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Sites Like YouTube

Sites like YouTube- YouTube is like the holy grail of online video streaming. It all started in the year 2005 when the founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who were all former PayPal employees decided to come together and created an online platform for sharing videos.

One year after they went live, google decided to be in control and then had to buy YouTube for a whopping sum of $1.65 billion. This is why YouTube operates today as a subsidiary of Google.

Today, YouTube is just everywhere around the world. From their records, it can be shown y YouTube gets more than 2 billion logged-in users on a monthly basis and billions of views are generated by watching billion hours of video on a daily basis.

They have launched the local version of YouTube in over 100 countries and they currently provide services in 80 different languages. It seems more convenient to watch from your mobile device since 70% of the views they recorded came from mobile devices.

Now, YouTube provided opportunity for people to earn through their platform just by posting your videos and getting enough views. Records show that over 40% increase on the number of channels that earn as much as 6 figures through YouTube per Year.

With YouTube, you can find as much of anything you so wish, be it movies, news, sports, music, educational tutorial tips, beauty tips, anything at all and videos keep coming in every day. However, YouTube censors contents it deems inappropriate for public view or contents that may have been flagged down by others. As at December 2019, it is ranking No 2 globally in Alexa rank.

YouTube have their headquarters located at No 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, United States. You can check out their site for yourself at

With all these praises, YouTube may also have its lapses or perhaps you just want to see something different. There are lots of other YouTube-like apps out there that offer similar services like YouTube. Check out the few mentioned below;

Similar Sites Like YouTube:

1). Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another site like YouTube platform that aims at providing you with a thrilling video experience. You also get to watch just about anything, ranging from fashion shows, comedy skits, sports, music, politics, events and so on. It is a French limited company owned by Vivendi (French mass media conglomerate). Dailymotion has their head office at 140 boulevard Malesherbes 75017 Paris.

It definitely does not generate traffic as much as YouTube as it is yet to operate in some parts of the world, unlike YouTube that has gone global (gains more presence in the European countries). Yet, they have attracted more than 300 million users, watching more than 3.5 billion videos on a monthly basis. Dailymotion also came into play in 2005, the same year as YouTube.

Dailymotion may not be as strict as YouTube when vetting the video content, but YouTube seems to have a lot of edge over Dailymotion. You have to subscribe to be a pro user of Dailymotion before you can get access to watch videos with HD quality. Also, the size of the videos you get to publish is highly limited to just about 2GB to 4GB. This makes many especially bloggers to have no other option than fall back to YouTube.

On a brighter side, Dailymotion features enable easy navigation through their website. Joining Dailymotion is totally free and the site tends to personalize your account by providing video recommendations based on the types of videos you usually search for.

You can always check out their site at

2). IGTV (Instagram TV)

Instagram TV is also among the sites like Instagram TV. Although it was just created in June 2018, it is beginning to create waves in the video-streaming world. Instagram TV is a product of Instagram (a photo and video sharing platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, but owned by Facebook Inc.) which allows videos to be uploaded in a vertical aspect ratio.

Videos uploaded on Instagram might not be as long as what you can get on YouTube since it only allows just about 10 minutes of video for regular users or you can upload videos up to one hour long if you are a verified user. As at the time of writing this article, Instagram TV is yet to be monetized, therefore, you can not earn anything yet by using this platform. Although, they are currently working on that option to enable you to have the best experience.

I can say that the launching of Instagram TV by Instagram is quite a bold move but it is more of a mobile-friendly app (you can either watch it through your Instagram account or by downloading the app).

However, videos cannot be uploaded through the app but can be uploaded by logging in through your desktop. Since it is more of a social media platform, you are sure to catch some fun as you watch videos on IGTV.

IGTV is functional in both iOS and Android devices and provides their services in about 30 different languages. You can check out for more info through the Instagram website at

3). Crackle

Crackle which was formerly known as “grouper” in the early 2000 but later got renamed as crackle TV after it was acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company in 2006 is also an online free video streaming site like Youtube which specializes of featuring movies, TV series and original programs. They are not available worldwide as YouTube as they are limited to some countries such as United States, Australia, Latin America and is also looking forward to becoming available in the Caribbean.

You can access it from different varieties of devices ranging from mobile devices, Video game console, TV, Set-top boxes and as well as on the internet. They are Top-notch with the originality of videos and programs found there. The only down side here is that crackle users cannot upload their own videos, they are only allowed to watch what crackle has in stock for you.

Their headquarters is in California, United States and can be accessed through their website at

4). Veoh

Veoh is also like the social media platform that can allow you to stream online videos irrespective of the length. Call it an online TV. It was acquired by Qlipso and has since been operated as a subsidiary of Qlipso. With Veoh, sharing videos within a circle of friends becomes easier. Millions of users on this website enjoy mostly the easy navigation and neat interface of the Veoh website.

Their headquarters is in San Diego California and can be reached online at

5). Metacafe

Metacafe, the home of short-form videos. It came to be in the year 2003 with its base in San Francisco, California, United States. It was created by two Israeli entrepreneurs by the name Eyal Hertzog and Arik Czerniak. With Metacafe, you get to view exclusive and original video contents of different categories such as movies, music, TV, sports, Video games and what you can think of. They have recorded having over 12 million viewers every month in the United States alone and more than 40 million viewers worldwide.

The only thing that may not go down well with so many is the fact that the videos uploaded there can only be nothing more than 90 seconds and up to 100 MB. But it is a great fit for those looking for short term entertainment.

To know more about Metacafe, you can visit their official URL at

6). Vimeo

Vimeo came to be in the year 2004 when a group of filmmakers, Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick decided to provide more easier ways to share videos amongst their friends. It started becoming highly competitive to YouTube when they became the first to video-sharing platform that streams HD videos.

They offer services in about 6 different languages which are English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean and German. Vimeo is available all over the world but they are based in New York City, United States.

Vimeo platform is most suitable for content creators, and exclusive filmmakers who can know how best to harness the pleasant features of this platform. The only issue here is that you can only get to upload 500mb video size weekly or you can upgrade with a monthly fee payment in other to be able to upload up to 3GB of data.

Check out their online platform at to get more info.

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Having listed a few of the sites like YouTube video sharing platform. You can rest assured that contents uploaded on these sites are safe to view without fear of causing any harm on your devices. Feel free to add more of this video-sharing and viewing sites here.

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