it might not be the best fit for you. However you choose to proceed, I wish you luck in finding your next freelance clients.

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