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Sites Like Teespring

Sites like Teespring – Teespring is an eCommerce platform that provides sellers with the ability to create and sell custom merchandise and apparel and same time buyers with the ability to find high quality, unique products. Teespring offers a variety of apparel including T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings and children’s wear.

They offer design support and competitive pricing on bulk orders for your club, organization or company. They handle everything from storefront to supply chain, all you need are ideas. Teespring offers an unlimited range of print on demand products that ship to over 180 countries worldwide.

They let you collect profit from product sales in your Teespring account and withdraw at any time. This platform has some key features that earn them huge online visits. Some of these features include dedicated support for buyers and sellers, a high priority for buyer satisfaction, global fulfilment in terms of shipping to any part of the world, promo codes, email marketing, unlimited products, custom storefronts and lots more.

Teespring was founded on August 2011 by Walker Williams and Evan Stites Clayton and headquartered at San Francisco, California United States of America. Individuals create campaigns in order to sell custom products on Teespring.

Campaign creators are expected to design and market the products themselves. In exchange, Teespring will fulfil orders on campaigns that have reached their sales goal and will ship the items to buyers.

So if you have thought of taking your design ideas and putting them out there for everyone to see then you will be needing just more than one platform that is Teespring. Through this write up we will bring to your notice other websites where you can visit and showcase your designs. These websites cans serve as an alternative to Teespring because they have almost the same working principles.

The List of Sites Like Teespring:


Customink is made up of a team of creative individuals who empower you to create the perfect custom apparel for your group through innovative and easy to use website. With innovative tools like their design lab and a team of artists dedicated to helping you create the perfect designs for your custom order, they have everything you need to take your shared passion to the next level.

From printed T-shirts to embroidered caps, single shirt to quantities in the thousands, students to small businesses, family reunions and lots more, Customink is here to help bring together in style. This platform was founded in the year 2000 by Marc Katz, Dave Christensen and Mike Driscoll. They have their headquarters in Northern Virginia.

This is a fast-growing forward-thinking company focused on helping people bring their ideas to life. Now with more than fifteen stores across five states in addition to their ever-evolving website, they are always looking for the next opportunity to help you create something amazing. 

Their customers, vendors and co-workers are all an important part of the Customink story and they strive to treat each of them with respect and celebration. 

To inquire about working with Customink as a screen printer, embroiderer or a supplier of some other kind, visit their official web address or send an email to their vendor coordinator Hugo Ennis  

Customink is also very active on social media. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter to get more information on how things are done over there.


Threadless is another ecommerce platform like Teespring that loves helping art unknowns become an art totally known. From their commission based award system to featuring artists in interviews and tweeting their names to the world thereby helping them start their very own independent store with the company’s newest endeavor, artist shops, threadless support their artist community in every way possible.

Lots of artists who started from threadless have even gone to start their own companies and that’s a huge success in the company’s book. Artists from around the world submit designs, the threadless community scores each design and the best of the best are printed and sold. New designs are chosen for print every week and the winning artists can profit handsomely for their designs, and in some cases, also take home big cash prizes from special themed design challenges.

Threadless was founded in the year 2000 and headquartered in Morgan, Chicago, United States of America where it started as a t-shirt company and has since expanded into a full lineup of apparel, accessories, home décor and now footwear canvases. They seek out these canvases to give artists more easy ways to feature their work and for fans to choose the best art, the weird art, the geeky art and the beautiful art.


Zazzle is an American based e-commerce platform that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers. Their mission is to become the make engine to give people the power to make anything imaginable. Looking through their marketplace, you will find designers selling their art, Makers showcasing their customizable products and create your own products.

The Zazzle community is just as diverse and unique as their products. There you will find professional artists, manufacturing gurus, patent holders, inventors, musicians and more with a passion for going beyond the ordinary. Zazzle promises that if you can dream it, then they will come up with a technology to do it.

At Zazzle, they are on the cutting edge of real-world technology that brings your imagination to life. Their innovative minds are taking on the toughest technical challenges to make customizing anything possible. They are developing not just the newest software for interacting with your creations before they happen, but also the state of the art hardware and manufacturing processes that turn your dreams into realities.

Zazzle was founded in the year 2005 by Robert Beaver, Bobby Beaver and Jeff Beaver. The company is headquartered at Redwood City, California, United States of America. Zazzle has partnered with many brands and claims to have over 300 million unique products listed on their website. Zazzle is available in different languages namely English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Canadian and Dutch.


Spreadshirt is another online marketplace like Teespring that offers print on demand for clothing and accessories. It is a go-to place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. They value freedom of expression, whether it is with your own designs or those made available by the Spreadshirt community.

T-shirts, sweaters, bags, aprons and a lot more can easily be personalized with images and custom text. Moreover, Spreadshirt is an ideal custom merchandise partner.  Emerging youtube stars and a large number of large companies and brands are among their esteemed customers.

Spreadshirt’s top-quality prints, custom T-shirts and services will make sure your business hits it big. Zazzle was established on May 2002 and founded by Lukasz Gadowski alongside Mathias Spieb. The company is headquartered at Gieberstr Leipzig Germany. Spreadshirt manages several brands including the main Spreadshirt brand, its shop system Spreadshop and the professional textile print service Teamshirts.

Spreadshirt has eCommerce websites and marketing in 18 countries namely United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, France, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Denmark and Netherlands.

It is important to note that whenever you place an order for your company or club on Spreadshirt, you can enter a different address for deliveries. Please remember this option before you order. Subsequent correction of invoice details which includes address, tax, ID and so on is not possible.


This company sells unique, limited edition pop culture designs every day on T-shirts, Hoodies, posters and more. They bring people together through pop culture apparel and provide the best daily destination for fun, nostalgic, limited edition artwork. Their mission is to create a fun, collaborative and safe work environment where employees can grow personally and professionally. All artwork sold ar ript apparel is submitted by artists all over the world.

They receive 10% of total revenue from their sales. Ript apparel recently integrated Facebook messenger as a new customer service option. Customers can now receive order updates, shipping notifications as wells as tracking information directly in facebook messenger. This platform came into existence in the year 2009 and is presently headquartered at Chicago, United States of America.

Ript apparel only has the rights to sell designs for 36 hours. Once that time expires, there is no way to purchase the design because the rights to that artwork revert back to the artist. If you are interested in purchasing a non-exclusive design after the sale is over at Ript apparel you can always contact the artist of the design.

They may be selling it elsewhere. Ript apparel currently accepts the following major credit cards namely Discover, Visa and MasterCard. They also accept payments through PayPal and Amazon payments.


Proper cloth is a popular eCommerce platform known for men’s shirting brand. They use technology to allow customers to get an exact fit from the comfort of their homes. Over time, the company has developed increasingly accurate algorithms to maximize the likelihood of getting the fit exactly right the first time.

It starts by having customers answer a series of questions from how much they weigh to how they like clothes to fit to whether or not they tuck their shirts in. proper cloth has a pretty powerful data science approach that generates a custom size for their customers based on their responses to those questions.

That has been the key to their scaling because it lowers the barrier to entry for customers to get started. The company has also broken down its shirts into very specific measurements, like the circumference of the collar and the width of the cuff, with each customer receiving a specific set of dimensions.

On top of that, customers have access to modify those dimensions online if they receive the shirt and feel it is not quite right. Proper cloth will accept multiple returns and issue multiple alterations or remakes if necessary and even reach out to customers they have not heard from to make sure they don’t want any tweaks. The company’s next goal is to shorten lead times and lower prices.


Uber prints have set out to change the way custom T-shirts are done. Their goal is to make it easier, faster and more convenient than ever to get quality custom apparel printed and delivered to their customers. Since launching, they have shipped millions of T-shirts to all over the country. Each one designed b their customers.

From businesses building a brand, girls going on a group vacation, trendsetting teens Uber prints give individuals and organizations complete creative control. With their newest interactive design studio, the company feels they have made it easier than ever before to create custom T-shirts.

No visit to the print shop required, just a T-shirt design studio at your fingertip 24/7. Uber prints were established in the year 2005 with offices in Atlanta and Athens, GA and over 200 employees they are fast-growing. To learn more about Uber prints, you can visit their official web address

They are also present of the following social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Follow them there as well to always be informed on what is happening or trending in the community.


The last on our list is a customized girl. This is an online platform where you are allowed to use their design centre to add your own text, art and images to hundreds of trendy styles. There are no minimums which means you can order 1 to 1,000 and they will all be printed and shipped.

Start with a blank item, or start by customizing one of the designs in their gallery. You can also create a storefront and post your designs for sale. You earn a royalty each time a design sells. The customized girl has developed a philosophy around their four tenets of quality. Rendering, art, print and item quality.

They are constantly testing and adjusting everything which consists of ink settings, opacity settings, humidity settings and more. In the end, this means that their final product is outstanding. There are so many ways to join customized girl’s community. Sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media. If you want to be customized girl ambassador then visit their official website address to be a moment maker.


As a design enthusiast in search of platforms to showcase your talent, we have done a very nice job for you by serving you a list and review of some websites that can be used as a substitute to Teespring.

All you need doing now is to join these websites and start creating your imagination with absolutely no extra fees and as soon as the products designed by you get sold, the profit is transferred to your account.

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