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Sites Like Turo

Sites like Turo – Turo is a San Francisco based online car sharing marketplace where guests can book any car they want, wherever they want it, from a vibrant community of local hosts across the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. Guests choose from a totally unique selection of nearby cars, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership.

A pioneer of the sharing economy and travel industry, Turo is a safe, supportive community over 10 million strong with more than 350,000 vehicles listed and over 850 unique makes and models. Whether it is a truck to help out on moving day, a Mercedes Benz for a luxurious Weekend away, or a classic Volks Wagen bus for a picture-perfect road trip, Turo lets you book cars that are part of a story, not a fleet.

To be an approved driver on this platform, sign up for Turo with facebook, Google or your email. Your identity and eligibility will be confirmed. Enter your travel dates and location and search their vast selection of unique, locally owned cars. Book the car of your dreams.

The owner will confirm or decline your trip within eight hours, but typically it is much sooner. Meet the car owner to pick up the car. Many owners offer delivery, so they may bring it right to you. Walk around the car, show them your license, grab the keys and drive off into the sunset.

At the end of your trip, replace the gas you used and meet the owner to drop off the car. Walk around the car again, hand over the keys, give them a high five and start planning your next adventure.

Apart from Turo there are several other websites where one can book any car they want and wherever they want it. These websites can serve as an alternative to Turo whenever the need arises.

List of Sites Like Turo:


Get around is an online platform that allows renters to find, rent and unlock cars right from their phone while giving owners the security features they need to share one of their most expensive assets. By providing a safe and seamless way for people to share cars with each other they want to change the way the world thinks about car ownership.

This platform was founded to change the way people think about cars. With the average car sitting idle 22 hours out of each day, the company knew there had to be a better way to put the cars parked on their streets for a better use.

There are one billion cars in the world, and this is a number that is set to double in the next 10 years. Get around is doing everything they can to stop that from happening. Get around is making moves to become a global car rental service provider. Recently, the startup announced its acquisition of Drivy, a Paris headquartered car-sharing startup.

Get around is headquartered at San Francisco, California, United States of America and was founded by Sam Zaid, Jessica Scorpio and Elliot Kroo.

Get around serves a wide range of areas namely urban areas of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco bay area, new jersey, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, san Diego, los Angeles, Denver and Washington. Globally, get around is in France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands.


Around about cars was designed to fulfil the need for affordable quality car hire in South Africa. This family-owned business was established in 1995 and now boasts over 40 affiliated branches nationwide. If its value for money and reliable, personalized service you are looking for, then around about car hire is for you.

The company offers a huge fleet of the latest, quality vehicle brands and models with everything from compact and economical vehicles to people carriers, 4x4s and motor homes.  The company can be found in any major city in South Africa, in portals to some of Southern Africa’s main attractions and even across the borders into Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana and more.

To provide you with a complete stress-free car rental experience, their vehicles can be collected or returned at all major airports in their service area. They also provide direct transfers and chauffeured services night and day, cheap one-way drop-offs, discounts with a variety of accommodation partners and 24-hour country wide emergency assistance.

Around about cars pride themselves not just on their quality service but their added services that stand out above the rest. For the cheapest and most reliable car rentals in South Africa, email around about cars or fill out their booking form and they will get back to you in no distant time.


Car sharing is an online platform which has a number of distinct characteristics. This is a website primarily designed for a shorter time and shorter distance trips and extension of the transportation network, providing a public service designed to enhance mobility options. Longer trips may be available to further discourage car ownership.

Car sharing helps its members save money over the cost of individual car ownership by encouraging members to drive less often, plan trips more, use other modes of transportation more and share fuel-efficient vehicles when a car is needed.

Car sharing is defined by its environmental and social purpose rather than business and financial objectives.

Its vision, mission and values lead to actions aimed at decreasing personal car ownership, reducing vehicle distance travelled, improving urban lead use and development, providing affordable access to vehicles for all constituencies, as well as motivating residents to walk, cycle and take buses and trains and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels while reducing the emission of green house gases. 

For more robust information on how car sharing works, you can visit their official website and download the company’s complete code of ethics.


Zip car is another online car sharing marketplace with a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. A future filled with more car sharing members than car owners in major cities across the globe.

Zip car does this by delivering on-demand vehicles that support environmental sustainability thereby helping members save time, hassle and money in their everyday transportation, Freeing up city space through strategies that consider campus, urban, residential, and commercial and city planning needs.

They intend to become a premier employer of talented passionate people who thrive on changing the world for good, living their core values as a company and as individual team members. Zip car doesn’t just start with the member experience. They live it. They sit atop an impressive history of innovation, risk-taking, ingenuity and hard work.

And they are still driven by the same core mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. It all grows as they get closer and closer to their vision of a world where car sharing outnumbers car ownership. Zip car was founded on January 2000 by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase.

The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts United States of America. Members can reserve vehicles with zip car’s mobile application, online, or in some places by phone at any time, either immediately or up to a year in advance.  


Alamo is an online platform pioneering the concept of unlimited free mileage. Immediately carving its niche in the leisure car rental industry, Alamo focuses its mission on providing a fun, low cost, high-value experience to family and leisure travellers.

The brand quickly becomes one of the country’s largest vacation rental providers and the largest provider to international travellers visiting North America. To facilitate the increase in leisure travellers, Alamo constructs its first state of the art rental plaza in Tampa which serves hundreds of customers per hour in a modern ultra-spacious environment.

They also introduced a new customized rental agreement the size of an airline ticket and instant Alamo rent a car, a program that stores a traveller’s individual rental information for instant reference.

By going directly to Alamo.com and registering for free to become an Alamo insider, customers receive a guaranteed member discount of five per cent off the retail rate. In addition, Alamo customers in the United States of America are able to conveniently choose their own vehicles, based upon their advance reservation and requested car class, and then simply drive away from the airport.

Alamo’s self severs kiosks at major United States airport locations also allow customers to expedite their check-in time and hit the road faster. Customers who book online receive Alamo’s best rates and receive additional discounts if they choose the Prepay and save option when making their online reservation. Alamo also serves as the official rent a car of Walt Disney World.


Fox rent a car is a car sharing service provider founded in 1989. It is a deep value car rental company known for providing excellent customer service and low rental car rates. For rent a car is the largest independent car rental company in the United States of America with 20 airport locations and over 100 major airport location across the globe.

Fox is a great alternative for cost-conscious customers looking for low-cost rental cars. Fox rent a car also understands that lower prices cannot come at the expense of customer service and has consistently ranked high for customer satisfaction.

The fox rental car flet features vehicles of all sizes from ford, Toyota, Kia, Nissan, Chevrolet and GMC. Fox employs a highly skilled workforce of over 1,000 professionals dedicated to offering all their customers high quality, friendly and honest service.

This platform was founded by three partners with its first airport location near LAX in Los Angeles. Presently fox has opened the 100th location and announces the grand opening of new airport location at San Diego Airport and new affiliate locations opened in Maui, HI and Buffalo, New York.

7). SIXT

Sixt is a leading international mobility provider offering vehicle rental and leasing in more than 100 countries around the globe. Their customer base spans private and business travellers, offering products and services individually tailored for all vehicles hire needs.

Sixt stands for innovative products and a high standard of service and quality. Experience this for yourself. On this platform, their customers are their challenge. Customer satisfaction is their goal.

They operate a strictly customer-centred approach, highly motivated staff and top performance. Sixt is the spirit of mobility, delivering solutions to mobility demands using state of the art online and mobile technologies.

This company was launched in the year 1998 and has expanded to a network of over 60 car hire branches across the entire country. With Sixt, premium vehicle hire, personalized rental packages and outstanding customer service is ready and waiting for you.

With this company’s comprehensive network of car hire branches across the United Kingdom. An all-encompassing fleet of hire vehicles, extended range of additional options and flexible rental terms, Sixt offers you the choice and convenience that you need so that you can simply enjoy your drive. Drive happy with Sixt.


Not everyone wants to own a vehicle and those who do may want to put it to use and earn a little extra cash. Turo is a website where one can visit to rent a personal vehicle or rent directly from an owner.

We have brought to your notice through this piece a good number of other good car renting companies that can serve as an alternative to Turo in case their prices are on the high side or any other reason.

Feel free to check them out when the need arises and make maximum use of them.

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