4 Furniture Store Sites Like West Elm

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Sites Like West Elm

Sites like West Elm – West Elm is an American based website that sells kitchen wares and home furnishings. It is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York United States of America and has their official website address as www.westelm.com.  West elm has come up with different methods of communicating with customers and offering them opportunities to other nearby businesses.

West elm is owned by Williams Sonoma Inc the parent company of Pottery Barn. The company is one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the United States and one of the largest multi channel specialty in the world. The west elm brand was introduced in the year 2002 with the release of a catalog.

The next year the business opened its first store. The group introduced west elm hotels under the west elm brand. The joint partnership will be done with DDK, which is a hospitality management and development agency.

Although the home furnishings sector alone in the United States is estimated at more than $160 billion, just a tiny portion of the business is online. Traditional barriers to online shopping for home furnishings are crumbling as new waves of shoppers start furnishing their homes with the internet.

Additionally, shoppers across all generations have built up a comfort level over time with online purchases of smaller items such as books and shoes making the move to furniture and décor a more comfortable transition.

There are loads of other furniture stores to sell mid century modern furnishings if you are only conversant with west elm and all it has to offer and still looking to shop around, then this article is for you.  

Whether you are on the lookout for big-ticket items such as couches or dining room tables or you are only searching for smaller decoration items, below is a quick review on websites to shop for the ultimate urban feel of the mid-century.

Below is the list of sites like West Elm:


Joss and main is a major retailer of furniture which offers its customers online shopping and shipping. The furniture is sold at affordable cost, and offers a range of collection that represents emerging fashion and style trends.

Joss and main have gained nearly three million members and runs at an average turnover pace of $100 million to become the fastest expanding flash sale platform for home products and furnishings. Investors include Battery Ventures, Great Hill Investors, Fire Money and Harbor Vest Investors.

With its innovative approach to personalized e-commerce, joss and main has achieved considerable momentum in a very short span of time. The platform reached its biggest selling day on Cyber Monday by a margin of over 50 percent and revenues are up 10 fold since the previous years.

It is obvious that shoppers enjoy the joss and main experience and with the aid of their partners, they plan to increase membership and revenue at an even better place.

Joss and main has a mobile application which has helped drive steady market development with the percentage of revenue from mobile up 50 percent mostly on holidays.

Mobile application means of shopping accounts for more than one-third of revenues per weekend and hit almost 40 per cent on Cyber Mondays. Mobile is growing four to five times as quick as the rest of the business which is fast growing itself.

The convergence of engaging material, competitive pricing and an easy way to shop products from anywhere fuel a huge part of their success. Their smartphone device participants are 40 per cent more involved than the other participants.

Over the years, the online home furnishing industry has experienced double digit growth and I feel joss and main is positioned to lead the portion o flash sales. It is a massive market that is just beginning to hit reach its stride digitally and the team has the correct DNA to seize the opportunity. To know more about joss and main, visit their official website using the link www.jossandmain.com


Wayfair website is an online marketplace delivering inspirational decoration at attainable rates across regular activities, spotlight collections showcasing fashion patterns and types, and curated collections in conjunction with celebrities and notable influencers in the design world. Private selling web users may browse curated ranges of furniture, house ware, décor and accents through limited time sales.

Wayfair is selling a zillion home products and is rated one of the biggest online collection of furniture, lighting, cook ware and more. Chances are good customers will find just the right things for their homes with this huge range of more than five million goods.

Other websites under the banner of Wayfair include Allmodern.com and Joss and main. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Wayfair.com hires over 1000 employees and was officially listed by Business insider and the world’s 28th most successful private technology business. 

Wayfair runs sales and service centres in Ogden, Utah and Hebron, Kentucky and international offices in Galway, Ireland, London, Berlin and Sydney.

The aim of the company is to evoke a lifestyle magazine and promote frequent window shopping delights as well as ease and lure to buy every item from every story. This formula resonates very well with the members as demonstrated by the speed at which new members sign up daily.

The platform has an edge over other stand-alone flash sites because they have got several partners thus they have capabilities and flexibilities with their offerings which in turn makes the customer experience even more convincing. Learn more about this platform on www.wayfair.com

3). ZARA

Zara is a Spanish apparel store located in Arteixo in Galicia. The website specializes in quick fashion and items which involves furniture, clothes, footwear, shoes, swimwear, makeup and perfumes. The platform is the main organization in the inditex group, the main apparel retailer in the world. As of 2017, Zara handles up to 20 sets of apparel a year.

In the year 2014, Zara launched RFID technology into its shops. The RFID chips are found in the identification tags and can be reused and withdrawn from the product after it is bought. The chip helps the firm to take stock easily by sensing radio signals from the RFID tags.

The stockroom should be automatically told anytime an object is finished so that the object can be substituted. With the RFID tag, you can quickly locate an object which is not on the shelf. To learn more about Zara and their services, please visit www.zara.com

Apart from sophisticated home furniture, Zara shops provide clothes for men and women as well as apparel for children. Zara’s products are distributed according to market preferences. The extremely sensitive supply chain is delivering new products twice a week into shops.

After manufacturing the items, it requires ten to fifteen days to hit the stores. All the merchandise processed through the distribution center in Spain. New items are inspected, sorted, tagged and loaded into trucks. In most instances, within 48 hours, Zara produces more than 450 million items a year.


Modani is an online retailer of home furniture with an aim not to become just a furniture store where you buy your living room décor, bedroom design or accent furniture. They want to be the location where you start your life which is why their team creates beautifully crafted furniture for the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Modani makes your comfort and happiness their top priority by providing a convenient two ways to shop their furniture online. The modern furniture is built to honor the trends of the past while embracing this wave of design future and that slogan stands for whether you are looking for a couch and other pieces of living room furniture, a new chair or even a wall décor.

At the company’s headquarters they build and include all the team members in the design phases such that each item is as exclusive as your place of residence. The company believes that it is this sort of actions that makes them the best furniture shop to find new home decoration.

Connect this idea to affordable prices, expert design consultants and white glove delivery on any item that they have in stock. This has made Modani the smartest way to buy contemporary and modern furnishings.

If you are ready for a time in design then launch your career as consultant at either of the platform’s showrooms. In the most trendy cities, you will find their show rooms example in New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more to follow.

If you are curious about designing a bedroom filled with Zen or if you are enthusiastic about discovering the possibilities of home design, visit their official website using www.modani.com to get all the necessary information.

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 There is no doubt that at some stage everyone shops at west elm for their home furniture. Not only does it have practically everything you might possibly desire, but it is also hard to top the cheap rates. Would you want to upgrade from west elm then make use of the websites we have rounded up for you above. Their contents include awesome home décor and furniture that will help you home feel so unique.

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