7 Credit Score Sites like Credit Karma

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Sites Like Credit Karma

Sites like Credit Karma – Simply put, Credit Karma is an online platform that offers quite a wide range of Credit Score services. They grant members unrestricted data access to hubs like Equifax Credit and TransUnion. It also assists you during tax preparation and other financial enquires. 

This multination private financial platform that based in America was founded by three geeks by name; Kenneth Lin, Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard. It was launched on the 8th of March, 2007 and presently, the company boasts of 700 employees who are working round the clock to achieve a collective goal. Some of the platforms owned by the company includes; Friendly Finances Inc., Noddle, Approved Technologies Inc. 

How It Works

Credit Karma as a financial tech startup that touch-lights its interest on Credit information and providing excellent services to their customers. They benefit from this, when a member makes purchase of the services or products that categorized into different recommendation levels. The robust the quality of the products or services, the higher the money they make.

Note; not all the features and requirements are listed here. You can visit their page at https://www.creditkarma.com/  for more info.

Credit Karma Payments

Credit Karma offers all the services free of charge and you don’t need to put your credit card detail after trail expiration, however, they offer special services which includes ad promotion and that is their major source of income.

Nevertheless, there are tons of other similar sites to Credit Karma out there. Few of the very good ones will be mentioned below.

Below are the sites like Credit Karma:

1). Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a credit score site with top notch security encryption to safeguard users’ information and this security measures have been approved by Verisign and Safeguarded by TransUnion. Credit Sesame as a credit and loan platform was established in the autumn of 2010 by Adrian A. Nazari in a geek gathering at TechCruchDisrupt and the platform rose to monitor over #35 billion loan across the globe. This was achieved with about 100 employees added to their staff workforce. The company deals on Software, Personal Finance and Financial circuits. If you wish to monitor the financial health of your company then Credit Sesame is the best option. However, there are certain limitation to the free flow of credit reference as regards to the agencies they work with.

It also offers credit report and credit score and, in some cases, they help people cross-check variants of financial services or goods that they sort for. This includes; Credit Cards and Loans.

Payments can be made either through PayPal, Prepaid card or your credit card.

Then, you can check out other details at https://www.creditsesame.com  

2). TransUnion

If you desire to know your credit score in order for you to plan extensively about your financial future. TransUnion is a Finance score monitoring site that has been in existence for the past 52 years and it was created by a group of FinTech nerds. With the bobbling financial escapades that many organization and individuals are facing, TransUnion emerged as an American based consumer credit scoring and reporting platform. Presently, they are facilitating information of over 10 billion consumers across 30 different countries. It also includes over 200 million documents that link over 65,000 business to American consumers. The New York Stock Exchange has listed the shares of TransUnion at stock price of US$71.08 and the total revenue hits US$3 billion in FYI 2020. Other subsidiaries of TransUnion are iovation Inc, TransUnion Canada and TransUnion CIBIL.

Clients have the opportunity of monitoring in real-time with the TransUnion mobile app launched in 2013 and it will help you stay connected to your personal finance and credit details. The mobile app is only available in the App store for all IOS devices. This process will help you know when changes are made on your credit record.

The platform is registered with an address at Trans Union LLC 555 West Adams Chicago, Illinois 60661 United States.

Join TransUnion today using https://www.transunion.com/.

3). Credit Wise

This is a free Monitoring platform offered to all by Capital One. They help you monitor your credit information and this is done via tracking of your Social Security Number, Scanning the Dark web and if any fraud is suspected, an alert will be forwarded to credit bureaus for necessary action.

Most people don’t know the significance of Credit Score, many a time your information might be in the wrong hands and they will be using it to compromise your credit information. It is only when you opt in for credit monitoring that you will be alleviate the stress caused by identity theft.

The Credit Wise mobile app allows each user to manage information on their credit health. The app is available for both Google Play and App Store download compatible devices such as IOS and Android devices.

With Credit Wise you will understand the potential force of each decision you make as it relates to your financial health via CapitalOne. The Security of your data is very important to Credit Wise and that is the reason why the encrypted your details with 256-bit Transport Lay Security.

What else are you waiting for. Join the scam free Financial Monitoring site at https://creditwise.capitalone.com/home today and have your credit report sent to you every 12 months.

4). Mint

Mint is an online personal financial management agency that works for both United States and Canada residence. The platform was created by Aaron Patzer in the summer of 2006, however, after the acquisition on the November 2, 2009. The employees dropped to 35. The present head office is located in Mountain View, California, United States.

The previous aggregator used was Yodlee but has been change to Intuit, which is the parent company.

To become a member of this platform, the individual must be up to the age of 18 years and above to accept the binding contract with Mint.

The mobile app helps consumers get track record of all transaction on their financial record. The app is only available for download in Google Play and App Store i.e. Android and iOS users respectively. With Mint app, you stay on top of your bills with access to unlimited free credit scores. You can as well budge well knowing what your credit health can suggest some unharmful spending.

Get more information on Mint via https://www.mint.com/. Or you can visit the registered address of Mint located at 2700 Coast Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043 United States.

5). Equifax

This site was registered as Equifax Inc. And it is among the heavyweight in consumer credit reporting marketplace. It rolls with the big players like TransUnion and Experian. The platform has collected and aggregate over 800 million consumers and over 88 million enterprise across the globe.

The company was founded in the

Get your credit health monitored using https://www.equifax.com/.  

6). Annual Credit Report

Annual Credit Report is another platform like Credit Karma, that provides Credit Monitoring services to clients all over American with their business associates. This platform is absolutely free, which was in line with the federal law that grants Annual Credit Report and two others to provide the public with free annual credit report.

The site is being managed by Central Source and they have been in this business over a long period of time and their services is strictly for United States residents.

More details are available at https://www.annualcreditreport.com/.  

7). Experian

Experian can be said to be a Steward of Data as regards Finance collection, utilities and maintenance. As it stands, this platform is in charge of collection and aggregation of information on over a billion business and individuals across United States. The kind of services they offer includes; online management of credit history as well as other products that are deplored to identity theft. Just like Credit Karma, each consumer or business tend to monitor their financial health with Experian monitoring tools.

Presently the site records over 16,500 employees, with total revenue of over US$5.1 billion. Since the platform was found in spring of 1996 in the small city of Dublin, Ireland. Experian operates from over 37 countries and territories. Their stock price hits 2,213.00 GBX and Brian Cassin the CEO is having some challenges keeping the market steady.

The platform is being managed by Experian Information Solutions, Inc., As an Irish dominated platform, Experian ensures that they collect as well as aggregates business and personal information of over 235 million individuals and 25 million businesses. Other subsidiaries of Experian include; Serasa S.A., Experian Information Solution and more.

To registered with Experian, kindly sign up using their official URL address of Experian at https://www.experian.com/.

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Becoming a credit monitoring and score platform goes with trust and integrity and all the listed sites like Credit Karma has gotten a good part of the system and they have earned their trust. The sites are all secured to handle financial analytics for all consumers and business in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. Why don’t you sign up to have your financial report on check?

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