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Sites Like Indeed

Sites like Indeed – Simply put, Indeed is a job listing platform or search engine for latest Jobs. Indeed was created in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan and is based in Austin, Texas, US. Indeed services covers about 68 countries in the world and this has given thousands and millions of opportunities to be made known to people by connecting them to these opportunities.

Resumes are being uploaded to this site by people on daily basis to help them get linked to any corresponding job available. Indeed records more than 250 million unique visitors on monthly basis with about 150 million resumes uploaded.

To ensure the secured and successful recruitment process, Indeed has employed about 8,900 qualified staffs to help provide you a warm experience with Indeed. Indeed acts as a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd and provides these services in more than 28 different languages. In US alone, Indeed has 6 offices with about 10 outside the US.

Indeed have connections of job listings that cuts across about 12 major categories. These can be seen in the different departments of Indeed. The Indeed departments are Client Success, Legal, Sales Support, Engineering, Marketing, Search Quality, Finance, Product Management, Technology Services, User Experience, Human Resources, and sales.

You can’t just miss out with Indeed. As they add new opportunities every sec and gives you free access to these opportunities. They post new job listings from different sources such as newspapers, job boards, company career pages, associations, job boards and sometimes get them directly from the employers.

They should be one of the major sites to subscribe to if you’d want to connect to the job of your dreams. In other words, Indeed provides huge source of help to both the employers and job seekers by connecting them more quickly.

Just upload your resume, also try creating job alert emails and searching for the jobs you would like, save them and you can also apply for these jobs directly from Indeed. You can opt to follow their Essential Job Search Guide to stay guided as you search.

More details about Indeed, their Bugcrowd security measures, billing method, finding a job and many more are available on through their website at https://support.indeed.com.

Nevertheless, there are still tons of other sites out there that are tailored to satisfy your job hunting needs. Below are few of them.

Similar sites to Indeed

1). Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another large and popular job listing ad recruit site just like Indeed. Operations of Glassdoor are handled by Recruit Holding with their Glassdoor having their head office in Mill Valley, California. In 2007, Robert Hohman, Rich Barton and Tim Besse created Glassdoor and launched it in 2008.

One thing about Glassdoor is its aim to increase the transparency of workplace. With the growing database of CEO approval ratings, interview reviews and questions, company reviews, salary reports, office photos, benefits reviews and more which are even shared by the employees of the companies, you can be rest assured that the millions of latest job listings and information gathered on Glassdoor are very authentic. Employers also depend on Glassdoor to help them recruit qualified and skilled candidates who will be most suitable for the available jobs.

Currently, Glassdoor records about 12 million job listings, and about 60 million unique visitors on monthly basis. The company also have about 1million employers and got a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Glassdoor helps provide deep insights about good companies you would love to work with and even gives you opportunities to compare salaries. You can browse for available jobs by companies, job titles or by locations. There are about 23 different Job categories in Glassdoor to choose from.

Visit Glassdoor today at https://www.glassdoor.com.

2). Upwork

Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is more of a freelancing site. As long as you have the needed skills, you can choose to sign up with them as a freelancer to get connected to employers that may need your services. Upwork started as far back as 1999 and today their headquarters is located at Santa Clara, California, US.

Over 5000 skills are needed across 70 different job categories. But one thing to note about Upwork is that each job done may have its own commission. You pay anything between 5% to 20% as commission when you get paid for any work done. Employers on the other part get connected to the talent they seek for within minutes.

Visit Upwork to know more at https://www.upwork.com.         

3). Dice

Dice is a career building and tech-related job listing websites this based in New York. Dice itself began as a bulletin board service for listing job opportunities by recruiters but later launched their online platform in the year 1996. Dice is a creation of two former contractors Lloyd Linn and Diane Rickert but operates today under the ownership of DHI Group, Inc.

We refer dice as a Career building website because it serves as a helping hand to tech experts who would want to gain more experience their area of specialization. While you seek for the job listings, you also have the privilege of exploring the Employer Resources such as Webinars and Training, Social recruiting, Industry Insights, Recruiting 101. All these will help to widen your horizon about the said job.

For employers seeking for tech-talents, Dice got you covered. Same goes for the professionals, you get connected to employers seeking for your skills. Dice’s Online Recruiting platform is another way for employers to get the talent they sort for quickly since the platform helps analyze profiles through data that is available from over 130 social sites. Also, the Open Web powerful tools like Chrome Extension, Outlook Plug-in and iOS app connects you to the talents you may seek. It’s a win-win for all.

Jobs can be searched for in Dice either by Title, Skill, Category or checking out the Popular Searches. Generally, there are about 25 job titles, 27 skills, 18 categories of job and about 28 most searched jobs.

You can start the journey of finding a more suitable job today with Dice by visiting their site at https://www.dice.com/. You can search by entering your job title, the skills you are looking for or the company and also enter your zip code, city or state to find jobs closer to you.

4). LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more professional social network that first started out in one of the founder’s living room in 2002. By May 2003, LinkedIn was launched officially with the founders as Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, and Allen Blue. Currently, it operates as a subsidiary of Microsoft after Microsoft acquired them in 2015. LinkedIn have their head offices located at Sunnyvale, California, US.

LinkedIn is operational in over 200 countries round the world with more than 630 million users. Since is operates as a professional social network, people from all over the world have the opportunity to connect professionally and get access to job listings as well. Some of the services that LinkedIn specializes in are providing Jobs, serves as address book, Advertising, professional identity, group collaboration, online professional network, people search and company search.

With LinkedIn business solution, you get to hire or recruit candidates from the largest selection, market to a large professional audience, sell with real-time sales intelligence and learn or develop talent and skills with the online learning tools. Most of the online materials available in LinkedIn comes in slides. Post your jobs, search for jobs around you as well. You can register or sign up through Facebook or directly from the site.

Join the world’s largest professional social site today at https://www.linkedin.com.

5). CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another Job listing site just like Indeed. They have their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, US and was created in the year 1995. Apart from US, CareerBuilder provides services in about 23 other countries across Canada, Asia, and Europe, with the presence of more than 60 markets. It was formerly called NetStart Inc when it as created by Robert J. McGovern. But by 1998, the name officially changed to CareerBuilder.

CareerBuilder does not only list job opportunities on their web, they also help employers to recruit and manage employees as well as provide end-to-end human capital solutions with advertising and software services. CareerBuilder is managed by Apollo Global Management, LLC.

Some of the ways CareerBuilder can help is to show you skills that can fetch you higher money, you can view and compare salaries of different companies, you can see links that will help you to apply directly to the job listings. If you’d want to always be notified on new openings, you can sign up and subscribe to their Job Alert Emails.

Subscriptions per month depends on the plan you opt for. CareerBuilder’s Lite and Standard plan goes for $299 per month, while the PRO plan goes for $599 per month. The higher your plan. The better your benefits.

Sign up today at https://www.careerbuilder.com/.


All these indeed alternative sites are legal, safe and secured to visit.

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