5 Streaming Sites Like VIP BOX

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Sites Like VIPBOX

Sites like Vipbox – Vipbox is an online web portal where you can watch free live sports videos or events such as Cricket, Soccer, UFC, WWE, Boxing, F1, MotoGP, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Darts and more.  

When you visit the company’s official web address www.vipboxe.com simply click on the sport icon and check free streams of the internet. Please be advised Vipbox does not host streams. This is just free crawler of streams that are updated every few minutes. Streams on Vipbox are free, streamed by third parties which should have rights to stream them.

In case the stream is not free please see DMCA section of this platform. You can send them an email and see the source of the stream and contact the broadcaster directly. The platform is not affiliated to them. Vipbox renders its services in different languages example English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian and Dutch.

The company has done so well by also providing a mobile application for its users. This makes the viewing experience much easier and fun because with your mobile device you can stream live sports anywhere and anytime. The mobile application is available in just two operating systems namely Android and iOS.

You can download and install the mobile Apps from Google play store or App store depending on which operating system your device is running on.

Live streaming has become one of the best ways for people to watch shows and programs through the internet. There are a lot of other web portals like Vipbox where you can watch free live sports. These other web portals can serve as a substitute website whenever you don’t get exactly what you want or satisfactory services from Vipbox.

We will introduce you to these platforms and brief you on some things you need to know about them. If you care to know more about them, then click on the links provided to visit their various official web addresses.

Sites Like Vipbox:


Fromhot is a platform where you are allowed to stream live matches on your desktop or smart mobile device. All you need is a steady internet connection and football addicts who find the idea of not being able to watch their favourite match disheartening.

If you are a sport addict then you know like ten out of hundred streaming sites are the only genuine ones and then you have quality contents to also worry about. Fromhot is a genuine streaming site that gives you your favourite matches at the go. Fromhot has some interesting features which make it one of the best sports streaming websites.

Some of these features include a user-friendly graphic interface, several sports to stream and high-quality contents. Fromhot is ranked 4/10 by Google page rank. It is ranked 25,852 globally and in 2045 in Greece. This is probably because 12.8% of its visitors are from Greece, followed only by France with 8.2%. it is a top site with big guns like wonder share, history, pixnet and itners linking into the site.

Fromhot is estimated to be earning $510 on a daily basis and so generates $186, 232 annually. This is probably because the website receives an estimate of 120,111 unique visitors every day. This is an amazing amount of traffic.

This website takes about 1.741 seconds to load. It is therefore ranked average because according to Alexa, 52% of sites are slower.  Visit the official website address www.fromhot.com to know more about this platform.


Laola1.tv is one of the world’s leading sports streaming providers that deliver sports fans around the globe exclusive streams and videos. Loala.tv provides all of its contents in the highest quality on all supported devices.

The company is in tune with the ever-increasing convergence of TV, internet and mobile telecommunications and offers endless exclusive video contents as well as live video streaming of a variety of sporting events. Some of these events include UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and the Spanish football Primera division, Austrian Bundesliga, CEV volleyball champion’s league and the EHF handball champion’s league.

Laola.tv has also designed and implemented comprehensive media platform solutions for world-renowned sports clubs and sports federations such as the German football association, Hamburg SV, Werder Bremen, European handball federation, European volleyball federation, red bull Salzburg, rapid Vienna and the Austrian ice hockey federation amongst many others.

This platform currently has partnerships with some of the most respected and well-known sports federations in the world such as the FIVB which stands for International volleyball federation, CEV which stands for European table tennis union and lots more. These channels are devoted to the individual sports providing extensive live coverage of tournaments and events in addition to interviews, background reports and full match videos available via on-demand. 

The official web address of this platform is www.laola.tv . Visit the website to find out more about their services.


Goatdee is a platform that provides its users with interesting sports news along with entertainment videos without any cost. This website provides the users to browse through the channels easily and access the number of channels in a go.

They have a very user-friendly graphic interface without any hassles, so the users are not facing any difficulty in the menu on the Goatdee website. This web portal is one of the best platforms for sports fans to easily watch their favourite games on different devices like smart mobile phones, tablet, laptop, desktop and many more supported devices.

Goatdee live sports offer almost all the sports categories like football, basketball, rugby, baseball, table tennis and so much more from all the sports channels so this is considered one of the leading and largest sports index platform where you can get all schedules of matches, highlights also updates on the live and upcoming matches or events.

It provides the user with all the information about the top games and matches all around the globe. The schedules of the various matches are or games are shown on the interface with time and dates. This feature makes the users navigate and watch their favourite games accordingly. This website aims the users with the possibility of finding their sport streams in one place.

Goatdee uses cookies to increase the user experience but they don’t collect any information or data that would identify the user or reveal the user information.

Finally, it is important to note that Goatdee does not create or host any of the site listed on the websites also streams are available on third party websites and are uploaded to the platform by users. To find out more about this great platform visit the official web address www.goatdee.me 


Stream hunter is an online place where you can watch sport live streams in great quality right from your computer when you are at work or even from your smartphone or tablet when you are travelling. If you are looking for sport live streams, you couldn’t find yourself in a better place. Stream hunter provides sports live streams in remarkable qualities and most importantly it is all for free.

Stream hunters don’t want your hard-earned money so you can spend them for a beer or whatever you want. No credit card is needed, just sit down, visit the official web address www.streahunter.net and enjoy this beautiful moment. At stream hunter are only links to streams, so they are only streaming aggregator this implies that there are only links to them but they still respect DMCA.

If any content at stream hunter violates your rights, you can let them know via email and they will remove it. Just like every other website that is so concerned about their user satisfaction and convenience stream hunter has also made available a mobile application for the Android and iOS users. You can also follow their social media channels to always be informed about what is happening in the community.


This is another platform that provides live scores and results from sources with a purpose to present the fast live scores of all today matches from all main sports example soccer, basketball, table tennis, ice hockey, baseball and American football.

All today’s sports matches with live scores and results presented on own sports page on their website. Football scores are presented for all soccer and competitions in the world from premier leagues down to the regional leagues, national cups, league cups and international score matches as the most popular and always exciting matches from  UEFA champions league, UEFA Europa league, FIFA World Cup, European Championship and Copa America.

Scoresinlive does not have the exact mode of operation with Vipbox because there is no room for streaming videos here but you can get all the relevant information you need with regards to any match at all of any category hence it can still serve an as an alternative website to Vipbox. The official website address of this platform is www.scoreinlive.com

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You already know that most of this website listed above do not host or keep contents on their servers rather they make use of third parties or share links to the original website where the content is available. This is why their services are totally free. So you can always visit any of these reviewed websites and stream live sports videos all for free.

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