5 Popular Real Estate Sites Like Zillow

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Sites Like Zillow

Sites like Zillow are: Realtor, Trulia, Redfin, Homesnap, Apartment Guide. You can also read the full details of the Apartment Guide similar sites below.

Zillow came alive in 2006 formerly as a company that sell adverts but later on emerged in 2009 as a company that specializes in real estate operations. Zillow was founded by Rich Barton and they have their head office in Russell Investment Center Seattle Washington. Today, Zillow has become the holy grail of real estate in the US.

You get to find any home-related information you may seek. The Zillow database contains info on over 110 million US homes. With Zillow, you can buy, sell, rent, remodel, finance and do lots of real estate-related activities.

There are different ways Zillow gets their listings. For homes that are sold by the owner, the owner of the account will have to manually list the home on Zillow through his Zillow account. Other sources of listing on Zillow includes; listing through the home agents, partners, brokers, third-party providers and sometimes through MLS.

Listings from different websites are not accepted on Zillow. Updates for syndicated listings are to be made directly from the source and it appears on Zillow within 24 hours. You can always check their listing feed for newly updated data and remain current on the newly available homes.

There are terms and conditions that apply when listing your homes. For instance, only residential listings are acceptable on Zillow. Therefore, you are not permitted to list homes meant for commercial purposes such as fractional ownership properties, commercially zoned properties, vacation rentals and likes of it. Auction listings must be approved through the auction-specific feed before it can be listed.

Contact information, photos and any other promotional or marketing information are not acceptable on your listing profile. You have to check out their website at https://www.zillow.com to access more information on how to get your listings to Zillow.

One other good features of Zillow is that they have made their services to be easily accessible by the disabled persons as well as provide satisfying experiences to all their customers and visitors. You get to even see new notifications of listings right there on your app.

Zillow may seem like one of the best when it comes with the real estate companies down there, but they may not still give you what you wanted or you simply wish to know the alternative sites to Zillow out there. Below are the few good ones.

Below are Zillow alternatives:

1). Realtor.com

Realtor.com is another website that offers real estate listing services just like Zillow. They have been operational for quite a long time since the year 1995, first as a Realtor information network and later on, as real estate listing website in 1996. Realtor.com also focuses on the residents of the US and their head office is located at No 3315 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, United States. All operations of Realtor.com are being controlled by Move, Inc., and they are so good at giving you a very comprehensive home listing.

Another good thing here is that with Realtor.com, you can gain access to search through other real estate websites like Redfin, Homesnap and likes of it. This makes searches with Realtor.com easier because you get to have access to contact agents from other real estate websites easily.

They just packed all the goodies in one site. One other good feature of Realtor.com is that their services are accessible in more than 10 different languages.

Check Realtor.com today at https://www.realtor.com.

2). Trulia

Trulia is one of the subsidiaries of Zillow which initially started in 2005 that provides quality real estate information to its users. With Trulia, you get to access deep information on the type of place you have interest living in as well as have a vast knowledge about the neighbourhoods such as knowing the nearby businesses, schools if there are criminal activities around there and so on. You either rent, sell or buy homes with Trulia.

By 2015, Zillow sealed the deal to acquire Trulia for $3.5billion and hence, Trulia became operational under Zillow Group Inc. Trulia has its headquarters at no 535 Mission St. Suite 700, San Francisco, CA94105. The Trulia’s state-of-the-art office building is about 80,000 square feet and has about 80 meeting rooms with shuffleboard and Ping-Pong tables.

Trulia was founded by Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen. Today, even though Trulia is being operated by Zillow, they still operate with different web address and provide supplementary services to each other.

If you need a better idea on where to live or make a home, take advantage of Trulia’s extensive search engine check out Trulia at https://www.trulia.com.  You can as well download the Trulia’s app to enjoy the user-friendly and easy to go services provided by Trulia.

3). Redfin

Redfin which means Real Estate Redefined is a platform created to serve as real estate brokerage for persons dealing with buying and selling of homes. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of technologists, David Eraker, Michael Dougherty and David Selinger, but did not offer the home-buying services immediately.

The home-buying services came about2 years later by February 2006. Both houses sold by owners that require no broker fee and the broker listed homes are all featured in Redfin. Today, Redfin stock uses the ticker symbol of “RDFN” to be traded on NASDAQ.

Redfin has recorded families who were able to use their platform to find and sell homes to be up to 30,000. They have a very stronghold in 90 markets across the US and Canada. Currently, they have over 80,000 customers and have made over $47 billion through home sales. It is beneficial to buy a home with Redfin because you get to save some percentage commission that was supposed to be paid to an agent when you use the ordinary real estate agents.

Sellers also get to enjoy as they only pay a 1.5% fee to Redfin as commission. Only 1% listing fee is charged although there are terms and conditions for all that.

Redfin online tools have made buying and selling fun and simple. The RedfinNow simplifies your home-selling while the Redfin Direct allows you to buy without meeting an agent. Check out their platform to choose what works best for you at https://www.redfin.com.

4). Homesnap

Homesnap is another Zillow-like website that connects buyers and sellers of real estate properties and their agents together. Homesnap was created since 2008 and has become one of the easiest real estate websites to be used.

Homesnap makes listings sweeter because they just don’t list, you can gain access to information about the neighbourhood of the home you are interested in. This helps guarantee you that any house listed here is genuine and trouble-free to rent or buy.

The mobile app features are superb because of its ability to show you listings and their pictures in real-time. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Visit the homesnap page today at  https://www.homesnap.

5). Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide is another great real estate platform which offers services just like that of Zillow. You get to rent or buy any type of apartments such as college, Corporate, Senior, Luxury, military apartments and so on. They are operational in about 47 cities round the US.

They have been the path of the RentPath family. One thing is clear with apartment Guide, you will get quality, trusted and comprehensive listings. They became one of the first real estate platforms to operate mobile app where all these things are there for you in just a click away.

Know more about ApartmentGuide at https://www.apartmentguide.com/


Real estate business is always lucrative. You earn more by either selling or becoming one of the agents that can help you. In this article, we have listed a few trusted real estate websites. Why not check them out and buy, sell, partner or become a real estate broker today.

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