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Sites Like Opploans

Sites like Opploans – Sometimes, you run out of cash when an emergency such as sickness or accident occurs, and you only live off your paycheck. Are you wondering what you can do in such situations? Well, you can always opt for loans. This is where sites such as Opploans and its alternatives come into play.

OppLoans is a website that is known to lend loans to individuals or institutions. The kind of loans available in OppLoans are personal loans (usually between the lender and the receiver), installment loans, Payday loans, Cash Advance, No Credit Check Loans and Bad Credit Loans. However, Payday loans or Cash Advance loans are considered predatory by OppLoans as they tend to keep you trapped in a cycle of expensive loans. They have recorded to have helped over 300,000 customers and got a rating of 4.95 out of 5 from Google for the quality services they provided.

The no credit check loans in OppLoans are being carried out via 3 major credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion or Equifax. However, it is not certain that all loan applications will be granted.

There are some requirements you need to meet before you can be qualified to receive a loan from OppLoans. Some of these requirements include;

  • You must be up to the age of 18 or 19 (for places like Nebraska and Alabama)
  • You must be resident in any of their active states such as North Dakota, Georgia, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas, Washington, Wyoming and several other states (full details can be seen on their website).
  • A traditional bank that has a 90-day history of your activity must be presented
  • Having a steady source of income is a necessity, having worked with your current employer for not less than 3 months.

A detailed format is shown in their website.

If by for further reasons you are asked to provide additional documents for verification, then it only means that your application will take longer than usual before approval.

Any application that is approved before 7:30pm ET within Monday to Friday will be funded within 1 business day interval.

Among the major reasons why people consider OppLoan is that they are fast, secured, provides lower interest (anything between 99 – 199% APR), safer and hassle free, there is no hidden charges nor prepayment fees, and their terms can last up to 36 months.

To gain good knowledge about OppLoans, visit their website at https://www.opploans.com.

It may seem that OppLoans has it all, well, it won’t also be too bad to check out other similar sites that provide same services as OppLoans since OppLoan’s services are not available in all the states.

Below are some of the good popular sites out there with similar services as OppLoans.

The Loan Sites like Opploans are:

1). Lendup

LendUp is also a loan platform that has been in existence since 2012. They have their head office in San Francisco, California and is known to specialize in giving out Payday and instalment type of loans with a lower loan minimum of $100.

Just by using the LendUp platform for loans, LendUp borrowers have saved up to $150 million in interest and fees. LendUp does not charge any hidden fee. They have borrowed over 6.4 million loans adding up to $2 billion over the years.

Go to https://www.lendup.com/ to use the affordable LendUp platform for your loans.

2). RiseCredit

RiseCredit is an escape route for millions of working Americans with lower-cost credit products. RiseCredit offers instalment loan options with flexible rates and payment schedules. The fascinating part is that interest is only according to how long the loan is with you.

RiseCredit approves loans between $500 to $5000 or more for returning customers.m as long as your request was approved before 6pm ET, you will receive your fund by the next business day.

Requirements to qualify for RiseCredit loan are;

  • First of all, make sure that you are up to the age of 18 or 19 as applied to your area
  • Ensure that you have a regular or active source of income
  • Endeavour to have an active and valid email that you can use to access information
  • Make sure your checking account are valid and active (not savings or prepaid account)
  • Check out the list of states they offer their services to.

Note that you are not eligible to borrow if you are listed as a covered borrower in the military database. And also, your amount is approved with the rules guiding your state of residence

You can finish your application and you will be responded to within a minute unless they asked for extra document to proof your information.

RiseCredit offers you the opportunity to reapply for the loan but you must be patient for at least 10 days or less after your previous loan has been paid off to reapply.

Among the payment options supported by RiseCredit are Debit card, ACH and Check payment. Each of these payment methods have its on rules and regulations. Therefore, it is necessary that you check out each of the options and choose the one that is applicable to you.

One great thing about RiseCredit is that they give a 5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee which means that you can change your mind about borrowing within 5 business days, having weighed their fees and conditions for lending. Should you go ahead with borrowing from RiseCredit, and you were not able to pay back before your due date, you have an additional 7 days to pay up. But this is not a guarantee that your interest will not continue to accumulate.

To know more about RiseCredit, services and service areas, go to their official URL at https://www.risecredit.com.

3). Swift Loan

Just as the name is, Swift Money Loans claims to provide one of the fastest platforms for getting online loan. While others may take a 24-hour interval to fund your account, Swift says you can receive your funds within 10 minutes or more which is dependent on your lender and your bank services (if they accept fast payments or not). With Swift, you can receive different types of loans which include; Line of Credit, personal loans, payday loans. Instalment loan, income Tax and 1-hour Loans

A quick look at the benefits of using Swift is as follows;

  • Everything is done online
  • You won’t undergo any traditional credit checks
  • There are no application fees
  • You can apply irrespective of your credit type.
  • There is no collateral request for giving out loans
  • You can loan between $500 up to $25,000.
  • Receive you loan within 10 minutes or within 24 hours as applicable to you.
  • The probability of having your loan request approved is very high
  • They have the authorization of FCA
  • The provide strict data protection,

But that nit withstanding, there are different requirements you need to meet up with before you can be approved for a Swift Money Loan;

  • The person must be up to the age of 18 and above
  • You must be a legal resident or citizen of US.
  • Your checking account should be able to accept direct deposits.
  • You provide your social security number
  • You are also mandated to provide valid contact details, phone number (either home or work), or email address.
  • Ensure your source of income is stable and reliable.

Swift Money Loans has been in existence since 2011 and have processed over 1,000,000 loans ever since. Know more about Swift money at https://www.swiftmoneyloans1.com/.

4). CashNetUSA

They have been in existence for more than 10 years with more than 3 million customers. Their service area covers different states of USA. They specialize in offering Payday loans, lines of credit and instalment loan.

Their maximum loan given to a particular individual is dependent on the individual’s state of resident. Just like Opploans, you should also expect your fund by the next business day once it is approved.

Check out their official website for more info at https://www.cashnetusa.com/.

5). Avant

Avant is also a site like Opploans that provides loans to individuals with seemingly middle-income borrowers. The company started since 2012 by John Sun, Paul Zhang and Al Goldstein and has recorded to have assisted more than 800,000 people in offsetting their bills and unexpected expenses. Avant Credit has their headquarters located at Chicago, Illinois.

Avant has said to have borrowed more than $6.5 Billion to lenders with a credit limit between $300 to $1000. Avant does not charge any other hidden fees apart from the usual administration fee, late fees when you don’t meet up with your deadline and provides a strong MasterCard ID Theft Protection. Paying back your loan using your credit card does not attract any extra fee.

Avant is good with funding as you get your approved loan by the next business day as long as the fund was approved before 4.30pm CT. Avant uses the ACH medium to deposit your fund.

Note that WebBank, one of FDIC members are responsible for issuing all Avant branded credit products.

For more enquiries, check out their website at https://www.avant.com.

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All the following sites like Opploans mentioned above provide legal, quality and secured services for your loans. Feel free to check them out.

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