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Sites Like Slickdeals

Sites like Slickdeals – For that deal to be successful, you need Slickdeals communication forum as well as their shopping tools. The site was founded with the vision and mission to increase consumers information sharing as relates to deals.

The platform was created by Van Trac in the early summer of 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada United States. Slickdeals has earned consumer’s big thumbs to become the largest as well as the most trusted deal-sharing community. Presently, the site has recorded 80% increase in returning visits, over 10 million users per month, total revenue of US$4 billion as well as total app installed hits 15 million.

Membership to this site are individual who are up to the age of 15 years or can be legally eligible to form a binding contract.

How it works

  • Logon to Slickdeals URL address and navigate to “Post a New Deal” page
  • Copy and paste the Deals URL address on the form page
  • Make an introduction about the Deal with Title
  • Give details about the Deal which includes the Price
  • Select the product categories with reference to the basic description
  • Attach a store as the final step
  • Deal Editors Curate will place each deal according to the number of votes and feedback.

Deals in this context Connors sales opportunity which consumers will be willing to partake on. Slickdeals encourages consumer to select the categories of products they will like to receive notifications when a new deal is posted.

Some of the featured deals comes from; Under Armour, Credit Karma, Chase Bank Advertiser and Staples. Other products you can find in Slickdeals include; Grocery, TV, Computers, Video Games, Clothing & Accessories, Credit Cards, Home appliances and more.

In order to enjoy faster search and be up to date of the activities of Slickdeals, kindly download the mobile app via Google play for Android users and App store for IOS device users.

For more deals kindly visit http://slickdeals.net/ for update. You can locate their head office at Slickdeals Inc., 6010 South Durango Drive, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89113 United States.

Similar Sites like Slickdeals are the following:

1). Cashbackbase.com

This is platform where a community of users who tend to passionate and savvy in finding and sharing the latest deals for it to be rated and reviewed. The knight status of the community, as well as the deal editors, guarantees the price structure thereby making it the best deal site you can find around. One good thing about the site is that it focusses on gathering the best buy with a discount for consumers in order to facilitate m a pocket-friendly price.

2). Dealnews.com

This is another comparison platform for shoppers who are goods like Clothing, Electronics and more. Daniel De Grandpre and Richard Moss founded the company in the late autumn of 1997 and since then, it has remained among top consumer comparison sites in the United States.

To become a member of the site, you must be up to the age of 18 years and above. Other details can be found on the official URL address using http://dealnews.com/.

3). Hip2save.com

Hip2save is an online site that supports a community with their deals.

The site was registered with the trade name Hip Happenings, LLC., it was created on the spring of 2008 and since then, Hip2save editors, ensure that all deals posted on the platform are verified and valid. The company makes their money via affiliated products, which they get to receive some commission.

With the Hip2save mobile app, users can do more, however, the app is only available to iOS devices and Android users. With mobile app you can unlock coupons for free and as well get better discounts of all products. Some of the available products has a promo option of free shipping.

The company has up to 50 employees and Collin Morgan when he founded the platform believed that with a community of consumers pressing for deals, you tend to get anything you want at a good price.

Other information about Hip2save can be found on the URL address at https://hip2save.com/. You can also follow them on their social media handles and pages for news and update.

4). Deals2buy.com

This is one of the sites that support cash back when you purchase with Gift Cards, you also compare Rx Prices in order to save more with prescription coupons. The company was established in November 2002 as an online aggregator of deals in order to allow comparison of offer and deals like electronics, Outfits, toys, home appliances, Watches and more.

The platform was registered as RetailMeNot, Inc., and their address is located at 301 Congress Avenue, Suite 700 Austin, Texas 78701 United States.

The payment options allowed on the platform includes; All US issued Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit or Credit card.

As of the time of compiling this review, Deals2Buy is folding up into RetailMeNot and so is the official URL address. Kindly sign up to https://www.retailmenot.com/deals2buy for more interesting changes.

5). Hotukdeals.com

Another unique alternate site like Slickdeals, remains HotUkDeals and it is among the special community-based sites that grants all users access to share both in-store and online deals for shoppers to find the best deals that suits their need. All the deals shared on the platform are from community members or any of the editors.

The site was founded on the 1st of August, 2004 after a merger with Pepper.com which is among the hottest deal sharing community in the world. The platform tends to be a knowledge sharing base for all community in order to make the right decisions from experts’ analysis.

The site has recorded a total of 172,378,933 votes, over 25 million shoppers from across the globe, 2,224,132 deals, vouchers shared by the community & deal editors.

The mobile app helps shoppers and members to navigate to the best deals and coupons. And it is only available to IOS devices and Android devices which can be downloaded in their designated App Stores.

The England based site is located at Unit 2, 1-6 Bateman’s Row London EC2A3HH United Kingdom.

Other options can be found on https://www.hotukdeals.com/.

6). dealspotr.com

As a hyper-active community of Brands, Shoppers and Influencers. Dealspotr is another site like Slickdeals that facilitates deals that meet up with the community lifestyle. Influencers get exclusive products with discount codes as well as other value-added privileges. With Dealspotr, Brands can claim their store where post of products can be visible to over a million shoppers. You can also find valid discount codes as a shopper with verified evidence via screenshot.

Becoming a member of this platform are only available to those above the age of 13 years and any thing less than that is unacceptable.

The journey of Dealspotr started in the autumn of 2017 with the target of being the leading marketplace influencer. As a self-serve platform, it handles the creation of campaign, track the analytics, manage the communication as well as the logistics, all in one platform. They also take care of notifications, reminder as well as payments for you.

Dealspotr is made of a community which are categorized in the following; Leaderboard, Influencers, Merchants, Community Guidelines, Social Buttons, Forums and Blog. These group of people made up the community that will decide the deal.

Some of the popular stores they partner with includes; Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Casper, LOFT, Viator, Zappos and more. The only approved payment method is via PayPal.

The site is registered as Demand.io, Inc. and it is located at 11150 W Olympic Blvd Suite 1080 Angeles, CA 90064 United States.

If you wish to join the LinkedIn for shoppers, kindly visit https://dealspotr.com/ for more information.

7). Dealsplus.com

Unlike other deal sites, DealsPlus offers a deal social commerce and coupon platform where users can generate deals for the community. The story of DealsPlus kicked off on the 18th of July, 2006 with the mission to be the world largest deal site.

The site boasts of over 7 million monthly visitors who share loads of deals with over 15,000 coupons. Shoppers save over $100 on the platform with over 25% to 50% discounts available. With DealsPlus shoppers don’t need to be scouring the web for promotional codes, they offer you a stress free and hunting free deals and coupons with no strings attached. Members has shared over 3.229,826 deals with up to 143,836 coupons. The platform is enjoying massive followership on their social media handles/pages with 540,442 likes on Facebook and 210,708 following on Twitter.

Members with challenges can visit Deals Plus. Address at Unit 16, 25 Hoskins Av. Bankstown, NSW, 2200.

The platform is also available for mobile users with IOS and Android apps already rolled to the Google Play and App Store respectively. Other information about the latest deals can be found on https://www.dealsplus.com/.

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All the sites like Slickdeals are legit and they all facilitates product prices via voting and it is really fun to be a member. What are you still waiting for, when you told that the product is sold half the price with free shipping?

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