5 Streaming Sites Like Putlockers

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Sites Like Putlockers

Sites like Putlockers – This is a free online streaming platform that refers to all the entertainment media content like TV series, movies, biography, documentary and more. The site started in the United Kingdom and has recorded over 10 million visitors that have viewed over 50 million content on their site. The journey of Putlockers started in the summer of 2011 and they have offered streaming services to visitors from across the globe.

All the media contents are offered in English Language; however, they have made available subtitle to accommodate other language speaking or hearing audience. Putlockers is relatively the best place to find any kind of movie or TV shows. Just type the name of the movie on the search colon and it will be made available. This is why it’s being regarded as the best free online streaming site that you can find around.

The contents are also available for free download, although most of the download button usually takes you to their ads page. Kindly check well before clicking on the “PLAY” or “DOWNLOAD”, this is due to the possibility of the ads content being pirated content. You are free to use the mobile app of Putlockers, as it enhances your viewing experience.

For the moment, Putlockers has been on temporary shutdown, due to the breach in privacy and copy right act. However, you can use the following listed alternate sites like Putlockers to relax on this lockdown season.

The Sites Like Putlockers are:

1). MovieWatcher

This is a unique free online streaming site that offers movies playing in the Theaters. The arranged their collection from the most viewed movies to recently added movies, recently added TV Series, and more. The movies offered on this platform are compatible with all devices. It has alternate streaming locations where you can watch according to the compatibility of your devices which includes; vid.to, openload.co, vidzi.tv, thevideo.me, vidup.me, and more.

You can also get the latest movie, action, thriller, romance and more. The latest TV-series available are from countries like Japan, United States, Korea, India, Thailand, and more.

MovieWatcher also support the use of VPN to tunnel through their contents for better view and with it you can watch and stream any genres of media content. Being a free on-demand streaming platform, you are not required to be subscribe the usual monthly subscription, however, you will be viewing random ads that will be attached to all moves that are being streamed on MovieWatcher.

To get an unrestricted access to this platform, kindly, visit the app store and download the mobile app on your devices as to stream unlimitedly. It only requires you to input your credentials and you are free to stream.

Sign up and get more movies, kindly visit https://moviewatcher.is/

2). SolarMovie

Among the sites like Putlockers, SolarMovie has the best and most viewed collection and it is open to all United States residents for free. It has a fast navigation platform and the tools used for the site makes it easy for people to stream or download movies or TV shows. It became a metasearch engine for all the movie lovers and to those seeking for latest or trending videos.

Despite the volume of the videos in their archive, SolarMovie arranged their movies as to be compatible in all devices; which include: Android, iOS and other computer devices. The movie has different subtitles to support variant of views from across the globe. Some of the subtitles are in English, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Chinese, Arabic and more. So, when next you are looking for a movie and feels that the language is not yours, ‘don’t worry’ and download the subtitle in SolarMovie to enjoy the best of your holiday.

The platform tricks you to click on their ads page by showing the play or download button where the ads are hyperlinked. If you must watch a free streaming site and do not wish to engage any ads, kindly be smart when looking for the play or download key, as it is their common tactics.

More details are available at https://www.solarmovie.fm/.

3). 123Movies

One thing that makes 123Movies stand out among all the free streaming sites like Putlocker, is their ability to arrange their movie collections as their name implies. The playlist and sturdy library stand out in a unique but simple art formation. The movies streamed on this platform are all HD and it is arranged from the most watch to the treading and the rest. It is being arranged on the home page to capture the attention of all visitors.

123Movies offers series of latest released movies, as well as episodes of major TV series with full-length coverage. The platform is next to none in bringing the best entertainment to your doorpost. Some of the amazing features offered by 123Movie is their ability to collectively retain movie contents, from Romance to Horror, Action, Biography, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Fantasy and more in their database. You can get backlogs of movies dated back 90’s and early 2000 in their archive.

To get more info about 123Movies, kindly log on to https://wwv.123-movies.com/

4). GoMovies

This is a free online movie site that has collection of over 10,000 TV series, Movies, Documentaries, as well as short clips. The available movies are arranged by country, genre, series and language, this makes the graphical user interface of the platform to be simple and friendly to navigate.

Are you craving for a place that your movie taste can be quenched? Do you know that all genres of movies can now be watched from the comfort of your house or office? Go Movie is the answer to quench your thirsty desire. Kindly sign up to the official URL address at https://gomovies.guru/ for more fascinating HD movie experience.

Stream on this platform supports all major streaming devices, like computer, Smartphones and iPads. Other media streaming apps allowed to stream includes; Playbox HD, Showbox, Crackle, as well as Cinemabox.

5). MovieJoy

MovieJoy as the name implies is a happy making platform that allows users to get joy from viewing its content. The platform features variant of movies, from latest TV shows to Country Series, trending collections.

The platform enjoys and online visitor of over 2 million and has streamed over 10 million media content on the platform since its inception. Most of the movies on this platform are in HD and that makes the resolution to be unbeatable.

To become a member, you are only required to fill up the form and you will enjoy all available content. However, children below the age of 13 years are not allowed to sign up on the platform.

For more details about MovieJoy, kindly visit www.moviejoy.com

6). Popcornflix

This is an online platform that supports free video streaming and it is a good alternative to Putlockers.  The site has more TV series and shows; however, it is strictly for US viewers. It has in-stock thousands of movies that is rated the largest in the collection of movies and TV series in USA.

Although, many will argue that it is now the cleanest movie streaming platform, Popcornflix has maintain a slow, and steady approach in carrying out their business with ease; it is still a good alternative to Putlockers. One of the researches that provided best preference to this challenge, is the use of VPN; it will grant you access to stream without boundaries and I recommend you do same, as to increase the quality of the streaming. Access to this platform is free of charge.

Popcornflix was founded in the wake of March 2011 and all the operation is managed by Screen Media Ventures, LLC. With their headquarters located in New York, NY United States.

The Popcornflix mobile app is available for download for both Android and iOS devices, it can be downloaded from the Apple app store; for iOS users, while the Android counterparts can download from Google Play store. 

To stream on this platform, there are no special requirement order than the internet requirement. It is an open source platform, which visitors may not need to be registered before commencing streaming. They only use google analytics to check user’s online behavior on their site.

Being a free movie streaming site, the platform has one major source of revenue an it is call ads services. They are paid by organization and businesses to advert their products and services on their platform, which in return will generate good money when the viewers click on them.

Get your latest movie at https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies

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The putlockers site is off the radar but all the sites like Putlockers are up and running. The sites offer free stream movies to all who are eligible to sign up on their page. Some of the sites are full of ads since it derives its revenue from that and you can do well by clicking on one or two ads, in order to keep increasing their revenue, while bringing the entertainment industry to your doorstep. I recommend all the listed sites to all movie and TV show lovers.

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