Top 5 Live Streaming Sites Like Twitch

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Sites Like Twitch

Sites like Twitch – Twitch is an online platform where millions of people come together to talk, connect and enjoy themselves every day. The platform focuses mainly on live streaming video games, including the broadcasts of eSports tournaments as well as music performances, artistic materials and more recently streams in real life.

The website’s content can be accessed on-demand either live or via video.  is the official web address to this platform.

As a streamer on twitch, you are liable for the content on your stream. Twitch encourages you to make a good faith attempt to manage your stream’s social features such as setting a word filter or slowing notification to give yourself a chance to control incoming notification.

Ultimately to live by the platform’s rules you will have to determine what actions are appropriate for your stream in order to abide by the community guidelines. When you walk away from your screen, remember to temporarily disable or silence all unmoderated multimedia features such as text to speech.

Twitch remains one of the leading live online video games provider in the United States and has an edge over Youtube gaming. The company is owned by Amazon and has a record of over 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users with around a million average concurrent users. 

There are other decent or even better websites like twitch. Those websites we will list and brief information about them shared. This includes their official web addresses so you can visit them and learn more.

Below are the 5 live streamimg sites like Twitch:


Mixer is an online site like Twitch where viewers and streamers meet in new ways to see the best games in action, post your own experiences in gaming adventures and join in for great fun. With the new features being introduced regularly on mixer players and viewers have more effective ways to communicate, interact and enjoy gaming.

When Mixplay is enabled, anything can happen. The streamers and viewers on mixer are more linked than ever before. Tune in to vote on dialogue and decisions, support or question streamers in their games and also call mobs in Minecraft or use Mixplay to add overlays, stats and other valuable details to streams.

With the co-streaming feature, you can join up with friends and stream together. You and up to three friends can host your gaming in a shared watching session even though you are both playing separate games or on various devices.

Mixer was founded by Mathew Salsamendi and James Boehm but is currently owned by Microsoft. Microsoft purchased the company in August 2016 which it was renamed mixer in 2017 and started merging it into Microsoft’s Xbox division.

Users also buy subscriptions to specific channels that are Mixer partners, providing exposure to special emoticons, and attaching a badge to their name to honour their support. is the official web address to this platform.


Daily motion is a French video-sharing website like Twitch which believes that the best way to capture and express the amazing variety of life is through a video that is why the company strives to offer the best video experience. 

The website is one of the online places where you can find contents you love from all over the globe, live or on-demand ranging from sports, competitions, music festivals, comedy skits, political debates, fashion shows, gaming live streams and lots more.

Viewers can follow, watch and discuss the activities and thoughts that keep the world exciting as they happen.

The daily motion community is a platform where video makers are able to express their world and interact everywhere, anywhere with a dedicated audience. The company cares about providing all video makers with the right tools, the cutting edge technology, accessibility and exposure they need to inspire, educate and entertain. 

Daily motion is owned by Vivendi and is presently available in 43 countries and 25 languages. The company has their headquarters located at Paris, 140 boulevard Malesherbes, France with a gross record of drawing not less than 300 million users from around the world to their website who watch 3.5 billion videos each month on their player. For the latest news on daily motion visit their official web address using


Youtube gaming is the official youtube software that helps you to share your videos online and view videos from other users. You can also watch any video relevant to the world of video games on Youtube.

In fact from the right side of the screen, you can enter the most famous video game networks in the world.

The greatest thing about youtube gaming is without any doubt, its beautiful graphic user interface. From the very first time you open the program you will stream live stuff and see how you have everything at hand.

On the left margin is a list of popular games, on the right side is a list of best streamers. As it is an official youtube application, of course, you should sign in to your account this way you can like videos, compose comments and share your own videos under your username.

Youtube gaming is an extremely useful mobile application for lovers of video gaming to stay connected with their favorite players as in a matter of seconds it helps you watch footage of virtually every video game. The mobile application is available for both the android and iOS users.

Simply visit the Google play store or App Store to download depending on your operating system and start sharing and watching your favourite videos.

  • 4). USTREAM

Ustream is a web portal that permits users to televise live content over the internet just like Twitch. Members of the platform stream live videos with ease using the website’s mobile application which is available for android and iPhone users to broadcast or from the Ustream website.

Ustream members can also film and store videos for potential broadcast distribution.

The websites video network is renowned for its capacity to provide audiences with different means of communicating with the host during a live event, providing broadcasters with chat and instant voting tools and facilitating integration with twitter and facebook news feeds. 

Ustream was initially developed as a way of linking soldiers overseas to their families back home. The founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable, along with their partner Gyula Feher thought that a company like Ustream will provide troops with a way to speak to all their families simultaneously during their scarce spare time in the war zone.

Ustream attracts over 50 million active monthly subscribers, rendering it the biggest live streaming website in the world. Politics, sports and technology fields are the key businesses taking advantage of Ustream live streaming.

The search functionality of Ustream helps users to browse through categories of contents such as sports, movies, news, animals, music, technology games and education. Members can agree to be updated on topics of interest in potential live videos by email. Visit Ustream website using

  • 5). MIRRATIV

Mirrativ is a website like Twitch that socializes the moments you have on your mobile devices and personal computers in terms of messaging, playing games, watching videos or whatever you are using your device for. 

When you are an involved participant of a certain game and want to communicate with other players around the globe, you can do it live and in real-time with the whole group at Mirrativ.

Live stream any game with the websites new tool that lets you record and stream video and audio file through its platform.

This tool is really convenient and simple to use since it has two separate streaming modes, pick the game itself from a collection that Mirrativ offers you or record anytime you choose to play some game. You would need to open the game directly open the game and then determine where to stream your video.

Create an ad that help helps your audience to learn when and where you will be streaming so as to achieve the best potential viewing figures. Note also you do have the choice of broadcasting your front camera and everyone watching you will watch your face responding live.

On the other side if you just want to enjoy playing with other people, with Mirrativ live stream every game and you will be able to search a vast catalogue of possibilities of all sorts. Search for titles like Clash Royale, clash of clans, GTA or some other title you may think about. If you friends are also live to stream and just want to share their game with only a few users, just request their URL and link privately.

Enjoy and share the game with this tool and have fun studying or teaching strategies on one of your favourite apps. is the official website address to this platform.

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Not all of these platforms are just the same as you can see because the majority provides a special feature or tool that cannot be found on any other website. Although twitch could be one of the best when it comes to game streaming there are other good games streaming websites that can always serve as befitting Twitch alternatives.

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