Top 6 Sites Like Thumbtack (2020 Updated)

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Sites Like Thumbtack

Sites like thumbtack – At thumbtack, homeowners are provided with trusted and reliable home service providers who must be professionally experienced, deliver quality service at an amazing price. They believe in doing the hard that in return, is supremely rewarding.

Since is relatively hard to get a service provide who is available when you are in need of them, thumbtack is now asking you to entrust them with the responsibility of finding someone who is trustworthy with a good estimate and can as well do the job right on the first try.

The vision of Thumbtack started way back summer of 2008, when finding a reliable piano teacher or plumber becomes difficult. They created a platform whereby, users can search and get linked to needed services of their choice. This goal is yielding results, because with technology, millions of customers across United States, make use of the Thumbtack in hiring businesses and local professionals.

Thumbtack has a registered head office located at 1355 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, California 94111 United States.

Thumbtack helps in building small community economics into stronger and larger community, and they are doing so, by giving both small and big entrepreneurs the playing ground to do business.

The platform is designed for both IOS users and Android users; it can be downloaded from Google play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS devices.

Membership eligibility are for individuals who are up to the age of 18 years and above. Becoming a registered member, gives you the privilege of earning some promotions and discount.

You can search for any services using the Thumbtack platform for easy link up to the best services.

You can check the official URL address using for more information.

Full List of Sites like thumbtack:

1). HomeAdvisor

Just like Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor offers ways that users can access leads. HomeAdvisor provides maximum access to leads but with higher prices.

The site was founded in the winter of 1998 by Michael Beaudoin and Rodney Rice. However, the site was acquired by Angle’s List in the year 2004. The headquarters of this corporation is located in Denver, Colorado, United States.

For security reasons, HomeAdvisor ensures that Criminal background check are carried out on both principal or owner of each business that signed up with them. It also ensures that database record of sex offender is checked to see if there is any relevant conviction. Another screening process includes; Licensing verification, which is key in every business for best practices.

This business network is only available to individuals who are up to the age of 18 years and above. Registered users enjoy free trails and promotions or discount.

HomeAdvisor helps Dance teachers, landscapers, personal trainers, painters as well as many entrepreneurs who are good in what they do into something bigger and greater.

This site offers you lead services to their customers, ranging from painting, lawn care & sprinklers, furniture repairs, cleaning/maid service and many more.

Android and IOS device users can download the app from their respective app stores, for easy and fast access.

You can as well check out their official webpage using for more details.

2). Troolr

This a digital marketplace that acts as an intermediary to both Homeowners and Service Providers. They ensure that home owners who seek the services of local professionals gets it on time and with best services. They are search engines for consumers to locate local service providers within their vicinity.

The platform was registered as Troolr Inc., thereby making it a corporate body with license to operate. Their operational office is located in San Jose, CA United States.

This service is open to both web application users and mobile app users; you can access the platform from any of these access point to enjoy the services offered by Troolr.

Friend referral are another way registered consumers can use in getting the referral bonus. Each friend referral earns you up to $5 credits for both you and the one you referred. However, individuals who are eligible to earn this referral bonus include; those with valid Troolr account and must have reached up to the age of 18 years and above.

Interested persons can browse more about the site using and there are needs for you to check the terms and condition before you sign up.

The site is secured with SSL encryption technology for privacy protection.

3). Bloomchase

This is an online platform like Thumbtack where homeowners looking for a given service can connect, find and as well work with services provides who accountable and have been vetted. The platform is designed to make job tracking, scheduling, communication as well as payment very easy.

They match each customer with the right professional for the job. As an online match making site, they offer their best.

Membership to this platform is categorized into different levels and Bloomchase platinum is the best for anyone who requires VIP privileges.

Kindly visit,

4). Zaarly

In the search for other home services providers like Thumbtack, Zaarly comes to play a key role. They always give accountability a shot, thereby making them willing to accept responsibility. Each service that Zaarly connects to homeowners is guaranteed 100%.

The site was registered as Zaarly Inc. and for you to enjoy their services, you must register and become an account holder with User ID. Zaarly Inc. was founded by Bo in the autumn of 2011.

Eligible applicants who possess qualification to work with Zaarly as Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer should feel free to apply as there are currently opening for full time remote or Kansas City resident.

Zaarly provides a platform where home owners who require the services of professionals can get best. And they as well ensure that services providers keep to their promise of delivering the best service.

There are a lot of services that you can access using Zaarly and they include; Pest Control Services, Window and Door Services, Roofing and Gutter Services, Irrigation Services, Flooring Services, Home Security and Locksmith Services, Appliance Repair Services, Painting Services and many more.

Services providers pay certain percentage to Zaarly after successful completion of each project. And Zaarly offers home owners an apology fine of $100 if any of their service providers stood them up. This policy includes; service provider not showing within 1 hour of appointment time without any form of communication or when the service provider decides not to show at all without calling for cancellation.

Zaarly match homeowners with service providers on their list of customer satisfaction and the list are algorithm used in rating; brisk responds to call, the efficiency on completed jobs as well as how your neighborhood feels about your work.

For reliability purpose, Zaarly ensures that all the service providers they contract undergo security vetting as well as their criminal record check. These makes home owners to hire confidently using Zaarly platform.

Eligible users can get promotion offers which may include; free services or discounts on services.

For Zaarly to match each project to a service provider, the following are putted into consideration; price or budget range, the specialty of each provider, the location or service proximity on a given zip-code.

Other information about Zaarly can be found on or you can pay a visit to their registered address located at 6324 N Chatham, #195 Kansas City, MO 64151 United States.

5). Proreferral

This a pro referral site as the name entails, and it offers similar client referral services like Thumbtack.

Registration on this platform is for individuals above the age of 18 years and must be within United States. Only eligible members can qualify for sweepstakes and any other contest that may arise.

The site was registered as Red Beacon, Inc., the corporate headquarters is located at 4000 E. 3rd Ave, Third Floor, Foster City, CA 94404 United States.

Some of the Pro Referral services include; Painting, Plumbing, Handiwork, Carpenter, Landscaper and many more.

If you are interested in the services of Proreferral kindly visit for more details.

6). TaskRabbit

As a site like Thumbtack, their key task is to help service professionals find more customers as well as enabling consumers via their platform search for professional services within an area.

This great tasked is championed by Stacy Brown-Philpot and with her awesome team, they have put a satisfactory smile on their customers face.

TaskRabbit is open for both IOS device users and Android device users. You can as well access the platform via a web application.

Membership eligibility for US-based users is 18 years and above, however, other location may vary.

You can locate the site via their registered address at TaskRabbit, Inc., 237 Kearny Street #9003 San Francisco, CA 94108, United States.

You can as well look up for more details on their official URL address using


The important thing about sites like Thumbtack is that they act as an intermediary between the consumers and the professional service providers. Their sites are secured and ensure the link trusted Pros to end-users.

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