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Sites Like Zazzle

Sites like Zazzle – With the world of creativity taking a new shape, so is the technology that facilitates their rising. Zazzle is an online brand promoter and content manager, they aggregate the customs of artists, creators and brand designers, thereby connecting them to world-renowned printing promoters.

Are you looking for a t-shirt, birthday gift, stationery, bags, shoes, or stickers that have a unique print design on it? Do you know that as a designer, artist or independent brand creator, Zazzle, with their state-of-the-art make engine technology can connect the uploaded design or artwork on your account page and have it produced with an environment-friendly ink of best print companies in China, United States and the United Kingdom?

Some of the products you can get on this platform include; Shoes, Mugs, Stickers, Clothing, Home Décor and more. The journey of Zazzle started way back summer of 2005 by a group of family of nerds, “led by their father; ’Robert Beaver’, and his two sons; ‘Bobby Beaver’ and ‘Jeff Beaver’”. They registered the platform as Zazzle, Inc.

With Zazzle, you can design and redesign any product and have it printed and delivered to consumers without stress. All these privileges are for individuals who are up to the age of 16 years or more and must have signed up as a member on the platform. Becoming a member also promotes your opportunity of becoming a beneficiary of Zazzle promotions like Sweepstakes, Bonus, Contest, and special offer.

To complete your transaction with Zazzle, you must use the approved payment methods, which includes, American Express, PayPal, Visa, as well as MasterCard. Registered members can utilize the friend referral bonus offered by Zazzle to all who invites new member to this platform and the reward for referring a friend remains $25 per invitee.

Mobile app service is also available on this platform and it helps members to have easy access to the site and its resources. The official languages used on this app is up to 18 different languages and it will help users from different countries and regions of the world.

The mobile app is available for all iOS devices and Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the designated app stores. Members can use the app to create or design their stuff and upload it directly without much protocol because the app is built with all in one tool.

Are you considering signing up for this great platform to make cool cash and become independent as well? Kindly visit Or walk in to the corporate head office of Zazzle, located at Zazzle Inc., 1800 Seaport Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94063 United States.

The Sites Like Zazzle are:

1). Etsy

This is an online craftmanship promoter site that shares some unique similarities with Zazzle. It promotes the marketplace of independent artist and creative content creators, by connecting their unique designs to buyers across the globe. Are you passionate to sell or buy what you are talented to do? Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, as well as Haim Schoppik are three friends from iospace and they created this platform just for you to do that which you are good at and that is creativity.

This project kicked started in the fall of 2005 and it gradually grew to become a renowned handmade craft facilitating sites, with over 60 million items listed to be sold.

This task is not what three men can do and they require the services of others, this led to the recruitment of over 1,209 employees to join their workforce and they are in Etsy offices located in Hudson, Ireland, New Delhi, Berlin, New York, India, United Kingdom, Paris, CA Toronto, France, Dublin, Germany, and Canada.

Etsy has recorded over 44.8 million active buyers from across the globe and they also have over 2.6 million sellers on this platform. This was possible due to the encouragement from Etsy via its support, Lower fees as well as state-of-the-art tools made available as a stepping stone for entrepreneurs to stand while managing their business. The charge to sell on this platform is just 20 cents.

The Etsy Mobile app is the talk of the moment and it is equipped with the best navigation tools, which makes it easy to work with. It is available to both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) devices and you can get yours from Google Play or Apple Store.

Some of the products you can find on this platform includes; Shoes, Wedding gifts, Entertainment, toys, and more. Others include; Collectibles and Arts such as Memorabilia, Miniature, Paintings, Sculptures, fiber arts, drawings, illustrations and more.

The payment options available for transactions include; All major Credit and Debit Cards like; Discover, Mastercard or Eurocard, American Express, Visa, Carte Bleue for France. Others include; Etsy Credits and Gift Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna Invoice Payments for Germans, Sofort for Austria and German, iDeal for Netherland residents and Klarna Invoice Payments for Germans.

All the above payment options depend on the one your seller requests for, however, there are some terms and conditions that must be met for any transaction to be successful. With the availability of Etsy credit or gift card, for those who have Etsy account, all transaction will be charged directly from your Etsy account. This will be sweeter if you are doing any transaction using your mobile app.

The following are the major currencies accepted for transaction and they include; New Zealand dollar (NZD), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Singapore Dollar (SGD), US dollars (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF) and Swedish Krona (SEK), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Danish Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

Are you interested in the above platform? All you need to do is to visit or you can get more updates from their social media pages and remember to follow and like their page and handle.

2). Printify

This is another site like Zazzle that connect products designed by entrepreneur to the world. It was founded in the autumn of 2015. They have over 250 unique products in their stock, with offices in Europe, North America and China.

Printify is located at Printify, Inc. 108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, USA. The investors of Printify include; Twitch, YouTube, Angels, Bling Capital and others.

More information can be found on the official page of Printify via

3). Printful

As the name implies Printful provides content creators and craftsmen the opportunity to display their work to the world. All customized item are real cash out there and the job of Printful is to ensure that each artist or creator gets their message to their audience. Lauris Liberts and Davis Siksnans created this platform on the 16th of June, 2013, with a mission to help entrepreneur stand.

They are located at Printful, Inc. 11025 Westlake Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273 United States. Or kindly visit  for more details.

4). UncommonGoods

Creative gifts require special attention and unique people deserves the best gifts. UncommonGoods as the name implies is an online link between the designers and the sellers. It is a platform that offers content creators as well as craftsmen the privilege to seller all designed gift items from variant categories.

The journey of UncommonGoods started when Dave Bolotsky found the need to create a meeting ground for independent craftsmen, and artist to showcase their product for little or no fee. The platform was created in the spring of 1999 and from then onwards they have been delivering over a thousand exceptional and unique items of different categories of art, ranging from potters, jewelry artist and painters. The end products available for sell on this platform include; items for Women, Men, Kids, Home Décor, Bar, Kitchen, Jewelry and more.

All completed transaction takes up to 2 to 3 weeks for the delivery to get to its destination and for all defunct goods, your refund ng takes up to 5 working days to mature. However, terms and conditions apply. For more info kindly click the following link for easy access;

5). Bonanza

This platform is special because it is among the online platform for entrepreneur and up-coming big shots. The items sold on this platform include; Beauty, Collectibles, Women and Men gifts or clothing.

The platform was founded by Bill Harding in the early winter of 2008 with a mission to gather all creative artist and more and help them sell off their work without any subscription to the site. There is no request for store fee or listing before your products can make it to the consumers. Bonanza helps you to advertise and market your products and after sale, you they may request for little commission of sold items. Is this not fantastic? Bonanza has helped connect over 35 million products to more than 50,000 platforms where buyers can see them and purchase. The services of Bonanza cuts across 199 countries and Territories.

Sign up and enjoy the privileges of Bonanza by clicking



The good thing about all the sites listed is that it helps any creative person to display their items and have it shown to the world. All the listed sites, one way or the other help the entrepreneur to stand. I recommend them to all who need their help.

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