6 Popular Movie Sites like IceFilms & Alternatives

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Sites Like IceFilms

Sites like IceFilms include: Zmovies, Watch32, 123movies, Movie4k, Putlocker and Moviesjoy. Check below for the full details of all the Moviesjoy similar sites.

IceFilms is a well-known website that streams TV shows and movies for free. IceFilms records millions of site visitors on monthly basis. Watching movies has become a way of life for some people, they can’t spend a whole day without entertaining themselves with good movies.

Such people sometimes resort to subscribing on those pay platforms. But there are some among these movie lovers who are not able to provide the monthly subscription fee of such platforms. Such people go about searching for platforms that stream movies and TV shows for free such as IceFilms, Gostream, Vmovies, 123movies, etc.

IceFilms stream most of their TV shows and movies on HD quality, and their videos are usually in full-length. Operators of IceFilms platform are very proactive as they constantly update this site with new movies. Their updates in most cases are done every day. IceFilms don’t actually host these movies on their website, they rather link their users to the movies. Movies and TV series of different genres and sub-genres are present on this platform. That notwithstanding, movies from a number of countries are also present on IceFilms. Movies and TV shows on IceFilms are also grouped according to the year they were produced.

IceFilms allows their users to request for movies that are not available in their site. This process is very simple as it is done through the user’s email. IceFilms usually link such requested movies to their site as soon as they can. But like other free movie and TV show streaming sites, IceFilms is ad-supported.  This means that videos on IceFilms platform are interrupted by ads at intervals. You may not only watch your favorite movie on IceFilms, you can also download them for future entertainment. You need to know that IceFilms stream pirated movies, hence the reason why they are seen as an illegal site.

Visit IceFilms on https://www.IceFilmss.info

The business of streaming free TV shows and movies for free is not done by only IceFilms, there are a number of other free movie streaming sites that you can use as an alternative to IceFilms. Read on!

Alternative Sites Like IceFilms:

1). Zmovies

Zmovies is among the best websites like IceFilms that stream TV series and movies at no cost. Zmovie is one of the alternatives to IceFilms as they have a wide range of movie collections. Their collections cut across different genres like Horror, Romance, War, Biography, Documentary, Culture, Fantasy, History, Drama, etc. Zmovie’s users may decide to go for trending movies or most watched movies. These categories of movies are equally available on the site. Like IceFilms, Zmovies stream their movies on HD quality and in full-length.

Another special feature of Zmovies is the availability of the descriptions of the movies and TV shows on their website. The available descriptions include the storyline, date of release, major cast, title, etc. Search box is also available on zmovies homepage. This feature makes searching easier on the site. That aside, one can equally sort for a movie on the site by release year, or by genre.

There are a lot of movies and TV shows to enjoy on Zmovies.

Visit Zmovies on https://2.zmovie.co 

2). Watch32

Watch32 is a free video streaming site like IceFilms that can also serve as a good alternative to Icefilms. On Watch32, users can download unlimited number of movies and stream as much as they can. Users can also request for a movie they desire to watch which is not available on the site and the movie will be uploaded within a short time. Watch32 don’t only stream high quality videos, they also provide their users with news and updates about upcoming movies. Watch32, like Icefilms can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their geographical location. Like IceFilms, movies on Watch32 website are grouped according to features such as Top-rated, Year of Production, Multiple Categories, Daily Updates, etc.

Like other well organized video streaming sites, videos in Watch32 are also grouped according to genres. Available genres on the site include Action, Drama, History, Biography, Romance, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Culture, Zombie, Fantasy, etc. Users of Watch32 platform can access the site at any time and any day and stream movies to their satisfaction at no cost.

Visit Watch32 on https://www3.watch32.la

3). 123movies

123movies is among the most popular platforms like IceFilms that stream movies and TV shows for free. 123movies is equally a good alternative to IceFilms. The platform doesn’t only allow its users to watch the movies, it also permits downloads. 123movies which began operation in 2015 presently, cannot be accessed on Google. This amazing platform operates from Vietnam with over 98 million active site visitors. Like IceFilms, 123movies streams their movies and TV shows in HD quality, and all their videos are in full-length. Hollywood and Bollywood movies and a number of other major TV shows are streamed on 123movie platform for free. Like IceFilms, 123movies is ad-supported which means that the owners make their money from those adverts that pop up on the platform.

A 123movie user need nothing but internet connection, they may not even need to register on the website before using it. 123movies has been forced to shut down multiple times but they are still operating through various cloned sites. Like IceFilms, 123movies is regarded as an illegal site, and their movies are pirated. That apart, the site don’t really host the movies, they only provide the links to them. 123movies, unarguably, is the choice of many who watch movies and TV shows online for free.

Visit 123movies on https://www1.123movies.net

4). Movie4k.to

Movie4k is another popular free video streaming site that you can use as an alternative to IceFilms. The videos on Movie4k website are streamed in HD quality and they are also in full-length like those on IceFilms. Movie4k was officially shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2013 because of copyright violations but that has not hindered them from operating. Like IceFilms, user’s registration on Movie4k is voluntary.

Movie4k streams movies and TV shows from different genres including Action, Horror, Family, Documentary, Sci-Fi, History, War, Biography, Romance, Sports, etc. Movies4k also serve their users in languages such as English, French, German, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Italian. Like IceFilms, Movie4k does not actually host the movies and TV shows on their website, they rather provide the links to them. Millions of users prefer Movie4k to other similar sites perhaps due to the simplicity of their site.

Visit Movie4k on https://movie4k.org

5). Putlocker

Good alternatives to Icefilms is incomplete without the mention of Putlocker. Like IceFilms, Putlocker is a well-known platform that streams collections of movies and TV shows. Millions of users choose Putlocker over other major movie streaming sites. Putlocker serves millions of users from different parts of the world daily. Their website is available and accessible 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

Although Putlocker was ordered to shut down in 2016 by the British High Court, Putlocker is still in the business of streaming movies and TV shows for free.

Putlocker’s movies and TV shows are in full-length and they stream in HD quality too. They have movies and TV shows of different genres and different years. The genres available on their website include Horror, Action, Family, Romance, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Biography, War, Lifestyle, etc.

Searching for movies on Putlocker website is pretty easy as you can sort by Year of Production or by Genre. The Search Box is also available to aid your search; you only need to type the title of the movie and Putlocker will make it available for you.

Visit Putlocker on https://putlocker9.ru/

6). Moviesjoy

Moviesjoy is among the free movie streaming sites one can use as an alternative to Icemovies. Moviesjoy streams fast and in full HD quality (1080p). You can sort movies and TV shows in Moviesjoy according to Year of Production, Genre, or Country.

There is also Search Bar available in Moviesjoy home page where one can simply type in the title of the movie he wants to watch and that solves it all. Like IceFilms, Moviesjoy is also ad-supported. This means that ads can interrupt your movie or TV show at any point.

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Moviesjoy operates in English language; there are limitless number of movies and TV shows on their platform. You can watch movies and TV shows on Moviesjoy website irrespective of your location, but people from certain locations may require the use of VPN to be able to stream on this platform. Like IceFilm, Moviesjoy is operating illegally. They also don’t host the movies but provide link to them.

Visit Moviesjoy on https://www1.moviesjoy.net


IceFilms is not the only site that streams Movies and TV shows for free. There are several alternative sites to IceFilms some of whose modus operandi is better than that of Icefilms. But all the free movie and TV shows streaming sites seem to have a lot in common, therefore you can just choose one among them for your everyday use.

As you make use of these sites, you need to apply caution and also do well to secure your device against possible malware.

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